Friday, November 19, 2010

:: Very good story : A pencil and erase ::

Pencil: I'm sorry....

Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong.

Pencil: I'm sorry cos you get hurt bcos of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.

Eraser: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad. :)

I found this conversation between the pencil and the eraser very inspirational. Parents are like the eraser whereas their children are the pencil. They're always there for their children, cleaning up their mistakes. Sometimes along the way... they get hurt, and become smaller (older, and eventually pass on). Though their children will eventually find someone new (spouse), but parents are still happy with what they do for their children, and will always hate seeing their precious ones worrying, or sad.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

:: Happy Newly Weds, Pris & Dragon ::

It's Pris's turn to end her single century when she wore the wedding band from Dragon's on 14th November 2010 (actually it ended last year when they register last year 09-09-09 hahah!).

She invited us to her wedding buffet night which was held last night, 13rd November 2010 at her house which is located at Teluk Pulai. As usual, we lost somewhere on the way to port klang. And thanks to Albert for his leadership in leading Vincent and I to the place. Hahahah!

We reached there around 8pm, and started to meet back with all Faxcore and Dynatel's staff which I've not for 2 months. We seated in 2 different 2 tables as there were so many peoples coming in and out from her house for eating session.

Pris ordered a van for "luk-luk" steamboat and ordered some catering food which I think quite good, but too bad it finished quite early so no chance to really taste all of them. ^_^ We had a chit-chat and laughs recalling the moment when we were together playing Albert's heng dai during their wedding last 2 months.

They also gathered to have the "ji mui" session to discuss the itinerary for tomorrow's game, but unfortunately I won't be able to join their session as I will need to follow Vincent back to Sepang on that day. T_T But anyway, I believe Ainne as the leader manage to create the fun fully utilizing her strong leadership skill! hahaha! As I told them, my spirit and soul will be with them at Teluk Pulai. :)

Here I would like to wish Dragon and Pris "Happy Newly Weds" and God bless both of you for living happily ever after! ^_^

#1 Their nice photo album So nice isn't ?

#2 Wow! traditional costume.. Dragon looks so serious.. hehehe!

#3 Photo albums for public viewing

#4 With Kenby...

#5 The food ... the dim sum taste good! ^_^

#6 Yummmyyyyyyyyyy.. I'm so freaking hungry

#7 Group photo..

Sunday, November 07, 2010

:: Neway Moments ::

It's another packed and enjoyale weekend where mom, dad, my youngest brother and my beloved join me for karaoke session at Neway which is located at SS15, Subang.

It's a last minute call, where my brother call me at 9something before I depart for early morning tuition.

"Want to go karaoke?" - Mom
"Huh?? Karaoke?" - Elaine
"Ya.. Karaoke" - Mom!

Hahaha! Ok, actually I do have a plan to have a dinner with them at night considering so long never really have a chance to chit chat or have some leisure day with them. Who knows, they called and ajak to go for karaoke session. So we meet them after I finished up my tuition class, around 11something. Luckily, they choose the karaoke which is near to me so we can made it on time (just little bit late from the starting time).

We spent 4 hours singing and shouting (mainly me la!), choosing English song, Malay song, Indon Songs, Chinese Songs.... Just imagine we sing again and again, passing the mic from one to another. Again, the regret is I don't know how to read chinese, so I won't be able so sing those hits chinese songs. T_T

Suprisingly, there are alot of things to eat as the package for the session is Rm16++, RM20++ and RM29++ per head. It include a set of meal and a glass of drink. On top of that, they also providing us with bottomless snacks like cakes, salads, porridge, nuts, fruits and etc. Isn't that so worth ? And not to forget 3.5 hours for singing? Now I know what Vincent and I can do during our weekend! Hahahhaha! So we only spent RM97 for 5 pax! Cheap cheap!

It is the first time Vincent joining my parents for karaoke session, I mean for REAL karaoke session at Karaoke. And luckily we have 4 microphones so we will not need to fight for the mic as of when we want to sing regardless we know how to sing or not. Hahahahah!

