Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:.. We are proud of you..:

Stephanie Tam Sook Hsia (1st daughter), Tam Sook Mei (2nd daughter) & Elaine Tam Sook Ling (youngest daughter),
What are the similarities between three of them?? Yes! You are right, their surname.. All of them having "Tam" as their surname, means they are siblings. Yes,

Stephanie is my eldest sister, Sook Mei is my older sister. I had the best sisters in my life. They are my role model, they are my supporter, they made my day, they made me who am i today. Not to forget my parent, who guide me all the way throughout my 24 years (approaching 25 years) in this world.

So as an appreciation for the supports and guides, all of us try our best to make you proud. At last, we manage to fulfill our promises by having the mortar board on our head, with the certificate on our hand, receiving the scroll on the stage as a degree holder. I'm so proud of my sisters for their determination in achieving what they are today.

She work so hard to earn money to finance her studies, with the intention to release the burden of my parents. She work so hard to pass her subjects, without ever thinking to give up, even after many times of failing. Their determination, their willpower, their dedication, their motivation becoming part of me, part of my motto.

Me myself might not be the best, but with them, we are the best! I hope we made both of you proud and made your day memorable. I know you will proud of us, for making such a remarkable memory in our life. MOM, DAD! Thank you for everything, thank you for being there when we need you, being such an understanding parents. We are proud of having both you in our life. Thank you.

Group photos

Stephanie (eldest sister), Sook Mei (older sister), Elaine Tam (me)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

:.. Serene Big Day ..:

"Elaine Tam, Jelisa Tan, Foong Mei Peng (Bobo), Sook Mei, Wai Kit (Kate), Wai Cheng (Serena)", 6 names, that used to be blended together as a strong volleyball team from SMKS 24, Shah Alam. Elaine Tam as the main setter, Mei Peng & Jelisa as the center spiker, Sook Mei as the fast ball and open ball spiker, Wai Cheng as open ball spiker, Wai Kit as our libero and medium-open ball spiker.

6 of us used to play volleyball together, going through HARD physical training together, joining school and district volleyball competition together, tearing because of sadness together (after lose the final game), tearing because of joyness together (after beating Mashushita 25-0), shout loud together for powerful spiking, jumping together for opposition blocking,etc etc etc... We really do alot of volleyball stunts together before.

It's at least 3-4 years back, and yet we still keep in touch, updating who's going to get marry soon, marry to who, etc etc. After Sook Mei's wedding on 7th August 2007, now its time for Wai Cheng (Serena) who will end her life as signorina/Miss becoming "Mrs" on 26th July 2008. As the times goes by, each of us starting to change, started to improved, started to go through a different lifestyle. But one thing remain the same, the friendship among us.

So, to prove that philosphoy, Mei Peng, Jelisa and I decided to join her big day, becoming one of her ji mui for the day! *wink*wink*. And to be part of the party who will PLAY the groom! Hahahah~~We reached quite early around 8++am, and the groom reach around 9++am. But not to forget, cam-whoring session for the whole day! :p

Bobo ~ Elaine ~ Jelisa

Elaine ~ Jelisa ~ Michelle ~ Kate Su

Corsage and ceremony theme ~ White colour

The clown for the day, Elaine Tam as the make-up artists

Our part for the day~ Pumpin' + A can of beer EACH

And 2 glasses of Chinese Beer for the groom

Next event, Love notes for the bride

Our sexy*sexy pose

Snap*Snap* again~~

All the heng tai's and chi mui's for the day
As i mentioned earlier, each of us seems to have change alot, especially physical appearances. One thing for sure, out hair (on head) grows longer as compare to our VOLLEYBALL century. As we do not need to bother tie it for our volleyball physical training. And me, obviously grow *abit* fatter due to hibernated from sports. Hehehehe~ Let's the picture talks...




Ex-SMKS 24 Volleyball players (representing Selangor one u know~ don't play play)

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, PJ is the location where Serena ends her single life. It was choosen as the restaurant for her wedding dinner. All of us reached around 730m - 8pm, and have a long chat before ends our volleyball team gathering. :) Hope everyone of us can still keep in touch.

