Tuesday, December 09, 2008

:.. Bowling Day ..:

Spansion KL IT Department went to play Bowling at SuperBowl, Summit USJ last Friday. A day before we had a week force-holiday. *wink*wink*

It's been some time i'd stopped play bowling, and as i can remember i played like sucks on my last play. Just hope not to embarrass myself this time.

We reached around 6:00pm, and begin to play around 6:15pm after everybody are ready with their ball, shoes, and spirit in getting *STRIKE*!!!

We found few hidden talents, Teoh and suprisingly Mr Kong Kah Wai....We hit 4 stikes at a row..Terror leh!! How excited he was!

Unexpectedly, i got >100 pts for both games.."101" and "153"...Fuhh~~~ Else, pai seh nia! Hahahaha! And end our day with dinner at Mr Tepanyaki...

Choosing ball......

Wow!! My supervisor got the right pose as International Bowler
Ok, it's my turn to show my style..Wa--chaaaa~~

Our kecil molek engineeer..

Hmmmm, is he dancing???
Let's have a group photos to show out sportmanship...
Our enjoying-expression while having our dinner...Yummyy...

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