Sunday, May 31, 2009

:: Fun time ~ HC3 Party ::

It's another party at Spansion where HC3 (Human Capital Culture Council) having it's Official Opening Ceremony to promote and create awareness on this council. This council having 3 sub-councils which are "I Can, I Will, I Lead". I'm one of the commitee in "I Will" team.

As part of the team, all of us will need to give a hand to prepare the stage and decorate the area for the opening ceremenoy. We will need to arrange the tables, chairs, and most importantly, BLOW BALLON! Originally, I thought we need to blow using the air from mouth (or air from fart), so I ask for Hui Jui's help since she had alot of "air" to donate. *hahahahhaha*

At the end, Spansion do have one machine to blow balloon actually. Ok, so Hui Juin, you can save your "air", either clean air or polluted air. =__= Being such a supportive colleague, she did stay back to help to do the rest Thanks... :) After the blowing, it's time to tie the balloon on to the ceiling to make looks nice.

Hui Juin seems to have balloon-fobia, as she scared the balloon will blow her away from Spansion, so she maintain the distance from the "dangerous" balloon. And both us having difficulties tie the balloon as well, as it failed to be attached to the string, and loosen very easily. So, at the end, we give-up and help to "watch" instead.

Hui Juin, why u so scare la.....Those balloon won't eat you one...

Part of "I WILL" team

Me, with my creative balloon decoration for "I WILL", nice or not?

Hui Juin decided to take picture with the balloon, since it's far away on top of her head.

Oh gosh, balloon hat huh?? Not bad......Hope it wont blow you away...

Mr Lim, what are you doing? New style of posing for picture??
Oh, you're holding to the string ya...Now only i realize...

Red, Green, Blue- Our color-code for "I CAN, I WILL, I LEAD"

Jia You, Green team. They are trying to compete my design in blue. Hahahahah~

Everyone are busy managing the floating balloon. Hey, balloon, don't fly away..Stay Here!!

Mr Yeoh, with his nice butt arranging the balloon on the ceiling

After a long preparation for this opening ceremony, it's time for real show. It is arrange to be on Friday, and yes, it was a fun Friday to end the tiring weeks. The fun part is all of members, go around Spansion to paint other's face , to get as much pre-face-painting promo. What a lucky, alot of Spansioner's so sporting to let us draw on their face and hand.

Our MD, Jerome will give a speech to start the event, he gave a long speech causing many staffs fall asleep waiting for the opening ceremony. Ended with all the team leads giving their introdution for each committe for "I CAN, I WILL, I LEAD".

Alot of people huh...can u spot who is sleeping? Hahahah~

Ok, let me present to you the fun activities for the day. They includes Face-painting, signature gathering, photoshoot session, Charade game, and feebies will be given away also. Interesting isn't it? Actually, it's fun to join this kind of committe, at least we won't be bored by only working from 8am ~ 5pm.

Now, let's the picture do the talking to illustrate the enjoyment for the day.

Banner signature gathering, where everyone can drop their signature on this banner with color they prefered, Red, Blue or Green. And guess what I sign with a message "I will ....come to work everyday"..*hahahahahh* Of course, i did not drop any name on my signature. Just hope nobody can recognize my signature.

Me, with the bigggggg banner.......

MD, be the 1st to sign to officiate HC3 Opening.

Photograph session where we can choose board on our preferences, and free-style pose for the camera. Ms and Mr Photogenic will be choosen at the end of the events. I do look photogenic right? *hahhahaha* But too bad, committe cannot take part in this. Else, sure I will be the winner huh? *tak tau malu-Hehehheh*

Me with Hui Juin......I WILL, I CAN, I LEAD!! Yes la!

Another stylish pose, Kuan-Yin Thousand Hand pose, but I only have 4 =___="

Ok, be serious. Let's take a serious pose.

Jerome-free-style pose

The best photo of the day, "I WILL" team family photoshoot! Nice isn't it??

