Sunday, December 28, 2008

:.. I vomit blood ..:

Hahahah~ The blood from my gum.. I went to dental to clean my teeth yesterday, as I do not want to waste RM100 yearly provided by company for each of their staff for dental benefits. I made my way to one of the dental clinic "Klinik Pergigian Lim" located at Subang SS15, nearby to Taylor Business's Center.

Actually, to be frank, this is my first time in my 24th year of life to clean my teeth..ya ya ya...i know, we should clean/service our teeth at least once 1/2 year.....Ya ya ya ya...But.....

Back to the story, so i went and lie on the "bed" and start crunching my hand, and hold tightly on the chair's handler. And the dentist started to clean my teeth using somekind of tool (sharp metal + water blowing hole)....hahahahah! There goes the "screeching sound" produced from my teeth............After 2-3 minutes, she ask me to google, and i was shocked when i see so much of blood + small harden plagues on the sink (where i throw).

Blood = my gum was extra sensitive to pressure, where i easily bleeding even brushing everyday.
Harden Plague = food wastage for 24yrs! Fuhhh!! Unbelievable!

Now my teeth is plague-free! So fresh! *happy*happy*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

:.. It's X'mas Party Time ..:

Vivien~ Michelle ~ Yves ~ Hui Juin ~ Elaine ~ Chin Pei~
It's been some time we have been busy with out own schedule, and yet to have a change to update the status among us

6 of us agreed to meet to enjoy our girl outing for a day on 20th December 2008, as our pre-chritsmas celebration.

We even come out an itenerary for the day to make sure we stick to the plan.
We met at Mei peng's house early morning, and depart after our car-pooling activities.

We begin with breakfast at a restaurant located at Subang SS15. We ordered around 15-20 type of dim sum which include chee-cheong-fun, ha-kao, siu-mai, salad fried prawn, porridge, etc. Fuh!!! So full!

Mei Peng not able to join us for breakfast as she need to fetch her mom to KL, thus left 5 of us, instead of 6!

Fyi, the camera was placed on top of a stack of dim sum plates! Being creative..

One-two-three-four-XXxxxxxx of dim sums!

Vivien : "I ate 2 plates!" Lian : "I ate 2 plates too!"


The road and the parking entrance was so packed with cars which are about to land on their prefered parking zone. For your information, we reach mid-valley around 11:30am, and we did not expect such alot of cars so early in the morning. We thought we had made our early plan so avoid this situation.

However, we are so lucky, as we got the lif-entrance car park once after we entered the car park lot at Zone A which suppose to be full (a shown on the car-park indicator).
After tired of shopping, we made our stop at Chilis Mid-Valley to fill our stomach, and ended with Christmas presents exchange.

It was the a lunch, which took us appx. 2 hours (12:40pm ~ 2:15pm). It was so fun, and memorable! We chat, we laugh, we exchange gift, we tease, we compliment, we eat, we do quite alot of things leh!

Not to waste to much time, let's the picture do the talking!

The numbered presents for the day!

The ladies with their presents for the day!

Mei Peng got Key chain, vivien got Christmas ornament!

Lian got hand-made photo frame, Hui Juin got scarf

I got Cristmas bear, and Yves got Pen&candy

James Bond style! From all leng luis~

We continue our shopping day, and not to forget photoshoot day! Snap snap & snap along the way! Hi gals, we must admit that all of us likes to take photos! Wakakakak!

We pose with the "ball" , we pose with the tree!

We pose with the backdrop!

We pose with everything~

Even with the Bigggggg shining ball on the tree~

Hmmmm, how as my posing? Nice? Stylish? or Weird~~
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

..: Chinese New Year Shopping:..

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!!

We will celebrate 2009 Chinese New Year in one month++ time. That was fast! There are so many things need to be done before the big day coming * not wedding big day* -_-"
Clean house, clean room, clean the window, change bedsheet, change curtain, do CNY shopping, prepare new clothes, look for vacation plan, and bla bla bla bla....

But luckily, i've started to buy new clothes since the last 1 months, so shorten my pending list. It's quite hard for me to stand of the temptation to wear them, as i'm a person who urge to try new things when i knew i own it...Like those new clothes...

I will think of CNY, everytime my hand feel itchy to grab them and wear it to work..Grrr~~Geramnya...Another month for me to stand. Can u imagine how suffer i am?! OMG!! Just hope can stand for another one month...Else, i will need to waste money to buy new clothes again...

2009's chinese will be abit different for us, as both of my sisters will be on their confinement month during 2009 Chinese New Year, adding two little members to Tam's family, Lee's family, and Ng's family. Sure it wil be a prosperous year, with them.... Just can't wait to hear their "WUekkkkk, Wuekkkkk" sound......*hahahahahha*

Ng Shin Ru, Lee Zhi Cheng....We are waiting for you....

Let's come back to new year shopping..I left one pair of new shoe for 2009 CNY to complete my shopping spree for 2009. Any idea where to get nice and cheap high heel shoe?

