Sunday, March 16, 2008

.. I need you! You!..

I need someone to talk too..
I need someone to lend me his arm/shoulder..
I need someone to hug and gives support..
I need someone to gives advice...

I don't think this work is suitable for me..
As i told Hui Juin,
You found your ideal job if...
"You feel happy to go to work..
You feel happy communicating with all of your collegues..
You feel happy even though need to burn the mid-night oil, to make things done..
Your boss know how to appreciate you..
You feel happy, even though with lower salary..., bla bla bla"

But i don't feel that in my new work..
What should i do?
I'd been in this company for only 3 months..
Should i leave? Should i take the challenge to move forward?
Should i stay because of the short-term benefits that i'm enjoying now?
Or should i leave considering my long term future plan?

Yes, this company is giving enough oppurtunity for me to earn money, to save money,
But, it's not giving me the enjoyments and joyness in working...
I don't like to stay in a company with un-friendly collegues, with collegues that do not lend his/her hands when we need it...Or even feel you are annoying or irritating...when you ask for help..
I don't mind getting lower salary, to exchange with the joyness in working...
What should i do?? What should i do?

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