Face-painting is another activity for the day, where Spansioners can draw whatever they want on their face or hand. You name it, you'll get it. Special szifu (Mr Yeoh) will be the artist for the day to show his creativity in face-painting. But I think my creativity better, let me show you some of designs.

Elaine Design 1 : "Gold Flowerish, Hibiscus as the theme"

Elaine Design 2 : "Shining Sunrise HC3"

Elaine Design 3 : "Spansion Sun-wu-hong [Monkey God]"

How was it? Nice? Hahahahahh~ Anyway, let give around of applause to Mr Yeoh for the great effort of the day!!! *clappppp!!!clappppppppp*

The girl in white seems like so scared..."Please don't...please don't!!!!" Hahahahh~

That's the story telling for today. Spansion is a fun place to work, provided "Not many kek-sau [extra hard] jobs to be completed, not many rush-user's request, did not get any complain from boss or supervisor".

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Friday, May 29, 2009

:: Mother's Day Card RESULT is out ::

At last, after more than one month waiting, the result for Spansion Mother's Day Card Competition is out today. For those who are following my blog, you guys should know that I'd designed 3 types of Mother's Day cards for the competition, Card Design 1, Card Design 2 and Card Design 3.

The good news is one of my card (Design 1) being selected as the 1st winner. The bad news is one of them (Design 3) failed to be voted into consolation. T_T I expected all 3 of them will at least grab RM10 for consolation prizes. And personally I think my design looks better as compare than other consolations participation. Nevermind la, there is a winner, there is a loser in every competition.

So, the morale of the story is "Don't put too high expectation on the result, but expect the worst, so you will feel with the result" :)

Ok, it's time to reveal the prize award for the day.

1st Prize : RM100 Shopping Voucher
2nd Prize : RM70 Shopping Voucher
3rd Prize : RM50 Shopping Voucher
5 X Consolation : RM10 Shopping Voucher

In total, I will get RM110 Shopping Voucher (it's either Giant, or Jusco). What do you think? It is a big amount? Should I give all to my mom, considering I stole she donate quite alot materials such as fake flowers, fake butterfly decoration, etc etc? Or should I go and buy something and give to her as present? Or should I use it all for my own shopping leisures?? *hahahahhah*

RM110 can buy 1 month supplies of groceries at Giant (if it's Giant's voucher), RM110 can buy 2~3 tops at Jusco (if it's Jusco voucher), RM110 can buy some cheap-china-made electrical appliances at Giant, RM110 can buy 2~3 panties/bras at Jusco, RM110 can buy 2~3 shoes at Jusco, RM110 can buy some car-accessories for my new car, RM110 can ......what we can do with RM110 at Giant or Jusco??

"If to say RM110 is alot, not really. But, if to say RM110 is little, also not really" very hard to judge and determine what we can do with RM110 nowadays. Anyway, back to the card designs, I would like to acknowledge few persons who contribute alot on my achievement today. They are ;

1) Ong Nyok Lan, my beloved mom - again, thanks her for donating the materials for me and the morale support given while I'm preparing the card. She will sit next to me, and give me ideas and valuable comments on what looks good and what doesn't. And thanks for being such a great mom which inspires me on the designs with full of loves and creativity. Thank you, muakksssss~~~

2) Kung Hui Juin and Wong Siew Ping, my truly chum&colleague- for borrowing me their names and photos of their mothers, so I will have the chances to grab other prizes as well (as we only allowed to submit one for each employee). I will not get what I got today, without both you. Thank you, muakksssss~~~

3) Last but not least, thanks to all who are supporting me all the way from the designing, developing, submission until the result is out (sounds abit exaggerating ah?) hahahahahah~Not to forget those who voted for my cards. Anyway, Thanks all!!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

:: HC3 Promotion ::

I've involved in another charity designing activity for Spansion's councils. I was selected as one of the committee in this so-called Human Capital Culture Council (HC3) and my 1st contribution is to design the Promotion and Awareness Brochures, Leaflets to promote this council to all Spansion's employees.

