Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Passport photos

I found these antique photos while I was digging my old photos from my old personal desktop. I just can't accept how I looks previously, one word!! FUGLY = Fucking Ugly! With such a big face diameter, just so out of place! With so many pimples on my cheek and faces and with such a thick eye brow! wtf!!

Sometime we really need to keep such photos so we could have chance to look back how we looks like, or to recall what we did last time, or to use it as reminder for not to repeating it. I know I eat alot, or I should say I did not control eat at all, I don't bother to spend on facials products, I don't bother to apply make up (make up is wasting money for me that time), I don't care how fugly my eyes looks like without lens, I don't care how fugly my hair looks like, eventhough not much change now, but at least I bother to style it nowadays as compare to olddays where as I just tie a ponytail or half ponytail. =.="

For me that time, a facial wash more than RM20 is super expensive for me. But I'm willing to buy RM69.90 for a facial

For me that time, I don't even care what is toner... what is moisturizing cream...But now I'm willing to buy RM300 facial products , just with one swipe... wtf

For me that time, who care about contact lens.. It's only for those short-sighted homo-sapiens...But now it's a must for me top up my lens stock every month.. I can't live without contact lense.. *unless my eyes got infection or not feeling well to wear it*.. Else I will out with lens even to out for a quick 30 mins

For me that time, what is MAKEUP? I don't even spend a single cent on lipstick, eye liner, or even foundation powder.... But now I can't live without foundation, eyebrow liner, eye liner (MUST), mascara (MUST)... And it might goes up to few hundred maintenance per wtf

For me that time, what is mask? I don't do mask ok! Water is my mask.. But now I'm willing to spend RM69.90 for a bottle of mask.. or RM10 per pirce of mask.. wtf...

For me that time, thinking why spend so much to go to saloon to wash, cut and blow your hair? Why spend so much money for colouring.. where as my sis in law provide F.O.C cut services (of course with outdated style).... But now I'm willing to pay few hundred just to highlight my hair, colour my hair or even cut my hair... Oh ya, I spent RM35 for wash and blow just because I want to look nicer for my annual dinner.. OMG!wtf again

Considering all the effort and money I've spent *not little leh-counting fingers*... I guess I should have improce a little bit on my outlook, shouldn't I? "No such thing as Ugly gals, just lazy gal"... Yes, it's true and of course you need some financial improvement to invest such alot of things on those cosmetics and facial products. Maybe I've my own income which can afford my little pamper to myself which allow me to spend as such to satisfy myself. Halllo!! my award ourself isn't? *denial mode* haahahahahaha!

After so much of bragging, I'mn proud to show my fugliest photo of me at year 2005, and latest photo. :)
I'm quite happy with my improvement on how I look but nevetheless, the natural pretty is the best. That's why I'm trying hard to looks not so fugly without makeup by spending/invest of facial products, instead of make up products! :)

Passport photo @ 2005

Passport photo @ 2006

Passport photo @ 2010