Saturday, July 14, 2007

.. Nervous..

Nervous! Nervous!

I'm nervous waiting for the release date for exam result. I've been checking the website everyday, to make sure i'll be the 1st one to notice the release, and see how my effort paid by getting good result. Really hope it will turn out as expected. Not putting too high expectation, but at least the result that can make both my parents, both my sisters proud of. Sometimes, they said i pressured myself too much, that sometimes make me feel stressed.

Yes, i admit my expectation towards myself is quite high, i must pass with flying colours, i must be the best among the best, i must make them proud of me, i must let them know, i'm capable to do thing on my own, without burden them.

Sometimes, i might think, why i must be that independent, to settle and handle everything by own, making my own decision, paying my own school fees, work to earn pocket money, save money to buy cloths, must think more than twice before buying something, etc.

But i know, everybody will proud of me, if i success in future. And till then i will say "Its all worth it". Then i'll be happy on what i've been sacrified so far.

Please bear with me...i'll prove that i can... Malaysia Boleh ! Elaine Tam Boleh !

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  1. I was wondering... wat u work as? got time 2 study, ah?

    Wat time ur class? wat time u work?