Espirit 3/4 -Black dress

Padini Red Shirt

Espirit Long sleeve Brown Shirt

Adidas D S FireBreaker White jacket

Nichii Black Cotton Dress

Google Long Sleeve Black Shirt

Padini Stripe Cardigan

Padini 3/4 Sweater

Levi's 592 Straight Cut Jeans

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

:.. Bowling Day ..:

Spansion KL IT Department went to play Bowling at SuperBowl, Summit USJ last Friday. A day before we had a week force-holiday. *wink*wink*

It's been some time i'd stopped play bowling, and as i can remember i played like sucks on my last play. Just hope not to embarrass myself this time.

We reached around 6:00pm, and begin to play around 6:15pm after everybody are ready with their ball, shoes, and spirit in getting *STRIKE*!!!

We found few hidden talents, Teoh and suprisingly Mr Kong Kah Wai....We hit 4 stikes at a row..Terror leh!! How excited he was!

Unexpectedly, i got >100 pts for both games.."101" and "153"...Fuhh~~~ Else, pai seh nia! Hahahaha! And end our day with dinner at Mr Tepanyaki...

Choosing ball......

Wow!! My supervisor got the right pose as International Bowler
Ok, it's my turn to show my style..Wa--chaaaa~~

Our kecil molek engineeer..

Hmmmm, is he dancing???
Let's have a group photos to show out sportmanship...
Our enjoying-expression while having our dinner...Yummyy...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

:.. Another graduation ..:

The certificate, award gift and the fake scroll folder

Me, receiving the Outstanding Award

Me, with mom * sweet*

Not to forget, me with my dear

Whopssss, another graduate for Class of 2008

Another big day for me, my 3rd graduation ceremony which was held at the same hotel (as 2nd time), Hotel Nikko, KL on last Saturday.

You must be wondering why so many time of graduation. No problem, please find below for the explanation;

1) Diploma Graduation at Hotel BlueWave, Shah Alam - organized by Informatics (College) - compulsory as awarded straight A's achiever
2) Degree Graduation Ceremony at Hotel Nikko, KL - organized by UniSA (University)
3) Degree Graduation Ceremony at Hotel Nikko, KL - organized by HICT (College) - compulsory as being awarded Outstanding Award

There u goes, and thats the reason why i need to attend 3 times of graduation again and again. You might get bored of the same graduation photos again and again. *wink*wink*

Anyhow, hope you'll enjoy...hahahh~

Friday, November 14, 2008

:.. Kung Hui Juin..:

Our sweet & Nice picture....


My years of buddy cum collegue cum ex-schoolmate cum my loyal blog reader cum my personal diet planner cum my ear cum XXXXXXX....Hahahah~~

Just for fun, we camwhore and manage to get a good picture....:)

:.. Hmmm, Yummy Steamboat ..:

Unbeliavable? We drove so far from Shah Alam --> Sri Kembangan for our early steamboat dinner. Then back to Shah Alam <------ Sri Kembangan after that.

Kah Wai our driver (*joking*) for the day, together with 3 beauty leng lui's (Elaine, Siew Ping & Hui Juin) make their way to somewhere at Sri Kembangan to try strongly recommended place by Kah Wai for steamboat.

It was not porridge steamboat, it was not soup-based steamboat but teppanyaki steamboat. Hmmmmm, sorry i do not know where (even though i was in the car and was there for dinner), but as you all know, i'm a road blinder (whtever it called).

I'm having difficulty in recognize or remember the road to certain place easily. *Short term memory loss* However, one thing funny to be shared is when we had finished our dinner, and moves our butt into the car, and start to wish we can go back Spansion within 30 minutes but ended up need around 45minutes-1 hour.

The story began when our driver, mr KAH WAI said he want to follow short-cut to make sure we can reach in less than 30 minutes (somekind of showing-off).

He jalan-jalan-jalan, and we found out that we are turning and turning around in house-area. Feeling weird and cannot stand but ask

"Kah Wai, we are lost is it??" and as expected, he asnwered "Yes, we're lost!" WTF!

Hahahahah~~ Then he keep jalan-jalan-jalan-jalan-jalan for another 5-10 minutes, and we can't stand again and ask

"Kah Wai, we are still lost? ", and expected again he answered with so cool "Yes, we are lost, and i do not know where i am now"...

HAHAHAHHAHAH~~ So funny, and he ease our feeling of being lost, by saying we will follow back the LONG road instead of following short-cut....Thats the end the story, and the morale of the story is ---> "Biar lambat, asalkan selamat *sampai Spansion*" Hahahahah!!

The hero for the night

Ta-daaaaaaa~~~~Looks Spicy~~~Yeay~~

Our sifu and her "art" for the day - "Butter-Prawn"

It's camwhore time again

What's on ur hand??? Looks like green worm..Hahaha

Group Photo (3 leng luis')

Yeap~~~ It's me again~~~ With hmmm..arrrrr....ehhhh.... on hand..