Sunday, January 20, 2008

.. Sunday Work ..

Here i am...Again...working on my rest day..SUNDAY..
But, fortunatey, will work for 1/2 day today, so will kick my butt off at 1pm..
My company will be having transition period for the system..
Thus, IT support must be 24X7 available and accessible for the project..

Do not know how long i can stand..
But, hope i can get used to it..
I slept at 12am this morning, and wake up at 7am..
Ok i guess, still have 7 hours sleep..

Can't imagine i become one of FACTORY worker..
Working shift, claiming OT...etc...
Hahahahah!Ok la, back to work....Chaoo~~~

Friday, January 18, 2008

.. Friday Morning ..

Its the 4th week i've been with Spansion..
Time passed so fast...
How did i do in Spansion?
Hmmm....Everything...from sad, nervous, free...

Its not easy to cope with the system and working environment here..
The bigger the company, the more effort you need to invest..
The more people/employees in a company, the more conflict and gossip passing around..
I dont you, you dont me, they dont him, he dont like them...
Fuh~~~I remain neutral...Just node my head, and say " it...hmmm..yaloh....etc..."

Why people must gossip among each other?
Why people must express their un-satisfaction with other people?
Why people cant leave peacefully all the times?
Its not us to control how people think..
Its not us to control how peopel react..

There are big differences ...
Working in normal software house and working in a manufacturing /semi-conductor house...
The working time is mroe flexible in software hosue, evern though they are small/medium..
The time in semi-conductor also flexible, but ....
Flexible in the sense of receiving a acll to come back to work on Saturday, or Sunday and even on public holiday...
And even after you took leave for a vacation..
Thats a dangerous one for me....Coz i like to travel....
Definitely i will not be able to postpone my trip/holiday just because they request me to come back...

Anyhow, its 8am now, need to get back to work...So, chao~~~