Sunday, November 26, 2006

.. Finally ..

Finally..i had completed all the tests for my 1st semester July 2006.

Q : How was your feeling after finishing the exam?
A : Of course I feel happy, because i manage to finish it, even though there are some pressure during the preparation. But however, i finish it!

But at the same time, i feel sad, because some of my SIT close friends will leave the college life, cause they finish their degreee studies end of this semester. Even though i did mentioned before that i do not need friends if they do not need me, but, however it is good to have somebody to talk to when ur sad or need helps. YASIR! Nicholas! Thau Shen! Juwanda! Thank you for all the time we had spent in Asian Kopitiam, OldTown Cafe, Restoraurant Taman Eng Ann, Southern Mamak, etc! Hahahahahah!

Q : Confident to pass all?
A : Hmmm..70 pass /30 not-sure, cause there is one subjects (ITSM) i not really confident in, whether i can pass the external exam or not. Depends on luck! So pray for me!

Q : So what was your plan during the semester break?
A : I plan to find a temporary work, to earn some pocket money, U know, im jobless now! Hahahahah! To buy some stuffs for Chinese New Year 2006!

Anyway! Thankx for all! I WILL MISS YOU ALL!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006



Saturday, November 11, 2006


My nephew Derek Cheah celebrated his 6th birthday on last Saturday.

What lucky kids nowadays. From the pictures you can see, how many presents he got for his birthday.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Unfortunately, my brother's girl friend's father just pass away last week.

What shocked me was to hear he pass away while watching TV with his sons and daughters (with my brother sitting in front of him). He quit smoking last 3 months, and everybody believes that was the cause for his death. BUT, he did went for medical check-up 3 days before he pass away,and the medical report showed his HEALTH = GOOD!

Hmmmm...sometimes, life is life. You can't expect when the GOD will come and take it away from you. So please please please appreciate those who are still breathing and sitting next to you! Do not waste time, by doing something that could hurt them, and try to spend more times with them.

You will not be able to do it when there are not here anymore (anytime)! Dad! Mom! I love you forever and ever!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

:.. A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T..:

Bad day for me and the car!

I was about to go off from Section 15, Shah Alam roundabout when the accident happened. The car (Toyota MAS van) hit me from the back. I was shocked and turn around to see what happen immediately, and saw a van, loaded with bunch of guys, around 7-8 persons (i guess). The drivers showed a sign that ask us to stop at a side to settle. The 1st things flies through my mind is "Are they bad guys? Should i go down? Are they it me purposely?"

I try to memorize the plate number (which i had forgotten after the things settled), and try to stop at a place that is crowded. End up we stops at a bus stop nearby (Public Bank bus stop). I do not know what to do, i called Mr Leong, and he rush to be here. So i stop and went down to see the real situation of the car.

The lamp's is broken, the bumper's leg has broken and luckily it is still in its condition. They agree to compensate for the repair, but as i do not know whats the figure($) for repairing, so i ask them to wait till my family is here. So i kept waiting for Mr Leong, and happily he and my parents reach in 10 minutes (appx). They see at the car condition, and ask for RM300 for repairing. And they agreed on that amount.

This is the 1st time i had bumped into car accident ALONE! Mr Leong and I just discussed about the FALSE accidents that happened recently, published in the paper. Although accident is normal for drivers , BUT anyhow we must be prepared 365X24X7, for something that we might not think of. Well, take it as experiences so i will not be nervous, and try to be calm when the things happened again (TOUCH-WOOD!!)

1) Remember the car's plate number (even after the accident)
2) See how many guys are in the car when the accident happen
3) Do not step out from the car if the guy(s) seems suspicious.
4) Call somebody immediately (to inform them what happen)
5) RUN or drive away if neccessary.
6) Stop the car at a place that is crowded, at least people can witness the negotiation process.