Of course not to forget, camwhore the whole afternoon with they all. I'm happy dad started to join and enjoy our outing. You can see how he start to change and starting to blend well in our social outing.. Love you dad! Love you mom! Love you, boy (for joining) ahahaha! And love you babe! Muakssss you all!!

#1 Neway Karaoke, we are coming!!!!!!!!!

#2 The room for us, looks spacious isn't?

#3 Babe starting to grab the remote.. hehehe!

#3 Macho mans in the house.. LOL!

#4 Start to sing.............

#5 The dessert...Complimentary

#6 Chicken Wing Set - comes together with the set

#7 Pizza set - comes together with the head pax as well

#8 Nissin Noodle Set - comes with the headcount also

#9 Dad with his 2 ...3... i think 4th round .. hahah

#10 Me with the pizza!!! yummy pizzaaa!! it's so delicious!!

#11 Daddy, say cheese!! :)

#13 Awwwwww... I look cute here! ahahah

#14 Me with my mummy...

#15 Boy with mummy, with his "wui so" face!! LOL

#16 Mummy so into the feelll>.

#17 Family potrait!! ^_^ Love it!

#18 Tam....s.............

#19 me with babe...

#20 eheehhehhehe

#21 opssss.. Dad so focus in singing..

#22 Dad and mom singing!! Awwwwwww... sweeeettt

#23 All of us!!! So happpyy!! ^_^

Friday, November 05, 2010

:: Memorable Johor Trip ::

Date: 23-24 October 2010

It's been a while since my last outing with June, and it's been sometime also since my meeting with Donna. So after postpone and postpone, delay and delaying, at last we manage to move our lazy butt and decided to drive for 3-4 hours, 300++ KM to Johor with my special but not so special edition Myvi. This will me my "baby" Myvi's virgin trip for driving so far, and thank god he behaved well for the whole journey. ^_^

After few weeks of planning and scheduling, the big day has arrived where I started to pack a night before and seems I need to bring alot of things (as usual). They tease me for bringing so much of stuffs, as of me going to get marry like that. Hahahaha! Actually, I just bring my necessary things such as straightener, hair blower, make up set, hair-do set, few backup clothes, my accessories, my shoes, my underwear, my bras, my few backup bags, my mattress, my pillows, my blanket and my toiletries! hahahah! Not alot right, they are the MANDATORY stuffs isn't? Anyway, I manage to packed all of them into one big bag. I've been reducing alot already ler, as I did not bring my curler, I did not bring my whole set of accessories, and etc etc.

Uhhhh, I cannot imagine if I'm away for like few weeks. I will need at least few bags, few boxes and maybe I will need to pack all the stuff in my wardrobe. LOL!!

Back to the trip, we decided to depart from Shah Alam at 5:30am and reach Johor around 9something for our breakfast. But....... jeng jeng jeng.. as expected, our 5:30am means June's and Meng Liang's 6am. Shit, I should mention 4:30am or 5:00am isn't? Hahaha! So as expected *again* we depart around 6something and move for our early McDonald breakfast at nearby McDonald.

We had our breakfast meal and I had my favourite McDonald arabica coffee!!Yummmyyy!! NOt sure why McDonald coffee taste so good and smell so good! But I can't eat much so early in the morning, so both Vincent and I ordered one set to be shared by 2.

#1 Our breakfast

#2 The sun is rising..... June and Meng Liang

#3 Argghhhh!!! June, why you hide at the back of me? I look so fat! :p

#4 Yummy hashbrown! ^_^

#5 Babe and I... Green and red combination for the day

#6 My favorite Coffee!!! Good!! So good!!!

Once filled our stomach, to make sure we got enough energy to drive for so long =.="", we proceed to depart from McDonald Section 26 around 7:00am. And there we go move towards the highway and stay on the highway for so many hours. Surprisingly, no one fall asleep while on the way, we chit chat all the way, laugh all the way, gossip all the way. We also exchange driver from Vincent to Meng Liang, and June and I exchange place from back to front and from front to back. LOL!!!!

#7 Camwhore in the car!! snap snap!

#8 Opssss.. June, your bantal BUSUK!! lol

#9 June, what you are doing at the back??

