Friday, October 29, 2010

:: The new me in Cadbury ::

Wow!! seeing back last post, it's been a while (in fact so damn long) since my last update. I thought I can find some spider on its spider web onmy web =.="

Initially I do have plan to stop blogging in this blog due to some reason, but re-considering that I've spent so many years building this blog from 1 post to few hundreds of posts now. I feel so "em seh tak". So I decided to continue to blog about everything. However, I maintain 2 blogs now, one for personal and one for special one! hehehehe! U know I know what la huh... ^_^

Let me start to blog about my new life at my new company. I just joined Cadbury Confectionery@ Shah Alam like 1 month ago. This will be my 4th week joining as part of Cadburians. But however, sad news is Cadbury no longer Cadbury as Cadbury just being bought over by Kraft. And by right, I should address myself as Kraftrians instead.

Hmmmmm.. what to say about my new company. I joined Cadbury as Business Unit Service Delivery Analyst. What a bombastic name!! =.=" But in actual, my job is just trying to SERVE the internal users, aka IT executive. wtf! But m=by having such a post with higher salary not bad also what. Back to my job scope, I'm doing everything which related to serving Cadbury user. It ranges from issuing purchase order, ordering toner, fixing user access problem, changing toner, fixing pc, installing application, work with vendor on application updates, do filing, get quotation, call HelpDesk for any access issues, etc etc.

Do I sounds so pathetic while listing out all the jobs? =.=" Yes, abit. But what a good thing about my job is I like dealing with people, communicate with them, get to know them. And most importantly, the satisfaction when being able to help them, regardless it's big or small issue. But the bad thing, I will not improve on anything especially my programming skillset. I will improve on my communication skill but not my technical skillset.

And another good thing, I got to buy cheap chocolate! Hahahahaha! All my friends and family should be happy because I always distribute chocolates and candies when I got to buy it at 50-60% cheaper than market rate. And the lunch time is flexible here, as to compare to rigid Spansion's lunch time. Oh ya... my boss will not be base here, so in other words, "no king control" here! hahahhah!

Am I happy with Cadbury? Not sure yet.. But never try never know, especially when Kraft bought over, alot of uncertainty with this company. Maybe it will get better, or get worser. *cross fingers it will get better*

Another thing is my bosses already moved to their new office which located at First Avenue, Damansara. And due to that, I will somehow need to station there once in a while like 2-3 days a weel average. Fuhhh!! Tiring, but luckily I can claim lieage, petrol and tol for the trip over Kraft office. But it's so tiring driving so far to the office, and drive back. The jam, the traffic, the work there.. one word.. Tiring!!! I'm still trying to adapt myself in this environment, with the yim chim boss. =.="

Considering the "not bad" salary, I will try to tahan as long as possible! Wish me luck all! AMIN OMITOFU!!! Let me share abit of moments while I'm in Cadbury.

#1 Cadbury provide meal subsidize RM2 per coupon, RM2 per day

#2 Presenting my manager, Miss Chong.. yes, is a Miss ^_^

#3 Chocolates give from colleagues

#4 My OL attire to office.. How was it? :p

#5 group photo of Cadburians before they move over to new office

#6 Cadbury Reject Sales, RM3 per pack of choco, and RM1 per chocolate stick

#7 Staff purchase... 50-60% discounts..