Friday, December 21, 2007

.. 1st day on work..

21st December 2007,
My first day of job at Spansion (KL) Sdn Bhd,
Arrive at 7.15am, no traffic/jam problem as expected,
Maybe due to holiday mood,
Everybody is clearing the leave, and still on holiday due to Hari Raya Haji yesterday.
Reported on 8am, and ushered to visit all the plants by Joel (staff from HR department),
The manufacturing plants is very big, there are alot of rooms, alot of department, alot of section,
Assembly department, TMP (Test/Mark/Package) section, Planning department, Human resources department, IT department, Quality control department, Testing department, etc...

It took me around 1 hour to go through all the area.
As shown in the picture, it is a long alley to reach the department (which located on right and left hand side of the alley)..
In other words, long...
It took me appx. 5 minutes walk from the entrance towards IT department's entrance.

Nothing much today, as all IT's staffs are busy with their testing & integration phase,
So i was sitting in the meeting room,
Watching, Yawning, Fishing, Listening, Learning, etc..
Not really started my job yet, but at least being exposed to the complexity of the system ran within Spansion, and other branches.

The manager explained to me the reason behind my employment,
" I think you are smart, and will be able to cope things fast, normally we wont take freshie for this post, but i hope my decision is right. Else both of us will be in trouble".
Hmmm...a heavy responsibilities, but i will try my best to cope as much as i can,
To prove to her, that its worth to take the chance to dictate her ability in deciding.

A rubber shoe is given to every employee, and it is compulsoryto wear it all the time,
So save my money in getting high heel shoe, and money in getting nice pants or skirts,
As it will become "not nice" when match with the cute, white and adorable rubber shoe (something like Crocs shoe) --------------------------->

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

.. New Job..New Life..

Thats the big name behind my new life..
Will start my new job, my new environment there on this Friday..

Flash memory's manufacturing company,
Located somewhere at Shah Alam area,
Quite near to my house area,
which took me less than 10km to reach office,
Just need to wake up early, be prepared early, and depart earlier,
to beat the traffic, and to be on time to work..

8am in the morning..
Fuh~~~Damn early...
First time need to be on work such early..
Will make sure to be on time everyday, unless traffic prevent me from doing that..

Signed the appointment letter today,
Did the medical check-up today with panel clinic nearby,
Diagnose near-sighted, and crooked spine..Strange?
But she said maybe due to wrong posture all the way..
But as conclusion, no big health problem..
But since they said Spansion very particular with eyesight,
So, plan to get a spectacle later..

How will i look with spec? I duno, lets wait and see..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

..8 interviews .. 2 weeks..

For the past 2 weeks, i've attended 8 interviews..
Crazy huh...average one daily..
I received 3 call back, which mean 3 calls for 2nd interview so far..
Rejected one, considering two..

Personally rejected one, as i found that the environment is not what i want..
Dirty toilet, messy office, working with an NON-WORKING air-conditioner, etc.
Abit picky huh, but that's my 2nd criteria in choosing work..
What to do, thats my luck..

I'm really tired of attending interview day-by-day..
But at least i've been called back for 2nd interview..
knowing that its worth to spend time for it..
Maybe will not get 100% on what i expected..
But at least i'm giving a try..

Wish me luck..

Monday, December 10, 2007

.. Tired..Tired..

I'm so tired of attending pack schedule for interview session.
Interview....interview..and more interviews to go..
I'd been tired of being asking the same questions, replying with the same answers...

Why we must hire you?
Why do you put such amount for expectation salary?
What did you do in your previous company?
What is your plan for future 3/5 years?
Can you lower down your expected salary?
How do you handle stress?
What is stress to you?
Why you choose IT?
What is your career path?

I really tired of driving my car to offices, spending time in make up everytime i need to attend an interview, and remove my make up after that....
Surf the net to look for jobs or vacancy....
From one website, to another website,
From one employment agency to another employment agency....

When i can get the job that i prefer,
And when i can start to work,
When i can start my normal life,
When i can use the money that i earn,


: Baby Sitter Service Available (Section 17 Shah Alam) ..

Baby Sitting Service Available

* Are you looking for a warmth and comfortable place to place your child in during the day or/and night?
* Are you looking for quality care for your precious child/children?

