Tuesday, April 07, 2009

:: STRIKE!!!! ::

I'm going to participate in Inter-Department Bowling competition which will be held at Ampang Superbowl, The Summit, Subang. This is a group competition, whereby we compete with other department as well. Our group consists of 2 IT personels from IT department, and 1 from TMP department. To act generous, our boss (manager) willing to sponsor for our registration fees for participating in this competition. RM7 per person, so RM21 per group of 3.

One team from IT and one team from Planning, thus spent her RM42 in total for sponsoring us. Hahahahahaha~

So, this is my 1st bowling competition after my last plays during my Form 4 school-level competition. If not mistaken, my highest point during my peak performance is 197, but it was few years back and i have constant practise that time. I don't think i can achieve the same performance now. =_____="

Do you think i can compete with other male groups, to become the champion? Oh ya, my last play was at last 3 months with my collegues (read more). But that one is play for fun +syiok only, not even a competition. I played 2 games and achieved 101 and 151 respectively.

Errr...not a bad result (for a lady) and not a good result, if to compete with guys...T.T

Abit nervous and i think will feel pooing again before start the game. wft!! why "you" like that one? Can't "you" be good and stop torturing me everytime i nervous? *you = my stomach"

Start to feel nervous now.....Emmmmm~~~~ (pooing sound)
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