Monday, March 16, 2009

:: It's his B'day ::

We celebrated his birthday earlier this year, a week before his actual birthday date. Who is he? He is my nephew, Cheah Kah Hoe, who turns to be 12 years old this year.

I bought a Black Forest Cake on behalf of his dad, and had the simple yet memorable moment after our dinner tonight. There is a reason why i mentioned "memorable" as all of us being able to gather today *at last* after both of my sisters finished their confinement period. My eldest sister, Stephanie, and my 2nd sister May manage to come back with their babies.

It's been a while since the last family gathering, and it's been a while my house to be so merrier. I guess it started to get lonely and quiet after both of my sisters get married + after my youngest brother moved out from the house. Leaving me, with both of my parents alone. *Sigh~~~*

So i know mom and dad waited for this gathering for so long, to get along with all of them. So mom had prepared delicious dishes to welcome them. I wonder will mom treat the same to me, when i get married, moved out and come back next time. *heheheh - yes, i'm jealous NOW!*

So back to the merriers, as my house full with babies and toddlers! Fuh!! Just imagine, the babies talk flying around the house :

"Hi, Sandra....How are you?"
"Hi, Shin Ru..How are you?"

So merrier! So happy! *wink*wink*. And not to forget the family photo shoot at the end of the session. But it's not 100% complete as Tam Weng Loon, my youngest brother is not here. Darn!! So it's 99% family photoshoot picture.

Singing b'day song to him!La-la-la-la--

Wishing wishing * i wish to grow more handsome and thinner? maybe* * hahahah*

Yes, it's blowing time!

*showing blur + paiseh face*

2009 Family Photo shoot~ At last~
Did u see all the babies, kids, and toddler around?

Pen off for today, good night!
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  1. speaking about "baby language"
    i have no idea why ppl like to "ang ku ku ciakkk", or "ui.. kuci kuci uii.."
    that will be including me. T___T
    i love seeing baby lauging la..
    ho ho ho ho....
    i love baby, but hate kids.. =.="

  2. Elaine Tam16/3/09 3:28 PM

    Hahahaha~ I dont like baby, cause they dunno how to play...Know eat, sleep, berak, peeing,cry....and repeat all over again....Hahhaahah!