Tuesday, March 17, 2009

: Why we need to work? ::

This un-answered question played in mind for at least 3 years. It is repeating every morning when the phone alarm ringing everyday to wake me up to go to work, when i forced it to snooze for 10 minutes.

I just don't like to work, maybe because of where i'm working now? *maybe*. But i can see many people seems to like what they do. They LOVE to go to work, they LOVE to talk about their work, they LOVE to show off their working environment and experiences, they LOVE to share what type of collegues they have, and bla bla bla...

But i don't. I just don't like to talk about my jobs. I just come to work to work for the purpose of coming to work. Isn't it very alike a body without soul, a dead body without a life?

I used to make over myself every morning, to make myself motivated to come to work, put on my light make up, choose my nice and unique attire, choose my shoe to wear (even though it's for like 20 seconds walking to my factory entrance door, and change to FAKE ugly white croc shoe afterwards), choose my matching accessories.

But it seems not working anymore, as people get used to my "make over look" already, and me too. =____="

Do you have any idea to spice up my morning, so i will feel urge to go to work? I've been looking for new job since few months back, since my company is in trouble, but yet to find any "ngam sam sui" job. It's just not right, Salary too low, location too far, boss looks cocky, and bla bla bla ....*hahahahh* Tell you what, i just dreamt of being rejected by a recent interviewed company, saying "my technical and experiences too weak!"

Ohhhh~~~ I'm going crazy already! I just want to quit working, but i need money. I just want to enjoy, but i need money. I want to do something that i like (but i do not know what i like to do now), but i need money. I want to learn designing, but i need money + time. I need ....i need......i need.........arrgghh~~ I do not know what i need, and what i want! Am i too stupid for not being able to answer such an easy question.

I hate working!!
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  1. I LOVE to eat snake in the office! I LOVE to complain about my work, I LOVE to show ppl how lousy my working environment, I love to complain on my colleagues especially BOSS, last but not least love my salary but I HATE WORKING.. hahahaha~~

    Hmmm.. got a moment, I also feel very furious about my job, I just hate to see my boss, I hate to wake up every morning at 6, I hate my office table, I hate everything about the job, I hate manager always email to me, I hate why master taichi always taiching, I hate every Monday to Friday, I hate why my company has so less holiday, I hate my kiam siap company, just full of HATE everyday. So my everyday is so emo like the world owe me or something, everyone treat me bad, I hate everyone,.. Zzzzz.. u know what I mean..

  2. I also have the same feeling with u!! totally the same!! i just hate working but at the same time need money.hahahahahaha.
    im am so jeles with people who get the suit job with them and they enjoy working!! wahhh...so..stresss now!!=______________=!!

  3. Hahahahah!! Very long list of hate(s)..I think i should list out mine too....

    1) I hate those users who like to complain most of the time
    2) I hate "her" being konon so understanding
    3) I hate so many of pending works (like cannot finish only)
    4) I hate canteen food (recently even worst, need to fight to get the food)
    5) I hate no leng jai at office
    6) I hate my low salary (wish to be higher)
    7) I hate my office show (looks so WAT TAT)
    8) I hate need to wake up every morning at 6am (same as you >.<)
    9) I hate everything related to work! Arrghhh~~~~~

  4. How good if my future husband if rich! How good if my parents are rich! How good if i have a fairy who will feed me with money every morning! How good if i have my own business, but a business confirm can earn money even when i'm sleeping! How good if i can own everything! Arrghhh~~~~~~~~~~

  5. I miss out 1...
    and everytime she also calling with super GELI TONE~
    can come here a while?
    This one is you do one ar?
    Why you never checked? Why you this this this like that? why your that that that like that?"
    still with the geli tone~~
    and SHE LOVES COMPLAIN to boss also...
    sounds like she is super innocent, she is so kelian because her stupid dept always did something wrong and all that...
    * cough cough..
    calm down..
    she still got 1 business with you..
    * cough cough