I used 2 days to look for ideas from net and came out with these designs at the end of the days. I designed 3 of them, but one been rejected by management due to using too much of de-motivating wording such as "Do you feel de-motivated?". Wtf!! so many complains, especially from "her" who I hate the most with her "konon-professional" english-slang criticizing this and criticizing that. I'm not a kind who will not accept critics or feedbacks from others, but just feel I don't like to hear from her mouth.

Opening Ceremony Promotional Banner

Shoe-locker HC3 advertorial leaflets

Anyway, back to the designs. I used foreigners in the 1st designs, but many of them suggested why not using our own-Spansion staffs to promote, which will directly create bond among the staffs. Ok, so we hire professional photographer (Mr Yeoh-Spansion's Pro Photographer) to take the pictures for some of pre-selected good-looking staffs (this includes me! *HAHAHHAHAH*)

And upon that, it's time to show my photoshop skill in putting them into the original design. As a result, many of them has become the model of HC3 promotion brochures and banners. But, it's F.O.C model, please claim from Spansion ya~~~

Mr Yeoh (our photographer)

Our Spansion GT Gal (not sure why they call her GT gall) *hehehe*

Can you spot me? heheheheh~

Upon the completion of designing, it's time to hang them in Spansion for viewing. We had decided to hang it all around the corridor so everyone will tends to stop and have a look. It's quite happy when seeing your effort being viewed by everyone. Anyway, it's another successful design at least after Notice-board design.

Not to forget to camwhore with my "hasil kerja" before it to be remove in a week time. :)

The BIG one hang at Cafeteria entrance

This is from me.......

I'm too short to reach it T_T

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

:: Green Diet ::

I've found out that another Nuffnang staff cum blogger (Robb) who manage to cut 40kgs fat from his body in 6 months! And he/she (you'll know what I meant once u go through his blog) looks GREAT after that!! WOW!! And this make him have the confidence to join StarCaleb Model Searching upon that. If you compare before and after, you'll never think of he will have the body he had now.

So, me being someone who always dying to have slimmer body, dig around to know how he had done to cut off the weight. And gladly, i found the secret of his weight loss is GREEN APPLE!! He ate green apples all the times, for thirst quenching, to handle the hungriness, as snack, and everything.

(credit to Robb for sharing)
1st Month
  • Weigh yourself on a weighing scale. Jot it down. Never weigh yourself again, till you complete 6 months.
  • Light exercises, e.g. basketball, jogging (Move your body a lil').
  • ONLY 2 Meals a day, Half ration of carbohydrates, normal ration of others (Goodbye rice! Hello veggie & meat).
  • Bite GREEN Apples to fill your stomach (Red ones are a No-no).
  • No snacks (Bye bye Chocs, candies, etc).
  • No sugar based water (Diet Coke doesn't make the cut!).
  • Survive for this 1 month.

2nd Month till 5th Month (Here comes something drastic!)

  • No exercises. Walking would be just fine cuz..
  • ONLY 1 Meal a day. Half ration of carbs, same for meat and veggie. (Yes, crazy would be a word well suited here)
  • Green Apple would be your best friend now. You're to bite them whenever you feel hungry, mouth itchy and kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.
  • No snacks and sugar based water still applies.
  • Survival in these 5 months would be most crucial as you'll either succeed or fail here.

6th Month (The results and maintenance)

  • Light exercises can be resumed. (I started gym)
  • 2 Meals a day with the same rations for respective food groups.
  • Green Apple is still your best friend!
  • Snacks and sugar based water can be taken sparingly.
  • By all means, step on the weighing machine and make yourself proud reading your new weight.
  • Maintain your results by exploring what you can do, and what you can't.

See, the Green Apple is the key to success in losing weight. Robb, i'm following your way, and stock up a pack of green apples for lunch, dinner, snack or whatever.

I guess it's good to eat more fruits as compare to carbohydrate meal anyway. I will start reducing the amount of rice tremendously. Let's see if it works, knowing i do not have 40kgs to lose anyway.

