Thursday, April 09, 2009

:: Wtf! Rush Lunch::

We (Hui Juin, Chee Meng and I) plan for cheap RM5.95 McDonald lunch yesterday. Since Chee Meng joined a wine distributor company, Mui Hua as a sales representative/account executive or what ever he is. He is so free wandering around to look for sales, so got ample of times for long lunch.

But unfortunately, we as Spansioners do not have AMPLE of time for long lunch as our lunch can only takes the most 45 minutes. wtf! mana cukup with 45 minutes! I'll explain later to you why i said not enough..

So, to save time we asked him to come on time! i mean, really ON TIME SHARP to prevent wastage of our valuable lunch time. =___="

Rush Lunch Milestone *please focus on the time*

12:55pm : Hui Juin and Elaine starts walking towards Lobby 3 (staffs entrace/exit)
1:00pm : Reached Lobby 3
1:05pm : wtf! Chee Meng waited outside Spansion, thus need to waste time calling him to come in to fetch us, instead of us wasting time walk out of Spansion.
1:15pm : Reach nearest McDonald and manage to find a parking. wtf! we waste 10 minutes due to traffic lights and jam. =__="
1:20pm: There were so mannnnnnnnnnyyyy people at McDonald during lunch. I really mean MANNNNNNNNNYYY peoples, maybe because of cheaper price during that time. PEAK SEASON for McDonald treat. Hui Juin, Chee Meng and I busy looking for available tables for us to land our butt. At last, after 5 minutes only we manage to GRAB an empty table.
1:25pm : After queing and ordering for 5 minutes, at last we start our eating session.

Note: All of us ordered Mc Chicken medium set as our meal, top up with one dessert Chocolate Sundae for me...hehehhehehehh*

1:25 ~ 1:35pm : <---------------- We have only 10 minutes for our lunch!!!!! 10 minutes!!!!

Wtf!! as we need to drive back to Spansion at 1:35pm, worrying the traffic and jam condition not at our side. If we late for 1 minute or even 1 second, our RM100 attendance allowance will BURN! You know how hard to earn that RM100 per month? You must not taking any MC, not late to work, not taking any emergency leave for consequtive 5 months onwards! T.T

1:42 pm : We reached office and swipe our card in a quick manner. I mean we really bam Chee Meng's car, and run to the card reader to swipe our as soon as possible. We run like "sou poh" to the entrance. aiii~~~~ I keep on saying why we are so "jit tor", need to be in this kind of situation.

Lunch in 10 minutes??!! - not good for digestion
Act to be "Sou Poh" - Need to be like "sou poh" running around, and keep on looking to our watch while eating
Like prisoner - We even need to apply and inform our supervisor/manager that we want to go out for!!!! it's just lunch ok!!! it's my personal time!! =____="

Relax...relax......take a deep breath......Breath in....uuhhhhhh breath out....aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....again......breath in........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~

Still breathing....uuhhhh..ahhhhh
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