Wedding favor *Beryl's Choc*

End the party with group photo *posing*

Friday, July 25, 2008

.. Cute Cup Cakes ..

Elmo, Flowers cup cakes

Those are the cup cakes as a farewell presents from one collegueas from Finance who left yesterday. Only the "Elmo" cup cake belongs to me, while the rest i "borrow" it for photo shooting.. *wink*wink*. Cup cakes with cute decoration on top seems a very popular trends. It also used as party favors foy any party celebration.

Monday, July 21, 2008

:.. My Red Alert Card ..:

Front of Red Alert Card

Back of Red Alert card

At last, i got my red alert card. You must be wondering what is Red Alert Card?

For your information, Red Alert is an online, paperless, web-based, real-time third party healthcare administrator. Red Alert automates and streamlines the administrator of employees' medical benefits.

So all Spansion's employee is a member of RedAlert, and we will get a membership medical card each. It's been 8 months i'm with Spansion, and until now only i manage to get it. Poor management..*hehehhe* So i will be able to get my medicine, or any clinic visitation easily without the need to fill up the offline Red Alert claim form.

:.. Restaurant Pan Mee ..:

We (my colleagues and I) went and have our dinner at one of local restaurant, which was located at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, very very nearby to McDonald. This restaurant is famous for their varieties in preparing pan mee. Dry, Soup, Hokkien style, Loh Style, and much more. It was strongly recommended by Siew Ping, a collegue of mine in Spansion.

So we left office at 6:00pm and reach there around 6:15pm. We flipped through the menu, and i decided to taste the original style of pan mee cooks, Pan Mee Soup. At the same time, the rest ordered others such as Hokkien-style Pan Mee,Kari Pan Mee, and Loh Pan Mee.

Talking about the price, not too expensive as the average price ranges from RM5.00 to RM7.00 per bowl. Mine is at RM5.00. I'm not satisfied with the volume of pan mee they gave, as it was so little (maybe because of the big bowl) if to compare to others. Not fair!!! Hehehehhe! But will give it a try for other type of pan mee next time.

Pan Mee Soup-Original Taste..

Kong Kah Wai, a colleague of mine chip in RM30.00 for the meal. There are 5 of us, each of us ordered a type of mee, and a cup of drink. The total cost us RM45.00++, and each of us just need to pay RM5 for the meal upon the chip in from Kah Wai. Hahahha! For your information, Kah Wai is a GUY! *wink*wink*

RM30.00 chip in!!RM10...RM20....RM30..

Hmmmm..Yummy..She finished all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:.. TGI Friday's Yummy Dinner ..:

For the ist time, IT department will join with Planning Department for department(s) dinner. Unexpectedly, i was choosen as the organizer for the event. *blurrrr* So, I decided to choose "western food" as the dinner theme. There are so many suggestion initially, The Dome, Victoria Station, Chili's Grill & Bar, TGI Friday's. After few rounds of voting, TGI Friday's won the battle.

15th July 2008, 6:00pm, the date agreed for the department dinner, and Sunway Pyramid as the venue. Everybody busy discussing on car pooling to go the place on time. Kringgg~~ It's 5:00pm, so everybody starting to pack and be prepared to leave the company.

Hmmm..Let me see, what should i eat? *wink*wink

We started to flip the menu, and decided which dishes to choose. Hmmmm....too many options, too many sets, too many types... Fuhh~~ It's damn hard to choose. Most of us choose set menu which consists of one appetizer, one main course and one dessert. Let's share the varieties on the set menu's for the day.

Blackened Chicken Alferedo, Key West Whitefish

Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken And Herbs, Fish & Chips

Boneless wings, Cookies 'N' Cream

Blackened Chicken Alferedo, Sizzling Chicken & Cheese

What a suprise is TGI Friday's will have special celebration for customer's who are born in the month of the visit. Since there are 18 of us, so 3 of us were born in July. As the celebration, TGI Friday's staff has organized something special for 3 of them.

