Tuesday, March 31, 2009

:: Lamp Makeover ::

Since both of my sisters get married, and my brother moved out from our Shah Alam house, both my parents get more boring and lonely, as i can't act like clown everyday to make them laugh and smile..Hahahahah~

So they tends to find more and more jobs to do, i mean household jobs. It ranges from moving the furnitures from its original location to other location, buying new accessories to decorate out hall and etc etc. Recently my mom had an idea to change part of internal house area to pub-area.

We used to have one hand-made tall table (which looks like pub table), being placed outside for us to sit during our chit-chat session. Now, the table was moved inside the house, and eats up some space. She even think of to buy 42" television to be hang on the wall, to make that particular area looks like mini bar area. =____="

So, too plain by only moving in the tall table and tall chairs, so she decided to change the lamp as well, to match. She did ask me to survey for her, so i did went to IKEA to looks for some. There are some expensive and cheap lamps, but toooooooooooo many designs. So i decided to wait for her to choose.

Mana tau, she so urge and get them already. =____=" My mom is a very "sam kap" person who MUST DIE DIE & FAST FAST do whatever she think she need to do or plan to do. So ended up, our hall changed / make over within 2 weeks.

I just manage to snap the lamps, will show the hall photos later....:)

1st hall lamp

2nd hall lamp

Small owner for the house,
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Monday, March 30, 2009

:: Oh. I want one too ::

I always fantasizing how my future wedding would be in future. From the beginning of my pre-wedding photoshoot, my pre-wedding preparation, from my morning ceremony till my wedding dinner. Fuhhh~~

Which studio i will need to engage with, which photographer and videographer i should hire, which make up artist suit me the most, how will my ji mui plays my hubby, how much we need to spend on the red wine, how much we spend on the ang pow, who should i engage with for my presentation slide...

Presentation slide...A very important thing to be included for my dinner, as it will be used to entertain the guests and at the same time complete my wedding. My eldest sister used to modify a cartoon presentation slide for her wedding dinner opening event. She used like few months to edit the cartoon herself, to save money. As it is quite expensive to hire professional/free-lance flash animator to create one for us. The advantages for paying people, is we can design according to our love-story. And we just need to PAY MONEY!!!

Maybe it's too early for me to decide and think about, but it will be very fun and entertaining if i can have a specially designed wedding cartoon animation like one below. Do you know anybody who help us to create one as below with LOW LOW LOW price, but with HIGH HIGH HIGH quality? hahahahah*

YouTube : Wedding Cartoon Presentation Ceremony

I tried to Google "Stefine Production", trying to get the price for developing one animation. Who knows i can afford it, i can even get one for my future wedding. But, i fainted once i get to know the actual price...for the animation above. =__________=" *Tiong~~ Tiong~~* PENGSAN!


Multimedia Presentation PackageCartoon Animation with Multimedia Photo Montage (HOT)- Photo Montage with difference transitions
- Cartoon Animation: Character design base on couple look, created with given storyline - Optional
- max 40photo insert.
- Selection of your favorite song.
- DVD Video
Price: $1200 <-- It's in US Dollar ok!! =___="

Wish i know how to do animation as below,
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So, it's time to reveal the answers to all the photos as below! See how well you can recognize me, and my siblings! Hahahahah~

For your information, Stephanie Tam Sook Hsia is my eldest sister, May Tam Sook Mei is my youngest older sister, and me, Elaine Tam Sook Ling is the smallest daughter in Tam's family.

Aunt Mae is playing merry-horse-riding with who?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Who is holding the colorful-china-umbrella?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Who are they sitting on the swing?
A) Stephanie & May
B) May & Elaine
C) Stephanie & Elaine

Mum is carrying who on her?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Can you spot who's in the photo?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine D) Aunt Mae E) Uncle Ben F) Kok Wai G) Kok Leong H) Kok Hwa I) Mom

Who's the bride and groom?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine
D) Aunt Mae & Uncle Ben (BONUS Question) hahahah~

Aunt Mae is holding who's at her side?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Who's sitting in the middle of two womens?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Awwww~ She's so cute..Who's the baby? I must remind you, she's CUTE!!
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

WOW! This guy very yao yeng! Like 70's FAMOUS ROCKER! Who is he?
A) Uncle Ben B) Amy Search C) Alley Cat

The baby "Chun Li" is so cute, who is she?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Awwwww~ She's playing see-saw. Who is she?
A) Stephanie B) May C) Elaine

Obviously she is my mom and my aunt. =___="

Lastly, who is these two little kiddos ???

