Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:: Microsoft Lauching with Faxcore ::

Hi Guys/Gals, I'm back in the action with more interesting event to be shared. Again, I need to apologize to all my readers (if there is any) for hibernating at least 1~2 weeks without any updates. I'm having difficulties in finding time to write and blog about what's happening in my daily routine.

I found all the time packed with some activities, work, badminton, leisure, movies, Facebook'ing, eating-eating and lots more. Anyway, back to the blogging today, I joined Faxcore's colleagues for Microsoft Product Launching on Tuesday. The event took place at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Center).

We departed at 745am and as expected terrible jam and as expected we reached there at 9am, after stuck in the jam for more than 1 hour. WTF!! Luckily I'm not working in KL (or anywhere nearby to KL) else I will be screaming in the car everyday ended with me in Hospital Tanjung Rambutan with hand being tied at the front. LOL!

First time joining them for a "business outing", and frankly it's enjoying to be with them..Why? You will know as I go through the photos I've taken on that day. We started our day with Starbuck..Fuyohhh!! Starbuck early in the morning? Yes... =___="

We decide to skip the keynote because they were saying it was just an introduction which is wasting our time. We might as well go to fill our stomach with breakfast and continue with "gift" shopping time. Shopping while working? Yes, this is my 1st time...Hopefully my boss won'y be visiting my blog, else sure no bonus, no salary increment, no annual appraisal increment, etc etc etc.

Then we went for lunch at KLCC foodcourt as a team. Then went to the training after our lunch. The continue our day with San Francisco beer!! Beer at 5pm...And guess what we will be having our badminton session after at 6pm! Luckily I just had one, else I will be hitting the air instead of the shuttle cock! LOL!

Okla, I need to get back to work soon, and again, let's the picture do the talking. I know abit boring but let you guys see me in actual rather than me explaining. More interactive isn't! *Actually I'm lazy to think and write* Heheheheh!

Reaching the hall and registered ourselves.

Our goody bags (which ONLY full with papers , rubbish)

My team-mate (Tommy-right and Jeremy Tan-left)

"Experience the NEW efficiency" the motto for the day!

3 Charlies and 1 Angel. Hehehhe!
They have nickname in Faxcore..tanjung malik Taiko (left), Sin Chan(middle) and Penang Ah Beng (right)....HAHAHHAHA!

Grabbing my Java Chip at Starbucks..I ordered a chicken hotdog roll too! Burrrppp!! Kenyang for a breakfast!

How enjoy the guys were! Chatting about gals, games!'re in action dude! Say Cheese!!

Our gift...not sure about the guy at the back..You think you still 2 yrs old with 100cm as height meh??

Yes, that looks better with ur face closed! LOL!

With Jeremy and Ainne

While waiting for the guys to end the shopping, camwhore la.... :p

Full shot of me!

There goes the training/launching

Lepak'ing during break..they are cute isn't it....with the sitting style and pose!

Our turn.....What the heck with my leg and shoe! So weird.....PLEASE TAKE ANOTHER ONE!!

Ok, this one looks better! We are so photogenic Ainne! Tak tau malu!

Presentation again and again...

Again.. LOL@@

Continue with our beer session.....Heineken! Thank you Raymond! LOL!

Acting with the glass of beer..Hmmmmmmm...not mine not mine..and "I cannot drink one!!" "I'm not a good drinker, I am not" LOL!!

Wow! Ainne showing her power! Her beer drinking power! Be careful guys out there!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:: Irene's Wedding 151109 ::

15 November 2009, a day to be remembered by all of us...why? It is because it's Irene Kung's big day...who is Irene Kung? She is Kung Hui Juin's sister...who is Kung Hui Juin? She is my chum cum buddy cum ex-colleague cum alot of things ..LOL!

Hui Juin/Irene invited us (Molly, Dolly and I) for her morning tea ceremony session, as well as being part of the "ji mui" for her morning session, to make everything as merrier as possible. It was a long long day as I reached their house around 730am as planned. Who knows, none of them got prepared and Meng Liang still sleeping like a pig on the bed.

Back to the milestones, I reached at 730am and help Hui Juin get ready as I want her to be the prettiest bridesmaid that morning (even though she's the only one bride'smaid that day) LOL!

Due to ONLY ONE toilet available in her room, everyone takes turn to take bath and due to ONLY ONE big mirror in her room, everyone takes turn to use the mirror to make up and groom their hair. Luckily I got myself prepared at home, else just imagine 4 peoples fighting pushing each other's BUTT to get ourself into the mirror. LOL!!

The groom reached at 845am and all other ji mui started their plan on how to "torture" the "heng tai" and the groom. Very simple and easy peanut, kacang goreng games like drinking "sweet sour spicy" drinks, wearing skirt and dancing around, singing and yelling I LOVE YOU! Dang, it was so itsy-bitsy, easy easy!

The continue the travel from Klang to Gombak, then back to Klang, then to Klang. All that I can remember is, me sitting in the car travelling around, passing tol by tol, then seeing cars again, then passing tol again and again. The journey from Klang to Gombak takes around 45 minutes~1 hour, so just imagine the time take for overall travel. But overall, enjoyed the process because we took alot of photos and alot of NICE photos too!

