Friday, March 14, 2008

:.. Cynthia & Amanda Lee ..:

I went to my auntie's god's daughther's birthday party, Cynthia...
What a lucky girl...
At age 5, she already had her own piano, a present from my Auntie&Uncle,
Lots of Barbie Dolls, presents from my auntie's friends,
Lots of plush toys, presents from aunties and uncles..
And nice BARBIE DOLL Birthday cake..

Amanda Lee Zhi Yann...
My niece, a daughter of Lee Guan Kiang & Stephanie Tam,
A grand-daughter of Tam Poon Sing & Ong Nyok Lan,
She had grown up, not the small tiny Amanda anymore..Mst importantly, grown with more hairs.. :p

"Puutt ..Puutt...Please give a way"

"Eh..My turn..Mu turn!"


  1. btw, belum toddler la... next month only officially a toddler... :) For the moment still a baby k....:P

  2. Hahaha~~ Ok Ok.....Still baby...Baby Amanda..

    So when do u plan to tell us where is the venue for her 1st b'day party? Grrr~~~~