A) Stephanie
B) May (lesser hair, smaller eyes, bigger size, hugging me)
C) Elaine
(thicker hair, bigger eyes, smaller size, hugging bear bear)

Do you guess it correctly?? :)
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Friday, March 27, 2009

:: My 2nd class ::

Today is my 3rd class, officially it's the 2nd class actually. As the 1st class is the ice-breaking class to know her level of understanding.

As the continuation of my 1st class with her last weekend, today i'm going to teach her Malay instead of English. Initially, my auntie said Cynthia (my student) only needs English, but later on she requested to have Malay tuition, due to her weakness in Malay.

I'e roughly tested her Malay pronouciation, like BA-"bi", BU-"bu".......and she manage to read the words fluently. But i doubt she know what they meant.

So i plan to teach from the basic, teaching her A for Api, B for Bola....Then only she can remember what does that meant for for each letter. And will ask her to read a short Malay paragraph everytime (Malay tuition class), just to make her get used to reading Malay, even though she might not know what does that meant. Nevermind, as long as she willing to read in Malay.

She's my student...Presenting Ms Cynthia Chen Qi Qi..

She looks naughty isn't she? hahahah*

New generation teacher, Teacher Ling,
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: Good Bye ::

Another colleague is leaving us soon. She's leaving us this Friday. Mary* had serve Spansion for more than a year with Spansion, and she used to be our "happy fruit-hoi sam guo" as she always smile, laugh and show her white teeth by making all of us happy all the time.

She is an agrresive worker too, as she can send MULTIPLE emails in a time ;according to her closest colleague, and she can open MULTIPLE excel spreadsheet and read them in a time! Geng chao leh!

She used to be the superwoman who visited our Spansion's gym everyday, to stay healthy. She even go exercise during lunch hour, and continue to work with wet and humid body.

But, now without her, Planning group will have lesser laughs, and lesser people to share their work, since the superwoman is not with them anymore. And gym will have lesser visitor from now onwards. *hahahhah*

But, i do hope she made a correct choice for leaving Spansion, and wishing her Good Luck in her new job, and take care. Muakkssss~~~

Camwhore session, Me, Mary* and Hui Juin

Note : Mary* is not real name and replacement name was used to ensure her identity was kept secret. This is one of her request too. This is the reason i blurred her photo. =___="
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:: I want to wear Bikini ::

*Blushing* Yes! You did not read wrongly, and i did not write wrongly.. I wonder why i hope to wear bikini for my upcoming Redang Trip. *hahahha*

But, i don't think i have the guts to wear it, since i don't even dare to wear sleeveless top, blouse or top, maybe not that often. Maybe i dont think i have have the "slim, standard, ergonomics" body to wear those attractive cum attracting clothes. =___="

I always envy them who can wear pretty, colorful and sexy bikini, then running around the beach, and become one of the MUST scenary for those "MA LAT LOU" who are sitting on the beach. Opsss...except the "MAT LAT LOU" part! =____="

I always imagining how will i look with a pink flowerish bikini? Exposing my tummy, thigh, arms, and part of my butt....hmmmmmm....Arrrrrrrrrrr.....hahahahah~~

But, how to determine whether a person's body is suitable to wear bikini suit?

They have breast, i had a pair too (quite a big one too leh! Don't play play!) . They have nice butt, i had one plumpy and chubby butt too..... but, maybe i got *abit* bye bye fat below my arm, *abit* oily and stubborn fat fat oil dangling on my thigh, *abit* streches on my butt andone "special" birthmark on my butt. Other than that, i think the rest looks perfect to me!

However, the flaws are more than good ones...Hmmmmm, the conclusion of the analysis is maybe i should not opt to wear bikini, to expose all my weakness to others. The world is small, who knows my friends, my relatives, your friends, your friend's friends, or his friends going to Redang too. T___T

But, re-considering my wish to wear the bikini...i think my body not too bad for it, as compare to those fat fat gal, like Britney Spears who dare to show off all of her FAT!

And i believe i'm not that fat, if to look from overall right? Not fat right? right? right?! Wei!!! Answer me la! Follow me by saying "NOT FAT!!!" So, i'm not fat right??! *heheheh*

For sure, not as fat as her! =___="

Can i wear bikini? Can i?
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:: Grab ur CURSOR too ::

I always want to customize my blog's cursor for so long, but just couldn't find time to look and dig the code for it. Out of sudden, the adrenalin to change, flows and filled my brain, just 30 minutes before left my office from work yesterday.

