Friday, March 20, 2009

:: My design ..:

I was forced/assign/allocated to look for any material to be paste on our IT notice board (the corridor towards canteen). It was 2 big notice board leh...=____="

So, my manager approach me and asked me to update the previous articles last 2 days. So, i've use up our IT activities's photo to fulfill her request (more to ORDER/COMMAND).

I've use my "half tong water" Illustrator knowledge to design those articles. I had finished the photos on the same day she requested, but unfortunately she REJECTED one of them.

The reason why she rejected the artwork is because she think the event was outdated..Wag liao, where got outdated, the dinner was taken on end of January ok... =____=". Anyway, she's the boss..Just follow her command, accept the rejection..

So, i decided to use our latest IT group photo shoot, which meant for our IT home page. It was taken last 2 days....I guess, no more reason for her to reject as iIT IS FRESH FROM OVEN ok!

At last, ended up with designs/art works as below. What do you think? I got talent or not? *hehheheheh*

Design 1: Group Photo Artwork

Design 2: Chinese New Year Dinner Artwork (REJECTED!)

Design 3: Bowling Activities Artwork

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