A loving, experienced mother is available for in-home day/night care.
Good family values taught.
Children learn in clean & safe environment
Willing to care for children from 2 months and above
Reasonable rates

Location: Section 17, Shah AlamPlease call Mdm Ong (Alice) at (016) 237 2233 or email to for more details.

More Links :




Thursday, December 06, 2007


I can't believe it...Am i dreaming?
Yes, its pain and i'm not dreaming..

The result is out...And i passed all the papers with flying colours...
OMG....That means, i can graduate and i'm a graduand just like both of my older sisters...
I'm happy till almost drop my tears while spreding the good news..
I PASS ALL MY PAPERS...I CAN GRADUATE.....I'M A GRADUAND...start from this moment!!!
I just cant stop talking and smiling and laughing...
Congratulation Elaine!!! from myself....Your effort paid at last...Its worth it..
1 years ++ of time spent, money spent, tears dropped, energy used stressed, pressures,
Worth to be exchanged with the joy and happiness that i'm having now...

Its a new charter in my life, as a graduand and as an adult that will step forward into another life..

Working life.....Not as a student anymore....With my qualification as my stepping stone to move higher, to improve my life, to upgrade myself....everything....

I really would like to express my appreciation to everybody that contributes directly or indirectly to my achievement TODAY...They includes :

My parents --> thank you for the morale support given, and thank for the effort of raising me, without the support from you guys, i will not be able to get what i want....

My sisters -> thank you for being a role model for me....being someone to assist and gives advices whenever i need it..Honestly, both of you are the source that drives my determination to complete my degree..i may not even think of it, if not because both of you...Maybe its a pressure or stressed, but with this indirect forces also make me achieve something that u guys own..Success..

Dearest --> Thank you for the time and money spent supporting me while i'm a student...Thank for spending time accompany me while im revising for exams...Thanks for the morale support..Thanks for the love..Thanks for the care......

My lecturers --> thank you for the guidance and effort in teaching me...Even though im not an obedient student...but without the patience guidance, i might not be able to pass or even express my appreciation here...Especially Ms mages, Ms Rohidah...Thanks for being there for me when i need it....


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

.. Memory..Old Time Memory..

Those pictures taken about 2 years back...
It was a miserable celebration..
Alot of things happened during that time...
Just hope we can enjoy each and every celebration woth joys and happiness..
From the hearts....from the soul...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

.. 1st interview ..

4th December 2007, Tuesday, 2.30pm,
Kelana Center Point, Petaling Jaya,
Thats the details for my ist interview after completing final year degree.

A medium sized office, located at 6th floor,
with 3 rooms, one toilet, and approximately 6-8 pc's/notebook.

Reached early, at 2pm, waited 10 minutes for guidance,
A test was given, one IQ test, asking stupid questions,
Another test to examine my logic in programming,
Asking me to come out with a pseudocode for some algorithm dealing with numbers.

I know how to answer it, but the environment just too HOT-----WARM,
Make me unconfortable to use my brain,
There are 3 airconds, and only 2 were switched on,
Thats hot.

How to work in this kind of environment,
Most of them are male,
Total 6 of them, which can be seen during the interview.

The test took me about 45 minutes,
The interview took me about 20 minutes,
And the whole process end up at 3.30pm.

Not a good start, as i forgot to ask very important questions,
How many working days (5 days or 5.5 days),
Who should i reported to,
How much is the monthly season parking,
How much elauns will be given for petrol/tol/parking,
And other stuffs...

Friday, November 30, 2007

.. AEON Bukit Tinggi..

I spent my evening at the largest Jaya Jusco Shopping Mall at Bukit Tinggi today, shopping and eating around with my mother. Manage to shop for my working attire (oopss......future working attire since im jobless now!:> )...I bought 1 shirt, 1 long pant, and i skirt. Most of them suitable to be wear on work. Thats my 1st criteria in choosing......When i started to work, most of the time will be spent in office rather than shopping around. So better spent on working attire instead of casual attire.

My dear bought me the skirt shown above. It cost him RM49.90. It was bought at Nichii, one of the shop on 2nd Floor of AEON Jusco, Bukit Tinggi.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hmmmm....i guess i've been stop blogging for few months....You know la, busy preparing myself for the exam..busy revising and revising....till no mood to upload the blog, and no mood to express all my feeling here.....

