Thursday, January 22, 2009

:.. Yee Sang for CNY 2009 ..:

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni~~~~ It's just 3 days away from 2009 Chinese New Year.. So for the 1st year, we (KL IT Department + KL Planning Department) joining force for the dinner organized by our head of department, LE Loi.

Sri Pinang Restaurant, Sect 15 Shah Alam has been selected as the venue for the event. We departed from office around 5:30pm, and everybody reach there before 6:00pm. Just nice, as it started to rain around 6:30pm.

There are total 17 of us as we filled 2 tables. Tell you what, 17 of us conquered the whole 2nd floor of Sri Pinang. We "booked" the whole 2nd floor for our dinner.. Ba Pei leh~~~ *hahhahaah*

Nola, it's empty because we were there early for our dinner. Dinner at 6:oopm, quite an early dinner. So, we manage to talk loud, and do whatever we want!We begin our dinner with thai-style yee sang (since it's thai restaurant), and toss as high as posibble with some good words "High yield", "100% CMD" ,"0% CAMSTAR down time"...Hahahahha! So workaholic we are!

This is my 1st time of "lou sang" for the year. I guess the number of "lou'ing sang" this year will decrease due recession. *hahahah*

The "Yee Sang" for the day! Colourful huh~

Hmmm, yummyyyyy~~

After the yee-sang, the waiter started to serve the rest of the dishes, which include "Abalone", "Tau-hu+crab meat", "Sea Cucumber+Vege", "Thai Sweet&Sour Chicken", "Asam Fish" and "Prawn". And "ABC" not American Born Chinese, but Ais Batu Campur as the dessert.

It is the normal ice-berg ABC, but maybe it was prepared earlier, so the ice melted in the big bowl, and become some sort of weird chinese soup. Don't judge a dish from the look, as it taste good even though it doesn't looks like typical ABC.

"Is that the sea cucumber?" - Shannon asked

Looks temptating?

American-borned Chinese....oopssss...Ais Batu Campur for the day

So, as usual and compulsory for us to camwhore and take a group photos. "Di mana ada Tam Sook Ling, Di situlah ada GAMBAR+CAMERA"..Hahahahah~

Chinese New Year Feel......

Another sub-group photo

Last but not least, the group photo - Say Cheseeeeeeee

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

:.. Dilemma for Chinese New Year 2009 ..:

A dilemma feeling for this year chinese new year..Happy and not-happy at the same time.

Happy for my both sisters for their new born, Amanda and Shin Ru, adding little members to their beloved family. I'm sure both che-fu (bro-in-law) will pamper them more, after their birth. Taking extra care for them, extra concern on them, and not to forget extra love for them.

But at the same, since both of them are in confinement month, and my mom staying with Stephanie during this confinement period thus i lost the merrier of chinese new year as our yearly event to meet up for gambling, for chatting, for eating, and celebrating. I'm alone this year, with my dad at home celebrating new year (indirectly).

Normally, we will stay awake on a day, till 12:00am before Chinese New Year, just get ready to sweep the floor, pack the new year cookies/chocolate/candy/etc into the containers, chill all the soft drinks.

I used to wake up early on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, urge to greet my mom and dad "Gong Xi Fa Chai", then proceed to take bath and wear my newly new year cloths, and eat tit-bits while waiting for all the families to reach. My eldest brother's family, Stephanie's family, Sook Mei's family. Then we will start gambling, chatting, watch new year show on tv, and etc.

Buttttttttt, that's not the case anymore for this year *sob! sob* Until now, i'm not sure how do we eat our re-union dinner on coming Sunday, how do we spend our 1st day of chinese new year, at Stephanie house, or Sook Mei's house. Aiiii*** So sad...

That's why i said its a dillema, giving birth is a happy event, but giving birth on chinese new year is another thing. Heheheheheh* Luckily i got him to accompany me, else i will bored and sien till die.

My mom been there for 1 week, and for the past 1 week, im alone doing all the things. Clean the house, wash the clothes (for me and dad), fold-up the clothes, wondering alone in the house. And i still need to be alone for 1 month at least. I rarely have a talk with my dad all the while, so nothing much i can do with my dad.

Hide inside my room, watch tv alone, surfing,udate blog, listen to radio, read novel, plug eyebrow, do facial mask were part of the only activities that i can carry. Sien or not?? *hahahah* abit hor...

Suan le bah.....I'm going to continue to surf and read novel *even its a boring activities*, and sleep early. Goodnight~

Friday, January 16, 2009

:.. There is a fire in Spansion..:

"Kriong!!!!!!Kriong!!!!" The ringing bell alarmed everyone in Spansion, and announcement was made, to order EVERYONE to run outside, and gather according to department.

