Friday, December 21, 2007

.. 1st day on work..

21st December 2007,
My first day of job at Spansion (KL) Sdn Bhd,
Arrive at 7.15am, no traffic/jam problem as expected,
Maybe due to holiday mood,
Everybody is clearing the leave, and still on holiday due to Hari Raya Haji yesterday.
Reported on 8am, and ushered to visit all the plants by Joel (staff from HR department),
The manufacturing plants is very big, there are alot of rooms, alot of department, alot of section,
Assembly department, TMP (Test/Mark/Package) section, Planning department, Human resources department, IT department, Quality control department, Testing department, etc...

It took me around 1 hour to go through all the area.
As shown in the picture, it is a long alley to reach the department (which located on right and left hand side of the alley)..
In other words, long...
It took me appx. 5 minutes walk from the entrance towards IT department's entrance.

Nothing much today, as all IT's staffs are busy with their testing & integration phase,
So i was sitting in the meeting room,
Watching, Yawning, Fishing, Listening, Learning, etc..
Not really started my job yet, but at least being exposed to the complexity of the system ran within Spansion, and other branches.

The manager explained to me the reason behind my employment,
" I think you are smart, and will be able to cope things fast, normally we wont take freshie for this post, but i hope my decision is right. Else both of us will be in trouble".
Hmmm...a heavy responsibilities, but i will try my best to cope as much as i can,
To prove to her, that its worth to take the chance to dictate her ability in deciding.

A rubber shoe is given to every employee, and it is compulsoryto wear it all the time,
So save my money in getting high heel shoe, and money in getting nice pants or skirts,
As it will become "not nice" when match with the cute, white and adorable rubber shoe (something like Crocs shoe) --------------------------->

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

.. New Job..New Life..

Thats the big name behind my new life..
Will start my new job, my new environment there on this Friday..

Flash memory's manufacturing company,
Located somewhere at Shah Alam area,
Quite near to my house area,
which took me less than 10km to reach office,
Just need to wake up early, be prepared early, and depart earlier,
to beat the traffic, and to be on time to work..

8am in the morning..
Fuh~~~Damn early...
First time need to be on work such early..
Will make sure to be on time everyday, unless traffic prevent me from doing that..

Signed the appointment letter today,
Did the medical check-up today with panel clinic nearby,
Diagnose near-sighted, and crooked spine..Strange?
But she said maybe due to wrong posture all the way..
But as conclusion, no big health problem..
But since they said Spansion very particular with eyesight,
So, plan to get a spectacle later..

How will i look with spec? I duno, lets wait and see..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

..8 interviews .. 2 weeks..

For the past 2 weeks, i've attended 8 interviews..
Crazy huh...average one daily..
I received 3 call back, which mean 3 calls for 2nd interview so far..
Rejected one, considering two..

Personally rejected one, as i found that the environment is not what i want..
Dirty toilet, messy office, working with an NON-WORKING air-conditioner, etc.
Abit picky huh, but that's my 2nd criteria in choosing work..
What to do, thats my luck..

I'm really tired of attending interview day-by-day..
But at least i've been called back for 2nd interview..
knowing that its worth to spend time for it..
Maybe will not get 100% on what i expected..
But at least i'm giving a try..

Wish me luck..

Monday, December 10, 2007

.. Tired..Tired..

I'm so tired of attending pack schedule for interview session.
Interview....interview..and more interviews to go..
I'd been tired of being asking the same questions, replying with the same answers...

Why we must hire you?
Why do you put such amount for expectation salary?
What did you do in your previous company?
What is your plan for future 3/5 years?
Can you lower down your expected salary?
How do you handle stress?
What is stress to you?
Why you choose IT?
What is your career path?

I really tired of driving my car to offices, spending time in make up everytime i need to attend an interview, and remove my make up after that....
Surf the net to look for jobs or vacancy....
From one website, to another website,
From one employment agency to another employment agency....

When i can get the job that i prefer,
And when i can start to work,
When i can start my normal life,
When i can use the money that i earn,


: Baby Sitter Service Available (Section 17 Shah Alam) ..

Baby Sitting Service Available

* Are you looking for a warmth and comfortable place to place your child in during the day or/and night?
* Are you looking for quality care for your precious child/children?

A loving, experienced mother is available for in-home day/night care.
Good family values taught.
Children learn in clean & safe environment
Willing to care for children from 2 months and above
Reasonable rates

Location: Section 17, Shah AlamPlease call Mdm Ong (Alice) at (016) 237 2233 or email to for more details.

More Links :




Thursday, December 06, 2007


I can't believe it...Am i dreaming?
Yes, its pain and i'm not dreaming..

The result is out...And i passed all the papers with flying colours...
OMG....That means, i can graduate and i'm a graduand just like both of my older sisters...
I'm happy till almost drop my tears while spreding the good news..
I PASS ALL MY PAPERS...I CAN GRADUATE.....I'M A GRADUAND...start from this moment!!!
I just cant stop talking and smiling and laughing...
Congratulation Elaine!!! from myself....Your effort paid at last...Its worth it..
1 years ++ of time spent, money spent, tears dropped, energy used stressed, pressures,
Worth to be exchanged with the joy and happiness that i'm having now...

Its a new charter in my life, as a graduand and as an adult that will step forward into another life..

Working life.....Not as a student anymore....With my qualification as my stepping stone to move higher, to improve my life, to upgrade myself....everything....

I really would like to express my appreciation to everybody that contributes directly or indirectly to my achievement TODAY...They includes :

My parents --> thank you for the morale support given, and thank for the effort of raising me, without the support from you guys, i will not be able to get what i want....

My sisters -> thank you for being a role model for me....being someone to assist and gives advices whenever i need it..Honestly, both of you are the source that drives my determination to complete my degree..i may not even think of it, if not because both of you...Maybe its a pressure or stressed, but with this indirect forces also make me achieve something that u guys own..Success..

Dearest --> Thank you for the time and money spent supporting me while i'm a student...Thank for spending time accompany me while im revising for exams...Thanks for the morale support..Thanks for the love..Thanks for the care......

My lecturers --> thank you for the guidance and effort in teaching me...Even though im not an obedient student...but without the patience guidance, i might not be able to pass or even express my appreciation here...Especially Ms mages, Ms Rohidah...Thanks for being there for me when i need it....


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

.. Memory..Old Time Memory..

Those pictures taken about 2 years back...
It was a miserable celebration..
Alot of things happened during that time...
Just hope we can enjoy each and every celebration woth joys and happiness..
From the hearts....from the soul...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

.. 1st interview ..

4th December 2007, Tuesday, 2.30pm,
Kelana Center Point, Petaling Jaya,
Thats the details for my ist interview after completing final year degree.

A medium sized office, located at 6th floor,
with 3 rooms, one toilet, and approximately 6-8 pc's/notebook.

Reached early, at 2pm, waited 10 minutes for guidance,
A test was given, one IQ test, asking stupid questions,
Another test to examine my logic in programming,
Asking me to come out with a pseudocode for some algorithm dealing with numbers.

I know how to answer it, but the environment just too HOT-----WARM,
Make me unconfortable to use my brain,
There are 3 airconds, and only 2 were switched on,
Thats hot.

How to work in this kind of environment,
Most of them are male,
Total 6 of them, which can be seen during the interview.

The test took me about 45 minutes,
The interview took me about 20 minutes,
And the whole process end up at 3.30pm.

Not a good start, as i forgot to ask very important questions,
How many working days (5 days or 5.5 days),
Who should i reported to,
How much is the monthly season parking,
How much elauns will be given for petrol/tol/parking,
And other stuffs...