Saturday, May 23, 2009

:: I'm a Barbie Doll ::

For those who are following my blog, should be knowing i'm giving tuition for this 6 yrs old kid, Cynthia. She is "golden-ball, kam-poh-lor" goddaughter for my both uncle and auntie. I was highly paid to teach her Malay. Errr..not that high la actually....*hahahah*

Nowadays, my Friday schedule become so full as I will drop by their house at 5:30pm to give one hour tuition, and thanks to my auntie and uncle for being so caring. It's because they will prepare dinner for me every Friday, making my Friday full with suprise and full with food in my stomach.

House-dishes which rangs from yummy soup, yummy dishes, yummy dessert....hmmmmm...all so YUMMYYY~~~~~~ And I will stay up until 8~9pm for quick chatting and adding another activity being barbie doll for a while. =__="

This 6yrs old kid being the only child in the house, will play with me every Friday such as showing me her old photos, telling me where she's been, and guess what's she found out my "smooth and not-so-long hair yesterday" and requested me to be her barbie-doll. Oh gosh~~~ So, the deal is she tie my hair, i tie her hair.

She put 2 "BIG" Hello Kitty pin on my fringe. Hmmm...I look so cute with those isn't it? Awwwwww~~~~ so, quite fun being a kid for a while. And me being creative enough, put quite alot of pins on her fringe too..Ended up, two "small" kids camwhoring for their new look of the day!!!

1 small kid + 1 "act-small" kid....*hahahahaha*

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