However, time passing so fast, and here i am after all my exam papers....Im back here again, nothing to do and start back my craps on the blogs..hahaha!

A week after the exam period, and here i am jobless at home, enjoying my holiday, but started to get bored, and would like to find something to do...maybe working...

But, should i wait till the result release (in a week time) before going for interview, or should i start to go for interviews now? Who knows, unexpected things might happen, who knows i "fail" <<--touch-wood.

I keep on mention that to myself, and to people around me because i do not wan to put such a high expectation on myself...And to others who know me...

But, unfortunately, they will always reply with the same phrase "Dont worry, you so "geng chao", you wont fail"..What a pressure given indirectly from them....What do i mean i wont fail....Human being human..and it did happen to one of my ex-classmate. He look brilliant, and nobody will expect him to fail, but end up, yes..HE FAILED! So........what can we say about that?

However, what is pass is passed. So lets see for my future NOT as a STUDENT anymore..(if all papers pass), and start my life as an adult....Cheh cheh cheh~~~~~

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

:.. M.O.M.E.N.T.S..:

24th September 2007..
Full Moon Festival..
Simple Yet Enjoyable Dinner..
Limited Time But Happy Re-union..

Monday, September 24, 2007

.. Amanda ABC's Adventure ..

..Amanda Lee's ABC Adventure..
~ Created by her mother, Stephanie Tam ~
Click the below link to view her adventure ..

Note : Takes a'lil'bit time to load..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

.. Happy Mooncake Festival..

Left few months to end year 2007.

Left few months to reach 2008 Chinese New Year...

And here it goes 2007 Mooncake festival with all my beloved family...

Hope to enjoy while eating mooncakes, playing tanglung,etc.

Friday, September 07, 2007

:..Another Me! ..:

Another picture of me...

" With Sunglassses VS Without sunglasses "

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

.. Cute "What Ever!"

She is acting? Or pretending? Or she will mentioned it even not being asked by the parents...Ish Ish Ish...cute but rude....Don't you think so....
But i can see she is quite pretty and cute.....Wonder how old is she...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Yeah~Somebody is graduating..

Ms Lian Chin Pei's big day...
Her graduation day at UPM university.
Congratulation..All the effort spent paid at last..
View the slideshow from this link....
When is my turn?Cant wait for the time to arrive....

Right Click, and click "Save Target As..."

Note : Required Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

:.. New Hair Style ..

My new hair style. Medium-length hair style.
I'm quite satisfied with the length, not too short, and not too long.
And make me look fresher, and younger.
And i can make my way out without the need of spending too much time in curling, perming, rebonding,etc.
What i need to do is, add some gel and wax, to make the hair smoother, and stagnant.
Fuhhh~~Feel free...Feel light..feel ......^!%#)(*$)@(&%%&*$#%(*#...Hahahhaha!
What do u think? Hmmm......

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~ A Story that will make you cry ~ Trust Me ~

A Simple Story of True Love and True Care
I was born in a secluded village on a mountain.
Day by day, my parents plowed the yellow dry soil with their backs towards the sky.
I have a brother who is 3 years younger than me.
I wanted to buy a handkerchief, which all girls around me seemed to have.
So, one day I stole 50 cents from my father's drawer.
Father had discovered about the stolen money right away.
He made me and my younger brother kneel against the wall as he held a bamboo stick in his hand. "Who stole the money?" he asked.
I was stunned, too afraid to talk. Neither of us admitted to the fault, so he said, "Fine, if nobody wants to admit, you two should be beaten!"
He lifted up the bamboo stick.
Suddenly, my younger brother gripped father's hand andsaid," Dad, I was the one who did it!" The long stick smacked my brother's back repeatedly.
Father was so angry that he kept on whipping my brother until he lost his breath.
After that, he sat down on our stone bed and scolded my brother, "You have learned to steal from your own house now.

What other embarrassing things will you be possibly doing in the future? You should be beaten to death, you shameless thief!"
That night, my mother and I hugged my brother.
His body was full of wounds from the beating but he never shed a single tear.
In the middle of the night, all of sudden, I cried out loudly.
My brother covered my mouth with his little hand and said, " Sis, now don't cry anymore. Everything has happened."
I still hate myself for not having enough courage to admit what I did.
Years gone by, but the incident still seemed like it just happened yesterday.
I will never forget my brother's __expression when he protected me.