#10 Snap snap with the driver for the day! Look at the camera babe! ^_^

We also made a few stops at the rest station to "buang air", "buang batu" and not to forget to camwhore with the flower and the toilet! hahahah!

#11 June with the sun flower! Nice isn't it? The sunflower is just outside of the toilet.. while waiting for Meng Liang to pang sai! :o

#12 Us us us... mana Meng Liang ni.. so long nyer.... LOL!

At last, we reach Johor close to 10am. After settling down our luggage, we started our first spot for our "makan-makan" journey. Donna and Tobby brought us to Restoran Lin Ming for "yong tau foo" noodle.

Can't believe we still can eat even though we just eaten our breakfast like 3-4 hours ago. I guess due to long way journey, talk too much, drive too long, so we need to recharge the our stomach. Stay tune, this is just the beginning of our "makan-makan" journey, and more to go, a journey which make me add on at least 2-3 kgs in just 2 days! Arghhhhhhh~

#13 Restoran Lin Ming, one of the restaurant in Taman U

#14 Can you see the yong tao fooo.. Alot of choices..

#15 Nobody nobody but you! Hahahah! Presenting Donna and Tobby, the cutest couple I've ever meet. LOL!

#16 Meng Liang and June (who hide behind Meng Liang)

#17 Leng Luis Johor trip

#18 I like this picture.. I look so cute! hahahah! *tak tau malu*

#19 THEY broke my Angry Bird record! Played all the levels!

#20 Act cute ah Donna! ^_^

Soon after our early lunch at Taman U, we proceed to Jusco Tebrau for our short and quick shopping moment. Then proceed with Karaoke session at RadBox Karaoke which is located in Jusco. Frankly, this is the first time went into karaoke with them and with Vincent too.

Unfortunately, the room abit "pah lia" and they are giving us normal CRT Tv as monitor and not LCD/Plasma Tv eventhough there are 6 of us. And another bad thing about this RedBox Tebrau is they are giving out "expired" tit bits!! And worst they are charging us RM9 per plate! Arghhhhhhhhh!! And we need to take 4 plates, 4 X RM9 = RM36 for "expired" tit bits! (*&^%$#$%^&*()(*&^%$%^&*.

We sang for 3 hours, take turn to sing, take turn to shout, take turn to pick the songs. Suprisingly, Donna and Tobby grab the mic all the night! Hahahahaha! This is the advantages of a couple who know how to read Chinese, so they can sing together gather! Not like me and Vincent, Banana VS "yau char kuey". LOL! I can only tell him the song I want to hear, and ask him to sing.. =.=""

As expected, June and Meng Liang sit all the way, and sing only like 2-3 songs, with minimum level of volume.. =.=" Sometime, I realize that I sing without using the mic is even louder than she singing with mic! Hahahahha! Sorry June to cover your voice ya... But please make sure you shout louder next time ler!!!!

And expected also, babe sing well with his husky voice. This is not the 1st compliments he'd receive. My mom and brother also say the same thing when he sang at my house. But sadly, I can't sing those chinese duet song with him (ya ya.. to remind myself again, I'm banana =.="). Gladly, Donna be my savior in becoming his partner in singing chinese duet songs. TENG GEW donna!

#21 Posing posing ... while waiting Tobby..

#22 Complimentary juice and the fffffffffff expensive tit bits!

#23 Busy picking songs. Oh ya, for your information, the song collection is so damn to use.

#24 Ohhhhhhhhhh.. both of us asyik in singing!!! I wonder what song I'm singing. I think it's Jay Chou song, as I only know how to sing Jay Chou's song.

#25 Awwwwwww.... prefect match! I mean the mic! Hahahah!

#26 They are so cute isn't !! Especially Tobby.. LOL!! the expression, beh tahan! Now I know why Donna fall in love with him! =.="

#26 Wow!!! high pitch song huh!

#27 The bill... Can you see the tit bits....

#28 All of us.... Nice! LIKE!

#30 Last few shots before camera out of battery

#31Us trying hard to snap photo with the sign board. Such a memorable shot huh...

