Saturday, July 28, 2007

:.. Another Saturday ..:

28th July 2007
Another Saturday going to pass by my 23rd years of life.
Why the times seems went useless?
Why i'm still be who i am now?
Should i take the initiatives to make changes?
But, how?

I've clean the washroom,
I've clean my room,
I've clean my parent's room,
I've clean the hall room,
I've clean my doggie (bath),
Thats the routine every Saturday.

I used to sleep and wait for the time to pass by,
Is that a changes that i'd made to my life,
It used to be dome my sister(s),
It used not to be in my weekly schedule,
But, its changing now onwards.

There goes one week in my new semester,
Not much different as compare to previous semester,
But, yet again i'm alone.
Alone for my lunch, alone for my lecture,
Alone for surfing time, alone for the 1st week in my semester.

I'm not complaining, I'm mumbling,
I don't need entertainment,
I don't need friends (if they don't need me),
I just want to finish my 3rd level of study,
As soon as possible, to begin my new charter of life.

Begin with new job, in a new environment,
Getting paid with my expected salary,
Start my working life,
Planning on what i want for the rest of my life,
Get a better life for my family,
Support them,
Love them more, care them more,
Before no time for me to do so.

I'm listening to Pachelbel-Cannon in D,
It's a very relaxing piano instrument that flows into my ears,
Now i know, i'm not always that kind of agresive type of human,
Human sometime have the other way of characteristic,
That even might not be realized by themselve.

So enjoy the life, and know yourself deeply,
To search for what you want,
To look for what you need.

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