That year, my brother was 8 years old and I was 11 years old.
When my brother was in his last year of secondary school, he was accepted in an upper secondary school in the central.
At the same time, I was accepted into a university in the province. That night, father squatted in the yard, smoking, packet by packet.
I could hear him ask my mother, "Both of our children, they have good results? very good results?" Mother wiped off her tears and sighed," What is the use? How can we possibly finance both of them?".

At that time, my brother walked out, he stood in front of father and said,"Dad, I don't want to continue my study anymore, I have read enough books."
Father swung his hand and slapped my brother on his face. "Why do you have a spirit so damn weak? Even if it means I have to beg for money on the streets, I will send you two to school until you have both finished your study!"
And then, he started to knock on every house in the village to borrow money.
I stuck out my hand as gently as I can to my brother's swollen face, and told him, "A boy has to continue his study;
If not, he will not be able to overcome this poverty we are experiencing." I, on the other hand, had decided not to further my study at the university.
Nobody knew that on the next day, before dawn, my brother left the house with a few pieces of worn-out clothes and a few dry beans. He sneaked to my side of the bed and left a note on my pillow; "Sis, getting into a university is not easy.
I will go find a job and I will send money to you."

I held the note while sitting on my bed, and cried until I lost my voice.
That year, my brother was 17 years old; I was 20 years old.
With the money father borrowed from the whole village, and the money my brother earned from carrying cement on his back at a construction site,finally, I managed to get to the third year of my study in the university.
One day, while I was studying in my room, my roommate came in and told me,"There's a villager waiting for you outside!" Why would there be a villager looking for me? I walked out, and I saw my brother from afar.
His whole body was covered with dirt, dust, cement and sand. I asked him, "Why did you not tell my roommate that you are mybrother?"
He replied with a smile," Look at my appearance. What will they think if they would know that I am your brother? Won't they laugh at you?"
I felt so touched, and tears filled my eyes. I swept away dirt and dust from my brother's body. And told him with a lump in my throat, " I don't care what people would say! You are my brother no matter what your appearance is?"
From his pocket, he took out a butterfly hair clip. He put it on my hair and said, "I saw all the girls in town are wearing it. So, I think you should also have one." I could not hold back myself anymore. I pulled my brother into my arms and cried.

That year, my brother was 20 years old; I was 23 years old.
I noticed that the broken window was repaired the first time I brought my boyfriend home. The house was scrubbed cleaned. After my boyfriend left, I danced like a little girl in front of my mother, "Mom, you didn't have to spend so much time cleaning the house!" But she told me with a smile,"

It was your brother who went home early to clean the house. Didn't you see the wound on his hand? He hurt his hand while he was replacing the window."
I went into my brother's bedroom. Looking at his thin face, I felt like there are hundreds of needle pricked in my heart.
I applied some ointment on his wound and put a bandage on it, "Does it hurt? " I asked him. "No, it doesn't hurt. You know, when at the construction site, stones keep falling on my feet . Even that could not stop me from working."
In the middle of the sentence, he stopped. I turned my back on him and tears rolled down my face.

That year, my brother was 23 years old; I was 26 years old. After I got married, I lived in the city.
Many times my husband invited my parents to come and live with us, but they didn't want. They said, once they left the village,they wouldn't know what to do. My brother agreed with them.
He said, "Sis, you just take care of your parents-in-law. I will take care of mom and dad here." My husband became the director of his factory.
We asked my brother to accept the offer of being the manager in the maintenance department. But my brother rejected the offer.
He insisted on working as a repairman instead for a start.
One day, my brother was on the top of a ladder repairing a cable, when he got electrocuted, and was sent to the hospital.
My husband and I visited him at the hospital. Looking at the white gypsum on his leg, I grumbled, "Why did you reject the offer of being a manager?
Managers won't do something dangerous like that. Now look at you, You ar suffering a serious injury. Why didn't you just listen to us?"

With a serious expression on his face, he defended his decision, "Think of brother-in-law.
He just became the director, and I being uneducated, and would become a manager, what kind of rumors would fly around?"