1 pack RM6.99 from Giant Supermarket

Who's fatter? Me? Apple?? *hahahhah*

*Yummmmmm* An apple a day keeps the doctor away! *hahahha*

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Monday, May 25, 2009

:: Ouch !! ::

Tried the first Biore Black Pore Strip today, and it make me yell "mummy!!", just like how the pregnant women shouting during their labor " I dowan!! I dowan to give birth anymore!! Mummy!!! Help!! Kau Meng!!!" Never know the strips get harden so easily and attached strongly on my flat-chubby nose. =__=".

Another problem is I feel so damn itchy after pasting it on my nose. And the most terrible thing is I can't scratch for 15 minutes (until I remove the strip). Wah liao!!! So suffering.....

Sticking it on my nose steadily *still can smile happily now but not after 15 minutes later*

Step 1: Open the strip pack with dry hand *still ok*
Step 2: Stick it to wet nose *still ok till now*
Step 3: Let it for 10~15 minutes *still ok, as it only gets harden after 30 seconds*
Step 4: Remove it *this is "life-dying[lor-meng]" part where my nose almost being torn out*

After 15 minutes..........

Can you see my dying-blackheads???

Fuuhh~~ So comfortable....To show my pore, not my big nose =__="

As memory, i captured the most-dying moment for the baby boy labor [when peeling the strip from my nose]. *hahahahhaha* I'm not pretending one, as it's really pain just like someone "pinching" your nose, or like a cow being dragged using the metal-circle planted on their nose...

I still have 9 strips to go...T.T
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

:: I'm a Barbie Doll ::

For those who are following my blog, should be knowing i'm giving tuition for this 6 yrs old kid, Cynthia. She is "golden-ball, kam-poh-lor" goddaughter for my both uncle and auntie. I was highly paid to teach her Malay. Errr..not that high la actually....*hahahah*

Nowadays, my Friday schedule become so full as I will drop by their house at 5:30pm to give one hour tuition, and thanks to my auntie and uncle for being so caring. It's because they will prepare dinner for me every Friday, making my Friday full with suprise and full with food in my stomach.

House-dishes which rangs from yummy soup, yummy dishes, yummy dessert....hmmmmm...all so YUMMYYY~~~~~~ And I will stay up until 8~9pm for quick chatting and adding another activity being barbie doll for a while. =__="

This 6yrs old kid being the only child in the house, will play with me every Friday such as showing me her old photos, telling me where she's been, and guess what's she found out my "smooth and not-so-long hair yesterday" and requested me to be her barbie-doll. Oh gosh~~~ So, the deal is she tie my hair, i tie her hair.

She put 2 "BIG" Hello Kitty pin on my fringe. Hmmm...I look so cute with those isn't it? Awwwwww~~~~ so, quite fun being a kid for a while. And me being creative enough, put quite alot of pins on her fringe too..Ended up, two "small" kids camwhoring for their new look of the day!!!

1 small kid + 1 "act-small" kid....*hahahahaha*

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Friday, May 22, 2009

:: BIG me ::

It's over a month me with my new hazelnut ..ooppsss...Hazel-colored contact lens. Read here to get to know my previous look. Since, the lens going to expired soon, i bought another pair of lens with Geo brand.

This time, i'm going for more innocent look with black color, instead of other outstanding colors. My intention getting black is hope to make my eyes looks bigger and healthier. *ahahhaha*

Hazel-brownish color lens (a month before)

Black-enlargen-colored lens (now)

I'm wearing code CK-109. Cannot really see the pattern in the middle, maybe due my black pupil. Anyway, it does make your eyes-pupil looks wayyyyyy bigger from it's original one. And you can wear the contact according to your zodiac too (as shown below). =___=" technology nowadays... Very advance...

Will post more samples out to show you all later, contact me if you're interested ok.

CK-Series Lens

Zodiac and cartoon-based Lens

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