IT department (which include me) was in the middle of meeting, and all urge to go to the field to safe our precious life!

Na....It's just a fire drilling, to practise on what we should do *IF* there is a REAL fire. We need to find the nearest emergency door, and gather at Spansion field. Sometime, i was thinking, if the field itszelf is on fire, where we should go then? Hmmmmm....

There are few stunts which were conducted for this fire drilling, which include real firemen, and real fire car, and real fire! Demo on how to use the estinguisher also part of the event. It was fun, and luckily, LUCKILY, it was not a sunny day. Fuhhh~~ Thank god, else we need to burn ourself (by the sun) at least for 30 minutes.

Some Spansion Volunteer trying to test whether the water hose works as intended
Demo on how to safe th
ose hurt

The real firemen arrive with their hose
People gather around, looking at the real firecar arriving after 15 minutes

Demo - Picit Picit Picit!!!!

:.. Welcome, Sandra Lee ..:

You must be wondering who is Sandra Lee.... :) Those who follow my blog should know who i am talking about...Sandra Lee Zhi Ching Ling is my 3rd niece! Hahahaha!

Yes, you 're right! I just become small-yi-yi for the 2nd time, and now it's the 3rd time! twice in a same year, same month! Unbelievable? Believe it!Sandra arrived safefully to the world on 16th Jan 2009 at 2:12pm, at Hospital Taman Desa, KL. Stephanie, my eldest sister gave birth to her 2nd daughter, after Amanda Lee, who is 1++ year old now.

Let's welcome Sandra with joyful! *clapping*clapping*

She's very clever&creative in making face motion!

she has a pair of big eyes leh!

Sandra : "Po-Po, i'm tired la *proven from sepet eyes*.......please let me go...*
Po-Po : Grrrrrrrrrr~~~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

.. Her B'day Celebration ..

Kung Hui Juin..Some of you might knew who the hell is she..Hehehehhe! Its her birthday celebration today, @ office. Even though her actual birthday date is on 16th January 2009. She will take leave tomorrow, so her *boss* plan to get her a cake and let her officially cut it as her 1st birthday cake for the year.

Birthday Cake for the day

I was proudly being appointed to get the cake a day earlier at nearby cake house. I bought chocolate-mocha cake at The King's Giant , Section 13 night before today. As her buddy, knewing she's on constant diet-plan, so i write a comment on the cake "Stay Thin & Pretty!".....*hahahah* fit her most, and this for sure is her yearly hope!!! To at least reach 53 kgs by end of the year! Hahahaha! Opsssss....I hope you can't guess her actual weight now...*heheheh*

Me & Birthday Gal....Hmmmmm, women...shes 25th this year! Hahah!

I bought her Padini-grey top, which i bought last 3 weeks at Wan Utama, while shopping'ing with Khai Lian....I think this suit her, and most importantly ITS NOT A T-SHIRT which she always wear to work....*boring style* Hahahah!

She changed it, and yes, it do looks far far far better than her black-blackie polo-t-shirt.

She's wearing my gift...Nice isn't?.....Better than Polo-T! *wink*wink*

:.. Me, in 3 different casual hair style ..:

My hair style has been stagnant short for some time, almost 1.5 year *if not mistaken*. And recenlty i've decided to keep it long enough so i can curl my hair....

It need less than 1 hour to cut it short, but you need at least 2~3 years to get it long...Fuhhh~~~ It's so hard...So since i've been stopped tie'ng hair since then, so it's time for me to practise and start to get used of me without the "tail" next to my ear...Haahahah! Since victoria beckham changed her hairstyle to short pixie cut, so i must change also....

I started to get used myself with below casual hairstle, which i think need to be keep at least for 2 years...It ranges from ;
1) Fringe Short Bob Hair Cut
2) Fringe Short Bob Hair Cut with hair tuck into the hair
3) Fringe Shair clipped to become pony-tail-alike look (from the front)

Style 1 ~ Style 2

Style 3

It's still long long way to go to curl my hair......Aisay* No no no..Hair extension is not an option, as it is way tooooo expensive and it hurts toooo...I need..i NEED to wash my hair everyday....So it's really not convenience to have fake hair extension....

