Wednesday, March 05, 2008

: Waiting In Silence :

Hey you,yes you
You know that I love you and you know it's true
I tried to hide my feelings but it hurts me more
I know that you love her
but it's me BEFORE

Now my heart still hopes
that you would come to me
Yes,you made me feel that you love me,for so many times...
But you just let me believe and then you walk away--again..
I just want to cry when I think of how many times you fooled me

But even if how many times you do,
Why am I still hoping for you?
Do you still remember our meet that day?
I'm so happy that time..but I'm fooled again..know why?
I thought I'm the only girl that you wished for so many times,

But I've seen you with HER even more..
I just smiled and said to myself that I'm ok
Even though I want to shout and cry
I've been wasting my tears for you,for so many times
But I know that you didn't care

In the end of that night,I'm still happy
For I've shared a memories with the one I love
We talked of how the past passed by...
You ask me if I love you,
And I said "Yes-no,before"
I know to myself that I lied
but I just closed my mouth and I've heard you said
"Oh,were the same..I also loved you,BEFORE"

After that I just want to cry
But I just showed you a fake smile
I want to say that until now,I'm still hoping for you
I know to myself it's true

But then again I pretend in front of all the people
and especially to you..When I'm about to go
I've seen youtalking to HER with a smile on your face
I'm about to cry but then again,I smiled
As if I didn't saw anything
But deep in my heart,I'm crying

Why do I still hope for someone who still hopes for someone else?
I"m crazy,right?I passed you by wearing a fake smile on my face
You didn't even thought to say goodbye
I left that place because seeing you together hurts me more--again and again
Living in a lie and pretending I'm alright
Making others to believe that I don't love you anymore
And making you believe that
I just love you before..I will just love you silence
Still waiting--even if I'm hurting
Maybe,I'll just wait for you here--yes,here..for you to comeback..again..

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