My husband's eyes filled up with tears, and then I said, "But you lack in education only because of me!" "Why do you talk about the past?" he said and then he held my hand.

That year, he was 26 years old and I was 29 years old. My brother was 30 years old when he married a farmer girl from the village.
During the wedding reception, the master of ceremonies asked him, "Who is the one person you respect and love the most?"
Without even taking a time to think, he answered," My sister."
He continued by telling a story I could not even remember.

"When I was in primary school, the school was in a different village. Everyday, my sister and I would walk for 2 hours to school and back home. One day, I lost the other pair of my gloves. My sister gave me one of hers. She wore only one glove and she had to walk far. When we got home, her hands were trembling because of the cold weather that she could not even hold her chopsticks.

From that day on, I swore that as long as I live, I would take care of my sister and will always be good to her."

Applause filled up the room. All guests turned their attention to me.
I found it hard to speak, "In my whole life, the one I would like to thank most is my brother," And in this happy occasion,in front of the crowd, tears were rolling down my face again.

Love and care for the one you love every single days of your life. You may think what you did is just a small deed, but to that someone, it may mean a lot. Have a nice day everyone! May this story inspire you in any way!

Friday, August 24, 2007

.. Simple Yet Enjoyable ..

Mei Peng & Yves's 2007 Birthday Celebration
~ Thai Express Restaurant, The Curve ~ Flame Bar, Sunway
Our party started by making our way to The Curve, Damansara for our dinner at Thai Restaurant Restaurant. Initially, plan to go to nearest pub/bar, BUT unfortunately.....there an an event so change our location to THe Flame Bar, Sunway Pyramid. Its really good to be girl, as Thursday is Ladies Night for most the pub/bar/disco. So we can enjoy our party yet needless to spend alot. As we were waved from cover charge, given free drinks, and free eye-sight by looking @.....those cheeky girl....Hahahah!
But the most enjoyable moment will be the photo shot session in Mei Peng's car. We make our best candid pose, best smile, and best among the best photo shot. We never realize we can utilize the medium-sized space to perform to the best.
"Happy Birthday Mei Peng & Yves..." ~ From Elaine, Vivien, Hui Juin, Lian

p/s: The size of the video is appx 10MB (4 minutes), so takes time to load (depends on the connection speed)
Important : It's worth to wait for the sweet memorable that we had.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

.. SMKS 24 Gathering ..

We had a gathering among our friends from SMKS 24 (ex-secondary school) today, 11th August 2007. We went to F1 Restaurant for our dinner...End up, someone need to wait for half an hour for another, some of them waited 1.30 hours for the others...FUhhhh~~~Someone even not turning up at last...Hhahahahha~~~(Siapa Makan Cili, Dia Terasa Pedas).. Anyhow, here are some of the picture snapped....Enjoy...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

.. More Professional Photos ..

Do drop by and visit this link to see the most historical moment of

Ng Kong Hock & Tam Sook Mei 8th July 2007 Wedding

Friday, August 03, 2007

.. Where can i get this? ..

All the cute pen drives.. Hmmm..Actually we can design one if have the material....Add a toy in front of the pen drive....Hmmmm.....I'll try...hahhaha! Let me go and find cute small toy...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

.. Library .. Alone ..

I was sitting in the college's library..alone...
Doing research, surfing, yawning..
It was so cold here, till i cant stop move my toes and finger to keep me warm..
This is the 2nd week i started my last semester..
Pressure start to begin, as more and more assignments started to begin...

2 Individual assignments, 2 group assignment...
No comment on the group members...
Just wish for the best...

My sister has married for almost a month...
In just blink of eyes...
I've been alone at home for almost a month..
In just blink of eyes...

Next class is at 10.30am yet i was still chilling here at 10.15am..
No idea on what will happen in future....
Just wish wish for the best...

Wish for an accompany to laugh and chat,
But i don't mind being alone too..
Human is just naturally be demanding..

Monday, July 30, 2007

.. Stephanie & Blackie Cheah B'day ..

