Thursday, July 27, 2006

.. Busy ..

Did not really update regularly, coz even though it's the 1st week in studies, but the workload was that heavy.

Assignments, Notes, Revision, and alot....Fuhhhh!!Bless me!

Don't worry, will be back soon! I'LL BE BACK!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

.. Another UNIQUE Handicraft from HOOK SING ..

It is not a table, but a hand-made "Feng Shui Aquarium" created by both my mom&dad.

So they really can do alot of thing with GLASS, which is their main business line.
You named it, you'll get it!
I'm so proud of you guys.

The concept for this aquarium will be Water scene & Land Scene. As you can see, upper layer is for Water living, and Land living for bottom layer.

Water living-Duck, frog, fish, even a Buddha floating on the water.

Land Living-Tiger, lizard, even cactus.

* Unbelievable?? BELIEVE IT! Click to view bigger water & land living.

.. UNIQUE Handicraft from HOOK SING ..

My mom&dad really creative enough to comes out with such an idea. Most probably they can replace those designer in IKEA, or LORENZO.
It is a table with cute decoration for its legs. The items in the leg are hand-made handicrafts by themselves. The team of the design will be the 4 season (winter, autumn, spring and summer). Maybe can ask them to design one for me in future. Save cost in getting those expensives design from branded store.
Please kindly contact me if you would like place the order. Hahahahah~~

Monday, July 17, 2006

.. Cute Doggie Doggie ..

These are my brother's dogs, Vicky (Female) and Bobby(Male). Both are very cute.They like to chase for people leg to lick. Dunno why? Because human leg's taste/smell better? Hahhahaha~~

Bobby is "Poodle" type of dog. And its size wont grow more than what u see in the picture. While Vicky is quite a big kind of dog.

I likes dogs alot, but my nose are just too sensitive to furry things, especially those flying around. Some more, Mr Leong had a bad experiences of "dog bitting", so we might not get a dog as a pet in future. Too bad!

Friday, July 14, 2006

:.. TMNet Streamyx ..:

I got my streamyx line officially on 14th July 2006. I subsribe for RM66 package with 512MB upload and 384MB download. I hope the line will run smoothly til the end of my termination. Because i heard alot of bad critics about Streamyx line.

I plan to subscribe with Maxis, but too bad my house area are not in the coverage area. So no choice have to go with TMNet. But at least i can feel now on the feeling on 24hrs online. (To prevent wastage-Hahahaha!).

Friday, July 07, 2006

.. B.O.R.E.D..

There must be somthing I can do,
I'm lying on my bedstaring at the wall,
I don't feel like going out,
I don't feel like staying in.

There must be somthing I can do,
I'm lying on my bed,
That mark on the celing looks like a dog,
I don't feel like talking,
I don't feel like being quiet.

There must be something I can do,
I'm lying on my bed,
My thoughts keeping me company,
I don't feel like thinking,
I don't feel like sleeping.

There must be something I can do,
I'm lying on my bed,
I'm bored.

Monday, July 03, 2006

:.. Cutie Doggie Slipper :..

My family & My Beloved one went to Taman Megah yesterday night for dinner. I found one very cute bedroom slipper while walking around the pasar malam there. Cost me at RM 9.00. Cheap huh...So i bought it to accompamny me at home, while waiting for school start.

Its not a doll, its the head in front of the slipper!