Sunday, March 30, 2008

..Here i am...working on Sunday..

Here i am again..working on Sunday..
Standby for Spansion quarter end..
I'm alone...without Micheal..without Kah Wai..without Hui Juin...
I will be off for training for the whole week next week..
31st March to 4th April..
Attending the cross-training borned by company..
Programming with C#..

I will be away from office for the whole week..
Yes la! So i will be away from user's complains and problems.. :)
Concentrating on mgaining my knowledge...concentrating to learn everything..
Without being distracted by all of the issues..
Attending the class reminded me of my study time..
My time at Informatics..My time at S.I.T...
Few years back, i was enjoying my free time, lepak'ing around..
I wish the time can turns back..turns back to the time ...
Where i can enjoy my sleeping time, my eating and playing time...

It's March will be the end of March..
It's time for salary again...
Its been some time i worked with Spansion..
Since 21st December..3 months ++
Time passed so fast..
i will be confirmed in another 3 months..i might be confirmed in another 3 months..depends..

Here is my territory in Spansion...Abit messy..but comfortable.. My first office's cubicle...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

: Graham Cheah's Big Day! :

It's Cheah Kah Hoe's Big Day!! 22-March-2008..
His 11th Birthday!
A celebration at Shah Alam..
Ice-Cream Cake, Buffet Steamboat, Nice Dessert, Wishes from all of his relatives..
Family, Grandfather, Grandmother, Ku-ches, Ku-Chiongs, Cousins....
He had it all for the night! He's the luckiest boy in the world!

:.. It's Her Party ! ..:

Yeah! It's Amanda Lee's Party!
She will celebrating her birthday at 888 Cafe & Tea coming 12th April 2008,
Located at Damansara..
Many friends, relatives will be joining her 1st annivessary birthday..Her big big day!
Her mother, my sister distributed the Invitation Card yesterday to all of us...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Another famous brand for donuts available at most of mega shopping malls..
We brought these at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang last Thursday..
Personally, i don't think it taste or look great as compare to previous brand J.Co..
Not many choices for the flavours..
Not many we can buy for the flavour we want..
But customers yet still queing long to wait for their turn..
Human..The curiousity to test is high!
If you have not tried it before, you can try it..
Else, forget it..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

.. I need you! You!..

I need someone to talk too..
I need someone to lend me his arm/shoulder..
I need someone to hug and gives support..
I need someone to gives advice...

I don't think this work is suitable for me..
As i told Hui Juin,
You found your ideal job if...
"You feel happy to go to work..
You feel happy communicating with all of your collegues..
You feel happy even though need to burn the mid-night oil, to make things done..
Your boss know how to appreciate you..
You feel happy, even though with lower salary..., bla bla bla"

But i don't feel that in my new work..
What should i do?
I'd been in this company for only 3 months..
Should i leave? Should i take the challenge to move forward?
Should i stay because of the short-term benefits that i'm enjoying now?
Or should i leave considering my long term future plan?

Yes, this company is giving enough oppurtunity for me to earn money, to save money,
But, it's not giving me the enjoyments and joyness in working...
I don't like to stay in a company with un-friendly collegues, with collegues that do not lend his/her hands when we need it...Or even feel you are annoying or irritating...when you ask for help..
I don't mind getting lower salary, to exchange with the joyness in working...
What should i do?? What should i do?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

..J.Co Donuts ..

Choco Caviar...J.Co Donuts..
We bought 1 dozen (12 pcs) at RM20.00 at Sunway Pyramid..
We choose "Blue Berry", "Oreo","Junky Nuts","Crunchy Crunch" and few others (forgotten the name of the flavour)..
I like the taste of "Blue Berry", a donut with Blueberry jam in the middle,
Taste great...Because i like blueberry..
But the oily taste of the donuts was very strong..
You can smell and taste the oil that used to bake/fried the donuts..

Friday, March 14, 2008

:.. Cynthia & Amanda Lee ..:

I went to my auntie's god's daughther's birthday party, Cynthia...
What a lucky girl...
At age 5, she already had her own piano, a present from my Auntie&Uncle,
Lots of Barbie Dolls, presents from my auntie's friends,
Lots of plush toys, presents from aunties and uncles..
And nice BARBIE DOLL Birthday cake..

