Tuesday, December 18, 2007

.. New Job..New Life..

Thats the big name behind my new life..
Will start my new job, my new environment there on this Friday..

Flash memory's manufacturing company,
Located somewhere at Shah Alam area,
Quite near to my house area,
which took me less than 10km to reach office,
Just need to wake up early, be prepared early, and depart earlier,
to beat the traffic, and to be on time to work..

8am in the morning..
Fuh~~~Damn early...
First time need to be on work such early..
Will make sure to be on time everyday, unless traffic prevent me from doing that..

Signed the appointment letter today,
Did the medical check-up today with panel clinic nearby,
Diagnose near-sighted, and crooked spine..Strange?
But she said maybe due to wrong posture all the way..
But as conclusion, no big health problem..
But since they said Spansion very particular with eyesight,
So, plan to get a spectacle later..

How will i look with spec? I duno, lets wait and see..

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