And i don't think its easy to de-attach also...which mean i can't detach it everyday, everytime i want to take bath.....So, no choice, let it grow naturally bah.....Stay tune.........for my new look...after 2 years...Hahahaha!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

:.. Me in ADIK Magazine at year 1996..:

To share with you guys and for your information, i was interviewed by a Kuntum ADIK Magazine years back, when i was in Standard 6, when i'm in the preparation for UPSR at year 1996. This post was pasted on a wall in my room for at least 12 years. No wonder it was yellowish in colour, and begin to turn into blackish but yet it still stay strong pasted there...Hahahaha~

I was about to get ready to call for a day (sleep), and suddenly my eyes were attracked by this post on the wall, and i was urge to wake up and read the content and see my photo *old picture* which was published on the post. That was so weird, and ugly!! *wink*wink* You might not be able to read the content clearly, and i'm proud to re-type the content for your better viewing *

The post taken from Kuntum ADIK Magazine year 1996
* Click for bigger picture*

"SOOK LING yang cergas and Periang"

"Dia seorang pelajar yang kaya dengan senyuman. Tubuhnya sederhana besar and tinggi. Riak air mukanya menggambarkan dia seorang yang bersifat periang and peramah. Tentu rakan semua ingin mengenali siapakah genrangannya tamu kita pada bulan ini. Kak Aida sempat menemuramah kenalan kita yang bernama Tam Sook Ling. Dia tinggal bersama keluarganya di No, 56 Jalan Siakap 17/39 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Ketika ditemui di sekolahnya, Sook Ling baru sahaja selesai menyertai pasukan bola jaring sekolah yang mengadakan perlawanan persahabatan dengan sebuah pasukan sekolah dari Klang. Walaupun kelihatan penat, wajahnya tetap mengukir senyuman apatah lagi untuk ditemubual.

Dia tidak sempat menukar pakaian seragam sekolah. Agaknya kerana tidak mahu ketinggalan untuk mendengar penerangan daripada gurunya yang sedang mengajar. Pastinya kawan semua ingin tahu kejayaan yang telah dicapai oleh Sook Ling.

Pelajar tahun enam ini pernah menjadi Johan Pertandingan Bercerita Peringkat Sekolah Rendah Petaling Jaya. Dia juga berjaya melayakkan diri sehingga ke peringkat akhir bahagian tarian and mendapat pingat perak, dalam pesta Senirama 1005, anjuran Jabatan Pendidikan Daerah Petaling. Dalam pertandingan yang sama tahun 1994, Sook Ling mengambil bahangian dalam acara nyanyian berkumpulan dan meraih pingat perak.

Kejayaan seterusnya ialah ketika dia mengambil bahagian dalam Pertandingan Wirawan Seni Remaja EON 1995, Sook Ling berjaya sehingga ke peringkat negeri. Walaupun dia tidak mencapai hadiah utama, dia berjaya menempatkan diri sebagai peserta terbaik dan beroleh hadiah berupa wang tunau sebanyak RM500. Dia juga membantu psukan sekolahnya muncul sebagai naib johan dalam pertandingan bahasan.

Sook Ling mempunyai hobi melukis and kerap menyertai beberapa pertandingan. Antaranya ialah pada tahun 1993, da berjaya muncul sebagai johan dalan Pertandingan Melukis Kategori kanak-kanak dalam pertandingan lukisan anjuran Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam.

Tam Sook Ling bercita-cita menjadi seorang akauntan dan telah memegang jawatan sebagai pengawas sekola sejak tahun 1994 hingga sekarang. Dia juga memegang jawatan Pengerusi Persatuan Bola Jaring dan AJK Kelab Melukis. Menurut anak ketiga daripada empat orang adik-beradik ini, dia bergantung kepada prinsip hidup, dia tidak akan berputus asa dalam sebarang perkara yang dilakukannya. Dia akan memastikan setiap yang diusahakannya akan mencapai kejayaan." - The End -

I laugh when i read on this part saying about my ambition -->"Tam Sook Ling bercita-cita menjadi seorang akauntan", and what i am now today, an IT engineer..The route was totally difference. I can recall why i choose acountant as my ambition. Maybe no other ambition in my mind i guess.

