Sunday, March 02, 2008

..Vantage Point ..

We went to see "Vantage Point" yesterday night..
It's a movie which telling us on how different people act in the same incident, of the attempt to kill and bom US President, and the Podium at Sepanyol.

The movie will keep on repeating the moment to begin the story from different point of view, 12:00:00pm, where the US President was escorted to the Podium.

The story begin with how the GNN press started to record the moments of the event, with most of the camera around...begin from 12:00:00pm..

Proceed with the point of view of the bodyguard - Thomas Barnes..begin from 12:00:00pm..

Then, proceed with the story of an US resident who was there, Sepanyol for a trip..who also recorded all the scenarios with his HVD Video Cam..begin from 12:00:00pm..

Next, from the US President's point of view-on how he used substitution to avoid from any unwanted attempt..but ended being captured by the terrorists..begin from 12:00:00pm..

Continue with the view of a Sepanyol Police, who work for the Mayor..but the other hand being used by a girl named Veronica to smuggle a bom into the podium -temptated by her beauty..begin from 12:00:00pm

Lastly, the point of view from 3 different killers who made the plan, the policeman, the shooter, and the co-ordinator...begin from 12:00:00pm

The story ended with all the bad guys (killer) were dead, and the good guys manage to save The US President...But ended where we need to watch the event again and again, and again and again BEGIN FROM 12:00:00PM........

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