Sunday, November 26, 2006

.. Finally ..

Finally..i had completed all the tests for my 1st semester July 2006.

Q : How was your feeling after finishing the exam?
A : Of course I feel happy, because i manage to finish it, even though there are some pressure during the preparation. But however, i finish it!

But at the same time, i feel sad, because some of my SIT close friends will leave the college life, cause they finish their degreee studies end of this semester. Even though i did mentioned before that i do not need friends if they do not need me, but, however it is good to have somebody to talk to when ur sad or need helps. YASIR! Nicholas! Thau Shen! Juwanda! Thank you for all the time we had spent in Asian Kopitiam, OldTown Cafe, Restoraurant Taman Eng Ann, Southern Mamak, etc! Hahahahahah!

Q : Confident to pass all?
A : Hmmm..70 pass /30 not-sure, cause there is one subjects (ITSM) i not really confident in, whether i can pass the external exam or not. Depends on luck! So pray for me!

Q : So what was your plan during the semester break?
A : I plan to find a temporary work, to earn some pocket money, U know, im jobless now! Hahahahah! To buy some stuffs for Chinese New Year 2006!

Anyway! Thankx for all! I WILL MISS YOU ALL!

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