Wednesday, March 12, 2008

.. Swicthing Job? ..

Hui Juin suggested me to transfer department,
From IT department as IT Enginner to Planning department as a production planner,
I'm thinking to switch my job post, switching my work scope,
I was wondering will the transfer helps, to reduce the working pressure that i'm having now?
Will my manager approve and let me to explore new thing, apart from being an IT?
Will my collegues hope me to be transfered, as i don't think my existence helps them much..

The quantity of the workload is not much, but the urgency of those little things makes me feel stressed,
Everything are urgent in Spansion, everyone has the highest priority in getting what they want,
Everything are affecting the company,
The reporting, the support, the development, the enhancement, the troubleshooting, the debugging, everything..~~
Thats why the turnover in Spansion is high,
Averagely I will receive farewell email from ex-spansioners once/twice in a month,
Just imagine how frequent is that.

No doubt, the benefits are good in Spansion,
Medical, food allowance, distance, etc...
The tradeoff of the benefits is STRESS...and PRESSURE..nothing much..

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