Let's enjoy how the staffs make the suprise for the b'day girls

You might not be able to hear the dialogues clearly, but you can judge or imagine the environment by looking at our expression. It's quite "luin-sui = messy" but yet, still enjoyed the peak agenda for the night. Our boss (LE Loi) looks happy too.. Just hope she really enjoyed.. :)

LE Loi - she looks happy isn't it?

So, after filling our stomach, it's time for cam-whoring again (as usual). Whenever there is Elaine Tam, there will be a cam-whoring session. Sorry guys~~ :)

Group photo- IT + Planning Department

Let's say cheeseeeee... + peace from me *blekkkk*

My buddy cum collegue cum spy (25 lui) from planning

Sempat pose lagi tu...

Enjoying the food..Hmmm..*yummy*yummy*

Saturday, July 12, 2008

:.. Not to forget ..:

Not to forget to thanks them who gaves me presents for my graduation. It's just like my birthday, receiving different types of presents from my beloved family members. Flowers, Facial Sauna, and not to forget the limited edtion pen drive from Stephanie and Lee, which was given few months back, soon after i announced "I WAS GRADUATED" notification.

It's a week later, after my actual graduation day, and yet i'm still updating news about my graduation. Hehehe! What to do, lazy to update this few weeks. Please bear with me... *wink*wink*

However, it's happy when thinking back the times where i stay up late to do revision, take bus to go for class, sleep late till afternoon or evening when i'm not having any class, and so on so on. Now i'm here working as engineer in semi-conductor company, and its almost a year (8 months).
I'm not that happy working in this company, too many conflicts, too many pressure, too many works. You might be saying you will get those anywhere no matter which company you are working in, but thats not how it should be for my ideal company. My ideal company environment is a happy but enjoyable and comfortable company. Aii~~~ don't talk about those, and let's share my presents for the day.

It's all mine!! Mine!!

Sunflower from my 2nd sister in law-Yoke Kuan

Lovely graduates bear from my lover

Graduation Photo Frame from my 2nd sister, May

Facial Sauna from my eldest brother & his family

LIMITED EDITION Kingston Pen Drive from Stephanie (my eldest sister) & Lee (che fu)

Fuyoh!!With Mouse picture some more..

Monday, July 07, 2008

.. Happy Family Day '08..

For the first time, Spansion KL Sdn Bhd will shut down the plan, means no one will work, no one will call us for daily support, and most importantly no one will call me in the middle of the night to settle production issue.. *Happy*

It's Spansion 2008 Family Day, at The Mines Wonderland. All of the staffs and employees are invited to be part of the event. You must be wondering why i'm there, because i hope to be the lucky one to win the grand prize, "Samsung Home Theater". Hahahah! However, not that lucky...too bad... Try my luck again next year..

I was "invited" by Hui Juin, one of the Family Day's commitee to spend a night at hotel nearby. So we went there early, a night earlier and checked-in to Mine Hotel which was located nearby to The Mines Wonderland. The hotel only cost Spansion RM55 a night (for twin sharing), so as the price explained, the room was so small. But however, luckily it has a private toilet.

As part of the commitee, Hui Juin and I need to be at Prosperity Garden (located inside The Mines Wonderland) at 6:30am. Fuhh~~ That was early..We need to wake up at 5:30am to get ready. I did help them to pack the presents, transport the presents, walk here and walk there. *Ke-Po abit*.

Meal for breakfast and lunch was provided, so we do not need to worry about food. There were so many activities on that day, Tele-Match Games (for kids and adult), Aerobics, Lucky Draw, Face Painting, Balloon-Giving, Ice World visiting, etc etc.. I enjoyed but quite a tiring day.. What a pity was i went back around 4:00pm,so do not have the chances to watch the Sarawak-show and the light-show which only started at night.

The stage backdrop

Mine Hotel

"Giant" Balloon for kids

Aerobics - with our Managing Director (MD) on the stage *The one with blue-shirt*

We got our balloon too...(Wink* Wink*)

Breakfast & Lunch provided

Me with the Banner and the maskot..

It's time for photo-shooting..Say Cheeseeeeee~~

Me, with the Balloooon -Man...