However, when thinking back, i did quite alot of things during my primary school. I participate in alot of competition (story-telling, dancing, netball, drawing & colouring). I guess all these made me not afraid of performing in public i guess. I still remember when i was dressed like a SPIDER (where they create 2 layers of tummy both at my top and bottom) by my teacher, because i'm going to tell a story about a stupid spider with title "Labah-labah yang bodoh" for my story-teling competition. *Too bad i do not have a picture for that *

I still remember my skin colour was dark as indian girl, because of training almost everyday for the netball competition. And i was drawing some drawings on library wall, because i love to draw and always choosen for this charity job. Hahahaha*

Me at year 1996 (wearing netball jersey with dark skin)

How my music teacher, Puan Mahyon (her name still fresh in my mind) hand-made, sewed our dresses for the dancing and singing competition. I still remember our dress are sewed with colourful pieces of clothes. * I got pictures to prove this*

From left : Elaine Tam (ME), Forgotten her name, Puan Mahyon's daughter, and Nadia Shahrul Anuar
* Look at my ah lian boot and sexy tight legging, Oh Gosh!!! *

Guess which singer is me...........Yeah! The 2nd from the left! :)
* We were singing "Bila Larut Malam" as our song *

It was so funny to recall those sweet memories, that's the reason why i named my blog "My life, my memories". I guess im going to get a call for the day, after refreshing my teenagers sweets memories. Good night...~

Thursday, January 08, 2009

:.. I've become yi-yi *again* ..:

I've become Yi-yi for the second time, with the arrival of Ng Shin Ru on 7th Jan 2009, 9:57am. She was born safely and health'ly at SJMC Hospital with the companion of her beloved mom and dad.

My mom&Dad became po-po and kong-kong for the 2nd time too, but they had become ma-ma and ye-ye for the 5th times...Fuhhh~~~~

Amanda Lee Zhi Yann, my 1st niece..Was born on 12th April at Taman Desa Hospital, KL. She arrived with alot wrinkles wat luet luet (smooth) face, and quite dark when she was born. However, she grows into cute, fair and chubby toddler now..

Baby Amanda

Big Amanda

Ng Shi Ru, my 2nd niece was born with less wrinkles, and fairer skin. Her eyes seems to have bigger pupil as compare to Amanda. But no one knows how she will become after 1 yr, 2 yrs.......Maybe getting prettier? Getting fatter? Hahahahah! Let's wait and see...

However, let's see how our little girl looks like at age 1.5 days..Hahahahahah* She looks big isn't? Of course la, she was born at 3.2 kgs (>7 pounds).. Don't play play!

Q: What is your name?
A : Hi, My name is Ng Shin Ru

Q : How old are you?
A : I'm 1.5 days years old

Q : What is your uniqueness?
A: I got very very damn cute dimples..*wink*wink*

Q: What is your strengthness?
A : I can cry and yawn with a very big mouth

Q : What specialities you have?
A : I have a pair of cute *sepet* eyes, very high nose and mom-alike mouth (terbalik U)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

:.. The power of photoshop ..:

Adobe Photoshop, a powerful tool to use to touch-up photos. We all known about this, same as me. I used it to touch-up flaws on my photos (basic touch-up), until i get to know more on it here and tried to practise on picture below.

It teaches us on how to make photo lighter, brighter, remove pimples, wrinkle, add blusher, eye liner, fake eye lashes, and more...

Some of you might said "Cheh, its not the real you!"...Yes, i do agree, but we cant look PERFECT on real life, but we CAN in photos. So " you blow ah?" Hahahah!

Depends on circumstances la...We can look nice on photo sometime, especially on memorable photos..Wedding Photos, etc. We deserve to look nice. The differences with those wedding photos is WE CAN DO IT OURSELF...AND F.O.C!!

Great isn't it? We can even coloured our hair (maybe for testing purpose) before dying our real hair at expensive saloon, right?

Before photoshop * dull colour, dull complexion, wrinkles, eye bag, dark circle, chubby, plumpy*
* Click for bigger picture*

After photoshop * bright colour, nice make up, nice eye lashes, bigger eyes, thinner*
* Click for bigger picture*

Before * very very light make up, un-even hair color*
* Click for bigger picture*

After * with blusher, fake eye lashes, and blonded coloured-hair*
* Click for bigger picture*

Monday, January 05, 2009

:.. Restaurant Maggie Can Cook! ..:

I'm into this game recently...Restaurant Maggie You Can Cook! This is fun, as it require practise and continuous determination to beat the high score (in my case, Stephanie's score).

I played since last week, and not bad, my highest score was "4720". You can have a try, and trust me, its not as easy as you think!

Maybe a lil* bit summary of the game. You're the chief, and you need to cook based on the order from the customer. The dishes ranges from the combination of an egg, hot dog, bread, and noodle. Not to forget the drink (tea or coffee).

So you're given 120 seconds to complete as many dishes as possible to gain $$$$$$. The highest achiever is the one who can earn the most money in 120 seconds!

Download from link below, and open using Internet Explorer.

Elaine's Highest Score

Stephanie's Highest Score!!