I manage find the code and some animated cursors from this link, and added my froggie animated cursor. How was it? Nice or not?

You can select your prefered cursors and make it permanent in your blog main page also. Anoher widget to spice up your blog's interface.

Step 1:
Select your prefered cursor from the cursor range available from http://www.totallyfreecursors.com/

Step 2:
Get the code after choosing your cursor.

Or copy mine.

Green Jumping Froggie -->

Step 3:
Login in to Blogger account

Step 4:
Go to "Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript"

Step 5:
Copy the code into the area.

Step 6:
Save and BOOM, you'll get your new cursor! Easy isn't it!

Note : i've changed my cursor to jumping froggie (mouse over to see how the froggie change)

Hahahah* He's cute isn't it?

So, whats your prefered cursor? :)
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Friday, March 20, 2009

:: My design ..:

I was forced/assign/allocated to look for any material to be paste on our IT notice board (the corridor towards canteen). It was 2 big notice board leh...=____="

So, my manager approach me and asked me to update the previous articles last 2 days. So, i've use up our IT activities's photo to fulfill her request (more to ORDER/COMMAND).

I've use my "half tong water" Illustrator knowledge to design those articles. I had finished the photos on the same day she requested, but unfortunately she REJECTED one of them.

The reason why she rejected the artwork is because she think the event was outdated..Wag liao, where got outdated, the dinner was taken on end of January ok... =____=". Anyway, she's the boss..Just follow her command, accept the rejection..

So, i decided to use our latest IT group photo shoot, which meant for our IT home page. It was taken last 2 days....I guess, no more reason for her to reject as iIT IS FRESH FROM OVEN ok!

At last, ended up with designs/art works as below. What do you think? I got talent or not? *hehheheheh*

Design 1: Group Photo Artwork

Design 2: Chinese New Year Dinner Artwork (REJECTED!)

Design 3: Bowling Activities Artwork

Who loves to design,
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.. Good Morning, Teacher ..

For those who don't know, i've been specially invited and paid for becoming a part-time tuition teacher for a 6 yrs old kid, Cynthia. =____="

My auntie called me, asked me my working schedule, and ask whether i'm interested to become her gid-daughter's part time teacher.

Schedule : Once a week, 1 hour per day. So total 4 hours a month, at the pay of RMXXX. Hahahhaha* Sorry cannot reveal la.....It's 3 figure payment, which range from RM100~ RM999. HAHHAHAHAHA!

I've roughly tested her level of understanding, speaking, and listening last week. Hmmmmmm......quite hard to determine, because her speaking level is above than 6years old kid, but her writting is not that good as compare to her speaking. She can read but not all words, she can write but not all words. Wow, i've been scratching head for a week, in drafting the material to teach her.

For sure, she need more writting and spelling. But how to start from there? She need to read too. So, i've decided to ask her to read a story (maybe fairy tale story), together with me. And then pick up words from the story for spelling.

And i will ask her to repeat the story for me on the next class (by navigating the powerpoint slides that i preapared for the story), and test her spelling. If possible, i would like her to make a phrase by using the spelling words as well. Like "bina ayat" which i hate the most during my schooling last time. =___="

Let's try this, and see whether it is too easy or too hard for her. Fuuh~~~~ Quite stressed you know...Not easy to become a teacher, and earn my auntie's/uncle's 3 figure salary. Some more, Chythia is my uncle/auntie "kam boh lor", so cannot simply simply teach one. STRESSED!!

My 1st class : Grimms Story (Goldilocks & The Three Bears) ... Once upon a time~~~~~~~bla bla bla bla.....

Wish me luck!!! :)
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

:: IT camera Session ::

It's time for photo shoot again...Nothing much, just to fill up our free time..*hahhaha*.

Actually, IT want to have an informal photoshoot to spice up our IT department web page on our local internet. So i brought my camera, and charged it with full battery to fully utilize it.

Snap Snap and snap.....Want to know who's the victim that i caught for the snap snap session...Let's the picture talk....

Continue my posting (posting on 18th march morning, since now not sleepy anymore)..... So back to talking about my colleagues.. Mariam, my team mate had tender her resignayion letter, and she will leave soon. Even though 2 months sounds like far away from now, but sooner or later she will leave us 3 alone...