Amanda Lee Zhi Yann...
My niece, a daughter of Lee Guan Kiang & Stephanie Tam,
A grand-daughter of Tam Poon Sing & Ong Nyok Lan,
She had grown up, not the small tiny Amanda anymore..Mst importantly, grown with more hairs.. :p

"Puutt ..Puutt...Please give a way"

"Eh..My turn..Mu turn!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

:.. H.A.P.P.Y ..:

I'm so happy..
I received a good news from my university -UniSA (University Of South Australia),
I'd been short listed as the top 5% high achievers for my program for year 2007,
The award is known as "Chancellor's Letter of Commendation"
I got this award for 2 consecutive years, year 2006 and 2007.

It may just a line of sentences on my certificate,
It may just a bunch of words printed on my academic transcript,
But it really meant something to me,
At least my capabilities are being acknowledged/recognized,
It is worth to spent so much of money and time,
For that line of words on my certificate.

You might doubt whether "it will helps me in getting higher paid job"
You might doubt whether "i can get a better job"
You might wonder what are the benefits in getting this award..
The answer might be "NOTHING" or "NO",
But the satisfaction of being acknowledged overrides everything..

.. Swicthing Job? ..

Hui Juin suggested me to transfer department,
From IT department as IT Enginner to Planning department as a production planner,
I'm thinking to switch my job post, switching my work scope,
I was wondering will the transfer helps, to reduce the working pressure that i'm having now?
Will my manager approve and let me to explore new thing, apart from being an IT?
Will my collegues hope me to be transfered, as i don't think my existence helps them much..

The quantity of the workload is not much, but the urgency of those little things makes me feel stressed,
Everything are urgent in Spansion, everyone has the highest priority in getting what they want,
Everything are affecting the company,
The reporting, the support, the development, the enhancement, the troubleshooting, the debugging, everything..~~
Thats why the turnover in Spansion is high,
Averagely I will receive farewell email from ex-spansioners once/twice in a month,
Just imagine how frequent is that.

No doubt, the benefits are good in Spansion,
Medical, food allowance, distance, etc...
The tradeoff of the benefits is STRESS...and PRESSURE..nothing much..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

.. Pet's Buddy Station..

Before >>>>> After
I brought my Bobby to go for a hair cut last weekend at Pet's Buddy Station---Fur cut..
They cannot do the de-tangle for him, as the tangle was too serious..
So i asked them to "botak" him...But left the head portion...
They charge for RM90.00. OMG! So expensive! Even more expensive than cutting my own hair at saloon....Nevermind la, once in a while....
Ended up, here he is with his new look...Before and after...Handsome leh...Hahhah!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

.. Chest Pain..

My chest very pain..
Everytime i breath deeply,
Everytime i sneeze...
Everytime i rub it...
Maybe slept too long on the couch yesterday night...
Just feel like heart attack...
So "san fu"...

I checked the symptom of chest pain from Internet and found out;

Some possible causes of recurring chest pain include:
Heart attack
Hiatus hernia
Lung disease
Chest infection
Lung cancer
Gallbladder disease
Pernicious anemia
Aortic aneurysm
Aortic valve disorder
Da Costa's syndrome
Bornholm's disease

.. Election Result ..

It was not suprised to see the results, as expected, opposition will at least grab few states from BN, for year 2008 election.
But unexpectedly, Selangor won the majority for Parliment.
Is this a good start, to let BN realize, that we are aware and concern of what's happening recently, realizing how BN perform as a regulator in a state/country?
It might be not a good news for BN, but for sure its a good news opposition (DAP, PKR, or PAS).
They will have a chance to make us hear, representing us to fight for the best (even though not knowing their capabilities at the moment), but at least BN will not get the full empowerment and make us "un-notified" on their decision.
"Increase tol-price, Increase petrol-price, bad condition-road, and other incidents" really wake us up, knowing our rights and our responsibilities to vote for the best, and not voting for the majority.
The losing of long-serving Minister (Sammy Vellu) and Koh Suh Koon (Penang Minister) clearly shows Malaysian's dissactifaction and directly proved their incapabilities.
I just don't understand why "somebody" that publicly waved the keris, making seditious statements about Malaysia being Islamic, failing to protect the public from dangerous criminals can stays calm and do not need to be sacrified for his statement?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

.. UniSA Transcript ..