Oh, for your information we did not join for the wedding dinner because Donna need to work on Monday and need to depart back to Johor at the evening. Since not everybody is going, we decided to only join morning session.

Let's the picture do the talking because picture will tell the whole story of that day! Stay and follow closely with me! are u ready? On your mark..get set ....gooooooooooooo!!

#1 Helping Hui Juin in makeover and hair grooming. I think I should quit form IT profession but be a professional makeup artist! LOL! So Hui Juin will be my "white rat" at the moment before I can get my degree in make up. :)

#2 Taking picture to show how "tall" I am. Standing next to ML is like standing next to KLCC because heis so tall whereby I onyl reach his should...Below shoulder to be specific!

#3 The heng tai carrying the BIG FAT roasted pork

#4 The PIG HEAD! It has a BIG head! With eyes closed, I wonder how he/she felt when being roasted that time...Pain?

#5 The ASS HOLE! Can't stand the temptation of taking his ass hole as memory!

#6 Me holding the 1st level of Ang Pao. They are so stingy by giving only RM15 to 10 of us. Irene! You worth only RM15 ok! Do you still want to reconsider this hubby? LOL!

#7 Molly Khoo and Polly Kung, the buddy since "U" time. We reached Groom's Gombak anchestor's house by that time, waiting the newly-wed couple to finish the tea ceremony.

#8 Me and Molly. I like this photo alot because under this angle, the sunshine makes my true hair color appeared clearly.

#9 Now, it's time for us to take turn to take photo with the bouquet of flower.
Hui Juin + Flower

#10 Donna and the flower + innocent look = ???????

#11 Me and the flower, How as it? I mean me and not the flower.LOL!

#12 Sew Cin's turn now. She look girlish isn't it? Oh yea, for your information, she is a teacher. Does she looks like one?

#13 Us holding the flower and the plate of roasted pork, it was all ours on that table! I ate the most roasted pork for the rest of my life....Phewwww!!! Sure fat giler!

#14 Hmmmmm.......For those who is following Dnna's blog, now you get to see who's the gal behind the angel. =__="
They always tends to push me in front because they claimed my "slim" face can make them look slimmer. So I purposely make a fat-bom-bom gal face just to make them look slimmer!

#15 Me and Hui Juin under the best angel of sunshine to take picture! We are so sunshine! You are my sunshine, my only sunshine! HHAHHAHAH!

#16 Me eating the fatty-bom-bom roasted pork. Sorry if this picture scared you, and hopefully you won't be getting nightmare tonight.

#17 Hui Juin and Molly full shot! I like HUi Juin's dress alot because it is so cute..wondering how I look with this dress. Hui Juin, boleh kasi pinjam ah? HAHAHaH!

#18 The bride, and groom and the "big kam sister"

#19 All of us with the bride. I hide behind to cover all the fats on my body!

#20 Me and Hui Juin, both of us in white, everyone thought Irene having 2 bridesmaid for the day. LOL!

#21 Uncle and Auntie helping Irene to cover the head-scarf (not sure what it called)

#22 Us with the bride again

#23 Photos again and again

#24 It's time to play the heng tais. They were asked to turn around using the umbrella and use their kukujiao to blast the balloon which were tied on their kukujiao. HAHAHHAHAHA! Nola, they are free to use any part of their body, but they choose to their "aheem ahemmm".

#25 Secondly, they were asked to wear skirt and do dirty dance, but ended up the guys imitating the 'blow job' pose. Dang!

#26 Hui Juin and Hui Ying preparing tea for Irene and their newly brother in law (just to get the ang pao)

#27 Future Mr and Mrs Lim.

#28 Even baby can get ang pao, but why can't I do the same. I want ang pao too.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee...

#29 Me holding the big GIANT "fat kor" which used to pray. The "tai kam jeh" scolding us for using her prop for camwhoring.

#30 Not sure what she is doing, but I guess counting the angpao given ?? Maybe...

#31 Kung's family photo

#32 Hmmmmmmmmm............they are making fun of me, and I laugh happily.

#33 The newly-wed-bed which will be used to make baby in future! HAHAHAHAHH..maybe they will choose other place..toilet? hallroom? LOL!

#34 The gold and the Nutox package

#35 Me and Hui Juin again....We took damn alot of photos that day.

#36 Now you see both of the groom and bride

#37 The bridesmaid for the day in white.

#38 Molly, where is ur peace sign ler??? Co-operate la sikit!

#39 All the heng tais and ji muis

#40 Us again...

#41 us holding the roasted pork again.. See, you can imagine how much roasted pork we ate that day..

#42 Roasted pork AGAIN!!!

#43 The fat kor again......this time with the "air kundur"

#44 us holding the ang pao given by Uncle Kung and Irene

#45 The bride and the groom praying to the sky

#46 The photo for the day, Dolly and I were camwhoring while someone snap us on another camera!

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P/S : I'm so tired writing out the caption for #46 photos. More photos in my facebook! Check it out!