Wednesday, March 05, 2008

:.. Little Playboy ..:

There once was a boy too sweet to be a toy
He wanted a girl as pretty as a pearl
that would make his heart to beat
and his toes to curl

He met the one he thought was true
but broke his heart inside and through
He thought about being a toy
and started becoming the Little Playboy

Along came dolls
along came monsters
but he still stayed this Playboy
who was now joining the gangsters...

As time goes by
he started to cry
cause the one he wants
hasn't yet pass by

Along came a girl who was lost and alone
She found this toy and made it her own
His heart was cold and his emotions were old
But she kept the toy...
cause she knew he was worth alot more than just being everybodies Playboy.

She took his heart to make it warm
It was all tears, trembling and terribly torn
And on his breast she found these words:

"My love is for the angel-girl-toy
that will not break my heart just for her own joy,
so take my heart and keep it
for I dont want it back if you make with it

what the others did, can dig my grave and dig it deep
and plant some weed at my feet
and on my breast a bit of cocaine
to show the world I died in pain"

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