Monday, March 02, 2009

:.. Good Bye All ..:

Today is the day, where the R.I.F (Reduce In Force) list revelead. More and more Spansioners being retrench to become ex-Spansioners.

Voluntary list has been confirmed last week, and now it's the namelist whereby to terminate those who does not apply for VSS, mean they are FIRED from continuing to work in Spansion. I did not see, but i heard there are emotional moments among those who are in the list.

Some of them has been worked for 20 years, and i felt so sad when i heard a story of a tea lady who cried after knowing herself being terminated. I did not see it myself, but i cannot imagine myself witnessing the actual scenario. Sure i will cry my part as well.

Maybe i should be grateful, of still having a job in Spansion, still have the chance of getting paid by the end of the month, still have income. But, it's very suffering for working in this kind of environment, stress, depress, frustating, risk environment, etc etc etc.

Another bad news is Spansion going to file for US Chapter 11 Voluntary Bancruptcy, officially announced today, with immediate effect on 1st March 2009. This means, company will go bacnrupt ANYTIME! i mean ANYTIME, if still not being able to clear all the debts and continue to generate revenue, to pay us.

How i wish i'm in the list of retrenchment..*still hoping until today*.....I got no mood to work at all, considering my future with this company. Frankly, i'm quite lazy to go through all the hassles in finding new jobs. You know la, interviews, travels, preparation, and what i cannot tahan the most is need to stand of interviewer critiques when they tried to lower your expected salary as low as possible.

Signing off , as a Spansioner *still*,
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  1. Same with me. Still hoping there will another round of VSS hahahah and im in list *wink *wink...
    hahahahah~~~ Berangan ajelah kita ni.. :(

  2. Ms Uwa: Yes, yes..sama same je la kita.. But i think that hope is just a dream~~


  3. Elaine Tam3/3/09 4:31 PM

    Mr Mariam, actually we can stay till co. goes bancrupt, and wait them to "bayar" us! Hahaha!