Sunday, March 09, 2008

.. Election Result ..

It was not suprised to see the results, as expected, opposition will at least grab few states from BN, for year 2008 election.
But unexpectedly, Selangor won the majority for Parliment.
Is this a good start, to let BN realize, that we are aware and concern of what's happening recently, realizing how BN perform as a regulator in a state/country?
It might be not a good news for BN, but for sure its a good news opposition (DAP, PKR, or PAS).
They will have a chance to make us hear, representing us to fight for the best (even though not knowing their capabilities at the moment), but at least BN will not get the full empowerment and make us "un-notified" on their decision.
"Increase tol-price, Increase petrol-price, bad condition-road, and other incidents" really wake us up, knowing our rights and our responsibilities to vote for the best, and not voting for the majority.
The losing of long-serving Minister (Sammy Vellu) and Koh Suh Koon (Penang Minister) clearly shows Malaysian's dissactifaction and directly proved their incapabilities.
I just don't understand why "somebody" that publicly waved the keris, making seditious statements about Malaysia being Islamic, failing to protect the public from dangerous criminals can stays calm and do not need to be sacrified for his statement?

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