Thursday, February 28, 2008

.. Tired..

Fuhh! Fresh! After took my bath after coming back from work at 11pm..
Our MD, has invited us for a celebration dinner at Crocodile Farm, Subang..
Reach at 730pm, and the dishes starting to be served..
Begin with the soup (sirip-yu alike, but not sirip yu) <----Taste damn salty...
Proceed with the roasted chicken <-----Taste very salty too....
Then, served with the fried prawn, the size quite big but ... <------Taste salty again....
Next, we are served with sweet & sour fried fish ... <------Taste not bad, but very little amount of meat that can be eat.
Then, with our next dish which is fried sotong (fried AGAIN!) <-----Taste semacam!
Next, served with FRIED TAUHU! OMG! Nothing else is it? <--------I did not eat even one piece! So do not know the taste!
Last dish, curry vegetables (Kangkung + Terung) <------Taste salty too!!!!

I tell you, this restaurant must bought alot of AJINOMOTO or salt, since all of the dishes also DAMN salty! Anyhow, enjoyed the time having dinner with collegues...Chatting and laughing all the way! But too bad, need to continue to work after the dinner...End up work until 11pm, same to Hui Juin and Siew Ping! Kesian Siew Ping! Her husband even said want to bring her a pillow, so she can sleep at Spansion!

Tomorrow is the end of February! It's time to get salary 2nd month in Spansion!Yeah! I want to buy something for myself liek Mr J, to pamper myself! Hmmmm...what should i buy....Clothes?Cosmetics?High Heel shoes?Good food? Hair treatment? Manicure??? This is called spend future money! Hahhaha!

Ok, wan to sleep now! Still need to work tommorow!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

:.. Confuse ..:

I'm confuse...What should i do now?
Unconsiously, i fall into the circle of confusion..
Am i doing the right thing? Am i doing the thing that i should do?
I know i shouldn't but....i'm inconsolable...
What should i do now...

It's still early for me to make the decision...
But will i make the wrong decision that will make me regret for my whole life?
Will i make the right decision? Will everybody around me support me on my decision?
Will they?

I'm still confuse....What am i thinking now? I don't know..
I'm confuse...Am i the only one who feel this? Will they have the same feeling too?
I know i'm childish to make such decision but....i can't control how i feel thus reflect on how i behave...
I can't tell anybody, i can't tell him, i can't tell no no..i can't..
Forget about it...I need a rest....i need a rest.....I'm confuse...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

.. Pity Bobby ..

Bobby - A dog of mine..
With a lump at his rear...And it seems to prolong around 2 weeks..or maybe longer..
I try to clean it regularly, just to hope to prevent the infection prolong, but failed to cured him,
But at last decided to bring him to see veterinarian,
At a animal clinic at Sunway..
The vet said that the "hole- that every dog owns" nearby his rear has been blocked by pus,
And need to be cleared..
So the vet gave him an injection to make him immune..
And Bobby falls into half-awake condition..
Then the vet begin to medicate him..

Make the hole clear by squezzing out the pus from the hole...
It makes my heart feel so sad, as i can see he is in pain, but no energy to give respond or fight...
So the vet pam medicine (fluid) into the hole to clear...
And all those medicine cost me RM110.00. Hmmmm....if this can cure him, and make his buttock looks nice without the lump ....Ok la, worth it...
And i get him a high-neck collar, to prevent him from licking the suggested by the vet.. Its funny to see him wearing that.. Hahaha!

Friday, February 22, 2008

.. Guilty .. Feel Bad..

I feel so bad..i feel so guilty,
I make someone dissapointed today...Who?
Someone who became my collegue and ex-collegue today..
As today is the last day of notice, and today is the 1st day i've been introduced to him..
He was being introduced as Mr J....................Micheal Jackson?? Ur guess...

I'm not the kind of girl who like make people dissapointed..
So make me feel guilty for not joining his farewell party..
Anyhow, wish him best of luck after leaving Spansion..

Its been 2 months i've with Spansion..
But yet to find interest in my job..
Nothing much i can handle, nothing much i should handle..
Normally ended with dissapointed feeling of doing nothing or contributing something ..
Failed to find my passion for work..

Hui Juin will leave soon, and i will be alone without my buddy around..
I want her to stay, and persuade her to stay but end up decided not to..
When considering my situation working in this company..
Again, wish her best of luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008

.. New Face .. New Look..

Here it goes....
New look for my blog..
After stopped blogging for almost 3 months..

I've made major changes to the interface...
Just to adapt to the new feature in Blogspot..
Still in enhancement phase...
Will improve more and more..
Please be patient...