We went to Arashi Shabu Shabu for late lunch after our karaoke session. First time been to this Japanese style steamboat and fall in love with it since then. The decoration is marvelous, so nice making me just can't stop admiring on the interior designs.

The soup is good too as it gives alot of choices other than typical steamboat choices. But the bad thing here is we can't add-on the soup. We can add plain soup but not the original flavored soup. There are alot of sauces too, which ranges from sweet sauce, spicy sauce, sour cause, etc etc etc.

Another great thing is a couple order 1 pot each, and all of us share different pots of flavor! Maybe we just eaten the junk foods while in the karaoke, so we not so full for another heavy lunch. But overall, the food at Arashi Shabu Shabu is nice, the environment is so nice and comfy and last but not least, it is AFFORDABLE!! hahahah!

#32 Arashi Shabu Shabu, the menu also so nice! ^_^

#33 So many choices...

#34 We ordered a green tea each of us..

#35 Yuhhuuuu!!! Tissue gals in the house.. hahahha!

#36 The fish set

#37 The vegetarian set

#38 us with the chicken set

#39 You very hungry ah....heheheh! Looks so frust wor.. :p

#40 Group photo... June, ur kepala... =.=" Please eat more, so ur head can grow bigger, see now cannot see your head ledi.. LOL!

#41 The sauces...

At night we went to movie, "The Perfect Wedding aka Lam Fung's porno movie" at Jusco nearby and proceed with supper at nearby kopitiam. The funny thing with the kopitiam here is they like to named their restaurant with number, such as Kopitiam One, 117, 188, 22, 33, 55.. hahahaha!

The next morning.....................

We wake up early in the morning, and went out to Taman U for our early breakfast. June suggested "dry fried prawn mee" and wan tan mee (spicy). The fried prawn mee abit tasteless but still taste special as first time trying such a prawn mee. Normally I rarely eat prawn mee because KL prawn mee is so spicy. At last I can taste a non-spicy prawn mee. Hehe!

#42 Spicy wan tan mee

#43 Me with the mee.. Siu dee dee at the back, please siam jit pien.. haha!

#44 Blackie couple for the day

#45 The dim sum alot ah........

#46 Us us us us us us us......

#47 Fried prawn mee

#48 Both of us eating dry fried prawn nee as well

"Istana Johor", our next spot after our early breakfast. Sadly, nothing to see in Istana Johor and what make it worst is visitors are required to pay for the ticket in order to visit the showroom inside the museum. Of course we are not paying for seeing a bunch of rusty blade, dirty clothes. Hahaha! So immediately we change our plan to go Danga Bay, but unfortunately it rain heavily when almost reaching Danga Bay. Sighhhh!! So ended up we back to Jusco nearby for our last shopping spree, and not to forget to buy suprise "cake cum donut" for Donna, our upcoming birthday gal.

#49 The whitey castle

#50 The blackie vs whitey

#51 While taking this picture, all out of sudden, "Oiiiiiiiiiii!!!, tak boleh tangkap gambar!".. Opsssss... I've taken lo! LALALLALALA!!!

#52 All of us...

#53 Taking pictures outside of the castle

#54 The XXX yau yeng guys! Hahahha!

#55 Kuch Kuch Hotta hai!!

#56 Fruit platters.... ^_^

#57 hhahhahaha!


#59 Sedap or not?

#60 Us drinking while walking.. yum yum yum

#61 Our early dinner... Duck rice

#62 Yummy isn't?

#65 Fattening PORK!!

#66 Yummylicious Duck

#67 Peanut.. nut... errr..

#68 The "salty" vegetable

#69 Donna's Birthday cake

#70 Happy Birthday Donna!

#71 The birthday Gal!! Cut cut cut!!

#72... =.="

We drop by Seremban to eat our dinner and buy some souvenir siew pao and tart for family. There goes our Johor trip and can't wait for our next outing!! ^_^

#73 Seremban Empayar

#74 We bought alot of siew pao, but we don't get to eat one..=.="

#75 The fried rice... these is for 2 person.. =.=" Alot right?

#76 KU LOU YUK...