Thursday, November 12, 2009

:: Backdated post : Last Day @ Spansion ::

Phewwww....I guess I'd abandon this blog for quite some time, even though it's just for 2 weeks (it's like years to me). I think I used to update it everyday 2 weeks before. Due to unforseen circumstances, I had too. Anyway, I'm back to blog, to document everything in my life.

Let's started with the old old old backdated post, about my last day at Spansion. It was my last day that day, and I remember I started to had those mixed-feeling a day before the actual last day. I'm sad and happy at the same time, but never thought that I will feel sad more than happy.

I felt so down when imagining myself walking out from Spansion and will never ever step back into Spansion compound as Spansioner. I started to recall alot of memories while I'm in Spansion such as :

1) Having breakfast with Hui Juin everyday
2) Having daily coffee-time with Hui Juin everyday
3) The time when Spansion alarm rang at 5pm sharp, and it's time for us to move out ass getting out from Spansion heading back to home.
4) The time of us applying Time Off to go out for long/luxurious lunch
5) The lunch time with Hui Juin and others
6) The snaking time in the toilet (with the reason of shiting of course)
7) And alot more!!!

I should be happy isn't it ....for leaving Spansion for a better oppurtunities at my new company. I guess I'm a human, who is full with emotional moments with emotional feeling. Damn it~ I thought I can act like nothing happen and leave gracefully and happily on my last day. =.=

I started to pack all my stuff such as cups, bottles, papers, sourveniers and the rest. One memorable thing happened during my last day was when I want to distribute the packs of Milo's/Nescafe which were kept inside my drawer, thinking why not give it away since I will not be using it anyway.

Happily I went arounf and distribute it to Hui Juin and some other colleague. All of of sudden, Hui Juin shouted "OIII!!! Expired already one! The expiry date is XX-XX-2007 one leh!!!! expired for 2 years already!!"

And I was WTF!!! 2 years??!? Sure boh? And confirmed after further inspect the expiry date on the pack itself. Recalling back, I think I brought them in when I first join Spansion which was 2 years back. LOL! And quickly go and collect back all the "bribes" from all of them with ashame look. Sorry guys!

Being me, me being someone who likes to take photo regardless of the place (in the toilet, in the car, on the road, on the work, bla bla bla more), I used up my last hour to go around grabbing people to take picture with. It will be the last time me wandering around Spansion.

Here I would to say Thank you all for the support and guidance given for the past 2 years. I will not forget every single moment being with you guys. I love you all, and take care! Keep in touch ya!

Hisham, the most skinny man I've seen in the world! LOL!

Can't you see what is my left hand is trying to do?Almost there almost there...LOL! @___@

Mona, the 1st Spansioner I've contacted with since my interview day.

Tan Ping Ping, the person who talks and shout on the phone like nobody business. Heheheh! She's from purchasing department.

Nisha...I like her hair, coz it's natural curl! Very nice curl, like poodle.

My badminton mates - Gopi and Sathia

Cycle Time bugger, Khairil and Nazri

My badminton mates too.. I lurve this picture because it was so colourful! And of course me being surrounded by 4 bodyguards. LOL!

Anand (the tallest man in IT), and Vincent with his cool shirt with theme "I make everything look easy"

Rohaida, the senior in Planning department who used to call me "Sayang" *shivering abit* HAHAHHA!

Azie and Fittri

Mariam and Azlina from Planning department too.

Opssss.....Carol resting her head DIRECTLY on top of my breast =____="
I asked her "Syiokkk or not???" and with a reply "SYIOOKKK"....

Tinee, the new mummy in IT department

Roy from IT too!

Nizan and Chew, from Purchasing

Thanks to Hui Juin, she got me a bottle of messages collected from alot of Spansioners. Will share the noted in later post. It make cry non-stop and felt to get back my resignation letter (at that moment)

Toh, new comer

Guys...Say Meng and KC!

Opsssss..the hamper..not mine...borrow for photo shoot only..

MES Team....Last group photo ever! I will miss you guys!

Me with my badminton hamper!

And lastly, MY BELOVED BUDDY , Kung Hui Juin! Thanks for everything and thanks and thanks and thanks!! I love you! *we are not LES ok!!! =___=" *

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  1. hey~~
    HJ is mine!!! =.="
    we are not les also...
    finally.. Zzz.... cis... Stephanie so fast...

  2. yooo i think u have the tendency to be a lesbian leh hahahahaah WTF!!!! u r practically dating wif HJ and flirting wif Carol kakakakakkaa......where is ur new office? wat is ur job there?

  3. Life in Spansion is lonely without you!!!! T_T

    Si Dolly.. dont stop your email to me!!! the sole entertaiment now -.-"

  4. Start the new job already? Funny to see dolly's comment. Who is the winner? :P
    Anyone say that you two are Les before? LOL!

  5. Hello Elaine,

    This must be a sad entry for you coz you're leaving Spansion (what is it actually?). Those good old times in Spansion must be hard to leave. But i guess, you new place will make you happier since you said

    " for a better oppurtunities at my new company

    Don't be too sad yeah? You will meet new friends, bosses and environment. And Kung Hui Juin must be really sad you are leaving. Did you hug her before you left?


  6. Welcome back to blog world~ you have been missed.

    How are things doing with ya?

    Leaving a company that you have so many nice memories and nice people around is usually hard. But that doesn't mean you can't go back one day for lunch and such :).

  7. you're gonna miss them..
    dont worry.. you'll meet a new bunch of people..
    all the best! =)