I got my UniSA Academic Transcript from H.I.C.T (formerly known as S.I.T)..
The transcript looks elegant and professional..
It listed all my results, for all papers taken for my Degree with S.I.T..
Again, remind me again on how I worked hard and study hard for the papers..
Rushing for assignments, rushing for exam revision..
Rushing for meeting, rushing for group discussion..
So busy, and i guess i seldom blog during that year..
Even stopped blogging for few months i guess...

Will take picture of the transcript soon, as the camera is not with me... :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

.. Blocked! ..

It is ridiculous...
They blocked the whole road..
They blocked the only way/road to my house..
They blocked the only entrance for all of the houses nearby.
They blocked by building the tents...for wedding...
There are only ONE entrance road to the houses in my residential...
They are so mean...
How am I going to park the car?
There are almost 50-60 family in my residential..
Just imagine all of them park at the entrance (before the tents)...
It's our house, what their right to blocked the way?
The government should not approve the permit to build tents, in the middle of the only way proceed to the houses..
So STXPIX~~~~ And it will closed for 2 days!!! Isn't ridiculous??
What can we do? Nothing we can do, because we are NON-MALAYSIAN!!
So it's time to do something now, VOTE FOR ROCKET!! or PAS or Keadilan

Thursday, March 06, 2008

..: Funny? Irritated? :..

Funny icon that can make u happy and irritated !
Want to know why? Try it and you will know!
* Remember to turn on your speaker*

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

: Waiting In Silence :

Hey you,yes you
You know that I love you and you know it's true
I tried to hide my feelings but it hurts me more
I know that you love her
but it's me BEFORE

Now my heart still hopes
that you would come to me
Yes,you made me feel that you love me,for so many times...
But you just let me believe and then you walk away--again..
I just want to cry when I think of how many times you fooled me

But even if how many times you do,
Why am I still hoping for you?
Do you still remember our meet that day?
I'm so happy that time..but I'm fooled again..know why?
I thought I'm the only girl that you wished for so many times,

But I've seen you with HER even more..
I just smiled and said to myself that I'm ok
Even though I want to shout and cry
I've been wasting my tears for you,for so many times
But I know that you didn't care

In the end of that night,I'm still happy
For I've shared a memories with the one I love
We talked of how the past passed by...
You ask me if I love you,
And I said "Yes-no,before"
I know to myself that I lied
but I just closed my mouth and I've heard you said
"Oh,were the same..I also loved you,BEFORE"

After that I just want to cry
But I just showed you a fake smile
I want to say that until now,I'm still hoping for you
I know to myself it's true

But then again I pretend in front of all the people
and especially to you..When I'm about to go
I've seen youtalking to HER with a smile on your face
I'm about to cry but then again,I smiled
As if I didn't saw anything
But deep in my heart,I'm crying

Why do I still hope for someone who still hopes for someone else?
I"m crazy,right?I passed you by wearing a fake smile on my face
You didn't even thought to say goodbye
I left that place because seeing you together hurts me more--again and again
Living in a lie and pretending I'm alright
Making others to believe that I don't love you anymore
And making you believe that
I just love you before..I will just love you silence
Still waiting--even if I'm hurting
Maybe,I'll just wait for you here--yes,here..for you to comeback..again..

:.. Little Playboy ..:

There once was a boy too sweet to be a toy
He wanted a girl as pretty as a pearl
that would make his heart to beat
and his toes to curl

He met the one he thought was true
but broke his heart inside and through
He thought about being a toy
and started becoming the Little Playboy

Along came dolls
along came monsters
but he still stayed this Playboy
who was now joining the gangsters...

As time goes by
he started to cry
cause the one he wants
hasn't yet pass by

Along came a girl who was lost and alone
She found this toy and made it her own
His heart was cold and his emotions were old
But she kept the toy...
cause she knew he was worth alot more than just being everybodies Playboy.

She took his heart to make it warm
It was all tears, trembling and terribly torn
And on his breast she found these words:

"My love is for the angel-girl-toy
that will not break my heart just for her own joy,
so take my heart and keep it
for I dont want it back if you make with it

what the others did, can dig my grave and dig it deep
and plant some weed at my feet
and on my breast a bit of cocaine
to show the world I died in pain"

.. Mailing List ..

