Friday, March 27, 2009

:: My 2nd class ::

Today is my 3rd class, officially it's the 2nd class actually. As the 1st class is the ice-breaking class to know her level of understanding.

As the continuation of my 1st class with her last weekend, today i'm going to teach her Malay instead of English. Initially, my auntie said Cynthia (my student) only needs English, but later on she requested to have Malay tuition, due to her weakness in Malay.

I'e roughly tested her Malay pronouciation, like BA-"bi", BU-"bu".......and she manage to read the words fluently. But i doubt she know what they meant.

So i plan to teach from the basic, teaching her A for Api, B for Bola....Then only she can remember what does that meant for for each letter. And will ask her to read a short Malay paragraph everytime (Malay tuition class), just to make her get used to reading Malay, even though she might not know what does that meant. Nevermind, as long as she willing to read in Malay.

She's my student...Presenting Ms Cynthia Chen Qi Qi..

She looks naughty isn't she? hahahah*

New generation teacher, Teacher Ling,
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  1. wah. sudah ada anak murid. sudah ada sub income ni. Elaine kaya!! hujung bulan boleh belanja i la.. hahahhahaha

  2. elaine tam sook ling30/3/09 5:43 PM

    Hahahahah~~~ Ala...baru seketul anak murid..hahahah~ Banyak aper......

    But, if uwa sudi, tak de anak murid also can belanja...ahahahh~