Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: Good Bye ::

Another colleague is leaving us soon. She's leaving us this Friday. Mary* had serve Spansion for more than a year with Spansion, and she used to be our "happy fruit-hoi sam guo" as she always smile, laugh and show her white teeth by making all of us happy all the time.

She is an agrresive worker too, as she can send MULTIPLE emails in a time ;according to her closest colleague, and she can open MULTIPLE excel spreadsheet and read them in a time! Geng chao leh!

She used to be the superwoman who visited our Spansion's gym everyday, to stay healthy. She even go exercise during lunch hour, and continue to work with wet and humid body.

But, now without her, Planning group will have lesser laughs, and lesser people to share their work, since the superwoman is not with them anymore. And gym will have lesser visitor from now onwards. *hahahhah*

But, i do hope she made a correct choice for leaving Spansion, and wishing her Good Luck in her new job, and take care. Muakkssss~~~

Camwhore session, Me, Mary* and Hui Juin

Note : Mary* is not real name and replacement name was used to ensure her identity was kept secret. This is one of her request too. This is the reason i blurred her photo. =___="
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  1. oh.. i am willing if i look good on the picture..

  2. Elaine Tam26/3/09 4:36 PM

    HAHAHHAHA, dont worry.......trust my Photoshop skilll......Very cun one... 8-)