Dear All,

Some of these post are really personal to me, and I really hope it to be revealed to someone who really understand me. The password protected post doesn't meant to abandon any of you from following my posts, but I hope you understand how important and personal these posts are to me. I really want to share my innermost thoughts with other people but I have to limit this for fear of putting myself at risk in the future.

You may contact me as below to request the password. I'm more than willing to share my innerthoughts with you if I think you had a very close-mouth for not disclosing it to my enemies! Hahaha!

MSN/Hotmail :
Yahoo :

♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thanks again for everything folks! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Monday, March 03, 2008

:.. Why IT? ..:

It's not easy to survive in this company...
I stil can receive call from Warehouse, complaining their application is not working..
This cannot print, that cannot works...I'm exhausted..I'm so tired...
You might wan to say i'm weak, but i admit it..i'm weak in handling stressed..
I like challenge but not stress, now I know why interviewer will ask;
"How do you handle your stress? And what is stress to you?"

It's a small problem, but it affect production...
Meaning it will affect the whole operation and productivity..
And directly affecting the reputation of the company...
And do you need to fore yourself to do that? Yes!

Why did i join IT? Why i study IT in the beginning?
Knowing i'm not the kind of girl that can handle such stress..
Challenge..Maybe..because everyone is saying that gal/women/lady rarely involve as programmer/ developer..
But my sister did it, so can I..

I'm so tired..really tired...just feel want to fly away..
Like a bird flying freely in the air...Or like a fish swimming freely in the water..
Make me start to doubt my ability in this field...
How can i succeed and pass with flying color for my study, but cant even handle such a small pressure..I'm so useless...
I'm so useless......I want to prove to them that I can do it, I can surpass them...I can!But failures seems to bother me all the way...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

..Vantage Point ..

We went to see "Vantage Point" yesterday night..
It's a movie which telling us on how different people act in the same incident, of the attempt to kill and bom US President, and the Podium at Sepanyol.

The movie will keep on repeating the moment to begin the story from different point of view, 12:00:00pm, where the US President was escorted to the Podium.

The story begin with how the GNN press started to record the moments of the event, with most of the camera around...begin from 12:00:00pm..

Proceed with the point of view of the bodyguard - Thomas Barnes..begin from 12:00:00pm..

Then, proceed with the story of an US resident who was there, Sepanyol for a trip..who also recorded all the scenarios with his HVD Video Cam..begin from 12:00:00pm..

Next, from the US President's point of view-on how he used substitution to avoid from any unwanted attempt..but ended being captured by the terrorists..begin from 12:00:00pm..

Continue with the view of a Sepanyol Police, who work for the Mayor..but the other hand being used by a girl named Veronica to smuggle a bom into the podium -temptated by her beauty..begin from 12:00:00pm

Lastly, the point of view from 3 different killers who made the plan, the policeman, the shooter, and the co-ordinator...begin from 12:00:00pm

The story ended with all the bad guys (killer) were dead, and the good guys manage to save The US President...But ended where we need to watch the event again and again, and again and again BEGIN FROM 12:00:00PM........

Saturday, March 01, 2008

:.. Jay Chou Concert ..:

JAY CHOU's Concert last weekend, 23th February 2008..
We got free ticket from , RM238.00 ticket, free-sitting, in Zone..
Stadium Merdeka has been renovated, and all the wooden seats has been changes to "simen" seats..
OMG! My buttock became flat after seat for 2++ hrs for the concert..
Anyhow, enjoyed the songs, and happy to see Jay's performance..especially when he is playing the piano..
OMG! So "lam", my heart melts immediately.......Why he doesn't know how to play piano? Else, sure he will became my second Jay Chou..Hahahah!
The concert ended around 10.45-11.oopm, but we did not wait until the concert ends,
And leave earlier, to prevent trapped in the jam..
There are so many people in the stadium, can you imagine what happen if everybody leave at the SAME TIME?!

JAY CHOU ! JAY CHOU! I LOVE YOU!!!Arghh~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:.. Friendship ..:

Hui Juin, Mei Peng, Siew Ping, Chin Pei, Vivien...
My best friends, all from SMKS24...From different background, different culture, different bla bla bla bla..
But we are fortunate to be grouped together..
We gather again during Chinese New Year 2008, at Vivien's house...
We chat, gamble, laugh.......And most importantly photo shoot together...Hahahah!