Yeap...another family event in my house...
It's Stephanie Tam (my eldest sister) and Blackie Cheah (My eldest brother) birthday party.
It's be-earliered birthday party.
Blackie's birthday even in different month.
But yet, we are happy enjoying the night with the whole family members (not to forget new family member-Amanda Lee and Ng Kong Hock)
Here is some of the special moments snapped...Enjoy...~~~

Saturday, July 28, 2007

:.. Another Saturday ..:

28th July 2007
Another Saturday going to pass by my 23rd years of life.
Why the times seems went useless?
Why i'm still be who i am now?
Should i take the initiatives to make changes?
But, how?

I've clean the washroom,
I've clean my room,
I've clean my parent's room,
I've clean the hall room,
I've clean my doggie (bath),
Thats the routine every Saturday.

I used to sleep and wait for the time to pass by,
Is that a changes that i'd made to my life,
It used to be dome my sister(s),
It used not to be in my weekly schedule,
But, its changing now onwards.

There goes one week in my new semester,
Not much different as compare to previous semester,
But, yet again i'm alone.
Alone for my lunch, alone for my lecture,
Alone for surfing time, alone for the 1st week in my semester.

I'm not complaining, I'm mumbling,
I don't need entertainment,
I don't need friends (if they don't need me),
I just want to finish my 3rd level of study,
As soon as possible, to begin my new charter of life.

Begin with new job, in a new environment,
Getting paid with my expected salary,
Start my working life,
Planning on what i want for the rest of my life,
Get a better life for my family,
Support them,
Love them more, care them more,
Before no time for me to do so.

I'm listening to Pachelbel-Cannon in D,
It's a very relaxing piano instrument that flows into my ears,
Now i know, i'm not always that kind of agresive type of human,
Human sometime have the other way of characteristic,
That even might not be realized by themselve.

So enjoy the life, and know yourself deeply,
To search for what you want,
To look for what you need.

Monday, July 23, 2007

.. Started 1st class..

Yeap..started 1st class on 23th July 2007, at 5pm. Unfortunately, the class just take 30 minutes to be completed. As it is an course introduction class.

Intelligent System Technology (IST) seems confusing and complex. It expose us to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), and some logic programming PROLOG.

Seems not easy, but most of senior said it is easier as compare to Foundation Of Computing (FOC) . But the lecturer said the other way round. She said FOC is easier. Hmmmm.....Confuse.....Just hope for the best!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

.. My Cute & Plumpy Niece ..

Isn't she adorable?.....Especially when she's smile...I like baby smile and laugh! That will make us smile and laugh as well...

"Amanda Lee Zhi Yann"
Thats her name...She's borned on 12th April 2007, and aged 3 months 9 days (today).

Not much hair like her mom, plumpy cheek,dangling tongue, and have "Sammi Cheng" eyebrow. Hahahaha!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

..: Boring :..

This is the most boring moment i've ever had.
No mood to do things.
Can't sleep, can't think.
I know i'm those person who cannot stay at home, do nothing.
I must at least work, or do something.
Yes, I'm an aggresive type of person.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

.. Next Mission ..

So 1st mission (1st semester) , and 2nd mission (2nd semester) has been accomplished. Now reach the peak session of mission - completing the last semester to graduate.

I left 4 subjects to complete, before graduating, to be predict complete end of this year. I must do well in this last semester, cannot like last time, i must spend more time revising, more time preparing, more time..........

I believe i can do well if im prepared. Again, i will make you guys proud of me.

:.. Suprised Morning Call ..:

RING !!!! RING !!!! shouldn't be ring ring, cause i'm using a MP3 ringtone...Hahahha!

I'd received a morning call(when i was in the middle of dreaming-which i've forgotten once i got the news from the caller) from Raymond Theeban at appx. 7am. He's telling me that the result is out! WOW! That's really a news that wake me up, thats works even better than any alarm or a morning call from my mother in front of the door.

At last the release of the result on 14th July 2007 (7am) cure all my feelings, Nervous, Stresssed, Pressure, ^%@$#%$@*&!#^@(*$)(@$. Hahahhahaah!

I got the same result as the 1st semester ;

1) Communication for Information Systems and Technology (COMM 1053) D
2) Database Technology (INFS 2011) HD
3) Maintenance and Re-engineering (INFS 3006) D
4) User Interfaces (INFT 1004) HD

With average 6.5/7.0 GPA.

I'm so happy,as this is slightly better than what i'm expecting. Thank God. I really want to call mom, steph, and leong to inform them and want them to share this happy news with me. Hmmmmm....i belive there are still in their dream. Nevermind, i'llcall them them later on. Anyhow, the result will not run away.