For sure, she feel release and maybe abit happy on her decision, as i know she wish to continue her study and at the same GET OUT OF SPANSION! Hahahahah*

But how about my life here? I still need to stay here for how long? Do you think i complain too much on working? Mumbling till you cannot tahan? I also think the same, cause there is some liquid flowing out from my mouth everytime i "mumbling" about my job here. =___="
Ya ya..."ngao bak pou" - vomit white bubble.. :)

Back row (from left) : Mariam, Me, LE Loi, Faridah, Hartinee
Front row (from left) : Anand, Teoh, Ariff, BS Ang, Micheal, Kah Wai

Formal one...Errr, i thought it should be informal one?

Yeah! This is one nice+cute informal IT photo shoot

Another victims........Lekat kapala tu....Kembar Siam~~ *hahahah*

Oppsss~ This "person" tersesat...She's not from IT, but since nobody willing to take photo with me. So she become the victim!

Wueeekk~~~ before leaving Spansion, Mariam Azwa! I will miss you! Wuekkkk!

Apa la kita buat tu??? Bincang hal negara ker? Si mariam ni looks so "manja"

AHHAHAHHAH * Another lost Spansion personnel.....

Mariam should take photo with all! Each and every Spansioners, before leaving us...

At last, it's our turn! MES team! Now it's 4, sooner it will left with 3....Aiiii~~~

Wuaaaa~ So sleepy, good night~~
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: Why we need to work? ::

This un-answered question played in mind for at least 3 years. It is repeating every morning when the phone alarm ringing everyday to wake me up to go to work, when i forced it to snooze for 10 minutes.

I just don't like to work, maybe because of where i'm working now? *maybe*. But i can see many people seems to like what they do. They LOVE to go to work, they LOVE to talk about their work, they LOVE to show off their working environment and experiences, they LOVE to share what type of collegues they have, and bla bla bla...

But i don't. I just don't like to talk about my jobs. I just come to work to work for the purpose of coming to work. Isn't it very alike a body without soul, a dead body without a life?

I used to make over myself every morning, to make myself motivated to come to work, put on my light make up, choose my nice and unique attire, choose my shoe to wear (even though it's for like 20 seconds walking to my factory entrance door, and change to FAKE ugly white croc shoe afterwards), choose my matching accessories.

But it seems not working anymore, as people get used to my "make over look" already, and me too. =____="

Do you have any idea to spice up my morning, so i will feel urge to go to work? I've been looking for new job since few months back, since my company is in trouble, but yet to find any "ngam sam sui" job. It's just not right, Salary too low, location too far, boss looks cocky, and bla bla bla ....*hahahahh* Tell you what, i just dreamt of being rejected by a recent interviewed company, saying "my technical and experiences too weak!"

Ohhhh~~~ I'm going crazy already! I just want to quit working, but i need money. I just want to enjoy, but i need money. I want to do something that i like (but i do not know what i like to do now), but i need money. I want to learn designing, but i need money + time. I need ....i need......i need.........arrgghh~~ I do not know what i need, and what i want! Am i too stupid for not being able to answer such an easy question.

I hate working!!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

:: It's his B'day ::

We celebrated his birthday earlier this year, a week before his actual birthday date. Who is he? He is my nephew, Cheah Kah Hoe, who turns to be 12 years old this year.

I bought a Black Forest Cake on behalf of his dad, and had the simple yet memorable moment after our dinner tonight. There is a reason why i mentioned "memorable" as all of us being able to gather today *at last* after both of my sisters finished their confinement period. My eldest sister, Stephanie, and my 2nd sister May manage to come back with their babies.

It's been a while since the last family gathering, and it's been a while my house to be so merrier. I guess it started to get lonely and quiet after both of my sisters get married + after my youngest brother moved out from the house. Leaving me, with both of my parents alone. *Sigh~~~*

So i know mom and dad waited for this gathering for so long, to get along with all of them. So mom had prepared delicious dishes to welcome them. I wonder will mom treat the same to me, when i get married, moved out and come back next time. *heheheh - yes, i'm jealous NOW!*

So back to the merriers, as my house full with babies and toddlers! Fuh!! Just imagine, the babies talk flying around the house :

"Hi, Sandra....How are you?"
"Hi, Shin Ru..How are you?"

So merrier! So happy! *wink*wink*. And not to forget the family photo shoot at the end of the session. But it's not 100% complete as Tam Weng Loon, my youngest brother is not here. Darn!! So it's 99% family photoshoot picture.

Singing b'day song to him!La-la-la-la--

Wishing wishing * i wish to grow more handsome and thinner? maybe* * hahahah*

Yes, it's blowing time!

*showing blur + paiseh face*

2009 Family Photo shoot~ At last~
Did u see all the babies, kids, and toddler around?

Pen off for today, good night!
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