Sunday, March 01, 2009

:.. Feeling Blues ..:

Bad, i feel so bad. I felt so bad...

I want to blog, i want to write, but i have no idea what to write. I'm not feeling well, i wan to sleep early, but job require me to stay until 1:00am to check the report. I hate this job. Why i need to do such things?

This is a torture to me. I don't like doing this, but i was force to do this. Can u imagine, staying late just to ensure ONE report being run succesfully? STUPID BUFFALO!

I got flu today, quite serious one, even though i always caught with flu. So i felt so sleepy, i felt so tired, i felt energy-less. My table full of home-made "wan-tan" (means tissue with my "hingus"). Yet, i'm still sitting in front of my pc, waiting for 12:00am, waiting for the report to run, and wait till 1:00am for the report to complete.

But if to update blog, to update blog layout, to design blog, to touch up photo, i'm full with energy and spirit. But not in working. Does this shows i choosen the wrong path in my carrier? Shall i study designing in the 1st place? Shall i quit and start from the beginning? Maybe in graphic designing, interior designing, cloth designing?

This is not the 1st time, me falling into this dilemma. But, i don't think i can do anything to change my life now. I'm 25th this year, commited to a relationship, commited to our life. And i think it's too late for me to start from the beginning again. It's like reverse to 5 years back, when i just started my study at Informatics for my Diploma.

Feeling blues.....
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