.. Nervous..

Nervous! Nervous!

I'm nervous waiting for the release date for exam result. I've been checking the website everyday, to make sure i'll be the 1st one to notice the release, and see how my effort paid by getting good result. Really hope it will turn out as expected. Not putting too high expectation, but at least the result that can make both my parents, both my sisters proud of. Sometimes, they said i pressured myself too much, that sometimes make me feel stressed.

Yes, i admit my expectation towards myself is quite high, i must pass with flying colours, i must be the best among the best, i must make them proud of me, i must let them know, i'm capable to do thing on my own, without burden them.

Sometimes, i might think, why i must be that independent, to settle and handle everything by own, making my own decision, paying my own school fees, work to earn pocket money, save money to buy cloths, must think more than twice before buying something, etc.

But i know, everybody will proud of me, if i success in future. And till then i will say "Its all worth it". Then i'll be happy on what i've been sacrified so far.

Please bear with me...i'll prove that i can... Malaysia Boleh ! Elaine Tam Boleh !

Friday, July 13, 2007

:.. New Air-Cond ..:

Yeah! I'll be getting new air-cond today.
Brand : Panasonic
Price : RM 1,080.00

I'm paying it my own money. As the room was too hot especially during afternoon. So can't stand of the heat, so that make me urge to get a new air-cond.

Maybe somebody will think i'm wasting money, but...its just pain for once, but can enjoy for longer term. "Long term investment", or "Short term pain, long term pleasure". Hahahahhaha!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

.. New Room..New Environment..

I got my new room, after my 2nd sister got married last week. Its a new environment for me, but more responsibility as i need to do house-hold alone (without may here sharing with me). Tha's why i mentioned new environment. Not yet get used to it, as leave me alone (daughter) in this house.

I will miss them for sure, and wish they will live happily and healthier with their beloved ones. No doubt, this questions has been raised from the relatives and friends "When is your turn to get married?"

Hahahah...And guess whats my answer to them " Oh...soon soon soon.....", which myself do not have any idea when. Sometimes, i might think marry is something i cannot think of, as ;

1) i'm still studying (no strong financial to support a new family),

2) i'm still young (23 yrs) - even thought i've been with Mr Leong for almost 5 years.

3) i want to have my own house and own car before get married (which none of them i'd achieved yet)

4) i ......i ........i'm not prepared....

Maybe sometime i feel envy to both of my sisters as they finally get to live with their beloved one, and start to develop their own sweet sweet family.....which is a dream for every women. But i will not marry a guy, if both of us are not prepared physically, mentally and the most important FINANCIALLY. Not Mr Leong's fault, but me. I have no confident until i get to start my own career and get to see my future. Now, i just can be a student, a girlfriend, and a daughter.

So.....maybe few years to come....2 years for me to get stable in my career, and 2 years to plan my future with my behalf. Hahahah!

Anyway, HAPPY WEDDING to both my sisters! God bless you guys!

Friday, February 02, 2007

:.. Who are we?..:

Can recognize who's nose is that? Can recognize who's mouth is that? Can recognize who's mole is that?
Sometimes its true when people claiming all siblings will have something in common, since all of them are coming out from the same place. Been in the same place for 9 months, and live with the same source of blood. Maybe my nose abit bigger, but the shape still looks familiar. Glad to have them here with me!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

.. I'M BACK ..

I'm back on the blogging track...

At last i manage to recover all the files includes the MP3 flash player. Yeehaaaaaaaaaaa! I change the web hosting server. I used instead of

Since i'd stop blogging for quite some times, maybe need time to warm up before throwing out all the feeling for the previous weeks!! Hahaha!

Anyhow, no worries. More show to come!

Friday, January 05, 2007

: D.O.W.N :

The internet line has been slowing for more than 2 weeks. I have not updating my blog for that period, because i cant view the skin and hear the song from the flash player. That makes me feel boring to update.

I know im not the only one who experiences this, but yet still feel frustrated. I want to blog while listening to the songs from my blog. Thats the joyness of blogging. Hhehehehehe!

Please..Please repair the backbone of the internet! I need to blog...i got alot of things to say! Please re-gain my mood of blogging!