Friday, March 20, 2009

.. Good Morning, Teacher ..

For those who don't know, i've been specially invited and paid for becoming a part-time tuition teacher for a 6 yrs old kid, Cynthia. =____="

My auntie called me, asked me my working schedule, and ask whether i'm interested to become her gid-daughter's part time teacher.

Schedule : Once a week, 1 hour per day. So total 4 hours a month, at the pay of RMXXX. Hahahhaha* Sorry cannot reveal la.....It's 3 figure payment, which range from RM100~ RM999. HAHHAHAHAHA!

I've roughly tested her level of understanding, speaking, and listening last week. Hmmmmmm......quite hard to determine, because her speaking level is above than 6years old kid, but her writting is not that good as compare to her speaking. She can read but not all words, she can write but not all words. Wow, i've been scratching head for a week, in drafting the material to teach her.

For sure, she need more writting and spelling. But how to start from there? She need to read too. So, i've decided to ask her to read a story (maybe fairy tale story), together with me. And then pick up words from the story for spelling.

And i will ask her to repeat the story for me on the next class (by navigating the powerpoint slides that i preapared for the story), and test her spelling. If possible, i would like her to make a phrase by using the spelling words as well. Like "bina ayat" which i hate the most during my schooling last time. =___="

Let's try this, and see whether it is too easy or too hard for her. Fuuh~~~~ Quite stressed you know...Not easy to become a teacher, and earn my auntie's/uncle's 3 figure salary. Some more, Chythia is my uncle/auntie "kam boh lor", so cannot simply simply teach one. STRESSED!!

My 1st class : Grimms Story (Goldilocks & The Three Bears) ... Once upon a time~~~~~~~bla bla bla bla.....

Wish me luck!!! :)
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