Wednesday, January 21, 2009

:.. Dilemma for Chinese New Year 2009 ..:

A dilemma feeling for this year chinese new year..Happy and not-happy at the same time.

Happy for my both sisters for their new born, Amanda and Shin Ru, adding little members to their beloved family. I'm sure both che-fu (bro-in-law) will pamper them more, after their birth. Taking extra care for them, extra concern on them, and not to forget extra love for them.

But at the same, since both of them are in confinement month, and my mom staying with Stephanie during this confinement period thus i lost the merrier of chinese new year as our yearly event to meet up for gambling, for chatting, for eating, and celebrating. I'm alone this year, with my dad at home celebrating new year (indirectly).

Normally, we will stay awake on a day, till 12:00am before Chinese New Year, just get ready to sweep the floor, pack the new year cookies/chocolate/candy/etc into the containers, chill all the soft drinks.

I used to wake up early on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, urge to greet my mom and dad "Gong Xi Fa Chai", then proceed to take bath and wear my newly new year cloths, and eat tit-bits while waiting for all the families to reach. My eldest brother's family, Stephanie's family, Sook Mei's family. Then we will start gambling, chatting, watch new year show on tv, and etc.

Buttttttttt, that's not the case anymore for this year *sob! sob* Until now, i'm not sure how do we eat our re-union dinner on coming Sunday, how do we spend our 1st day of chinese new year, at Stephanie house, or Sook Mei's house. Aiiii*** So sad...

That's why i said its a dillema, giving birth is a happy event, but giving birth on chinese new year is another thing. Heheheheheh* Luckily i got him to accompany me, else i will bored and sien till die.

My mom been there for 1 week, and for the past 1 week, im alone doing all the things. Clean the house, wash the clothes (for me and dad), fold-up the clothes, wondering alone in the house. And i still need to be alone for 1 month at least. I rarely have a talk with my dad all the while, so nothing much i can do with my dad.

Hide inside my room, watch tv alone, surfing,udate blog, listen to radio, read novel, plug eyebrow, do facial mask were part of the only activities that i can carry. Sien or not?? *hahahah* abit hor...

Suan le bah.....I'm going to continue to surf and read novel *even its a boring activities*, and sleep early. Goodnight~

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