Saturday, March 01, 2008

:.. Jay Chou Concert ..:

JAY CHOU's Concert last weekend, 23th February 2008..
We got free ticket from , RM238.00 ticket, free-sitting, in Zone..
Stadium Merdeka has been renovated, and all the wooden seats has been changes to "simen" seats..
OMG! My buttock became flat after seat for 2++ hrs for the concert..
Anyhow, enjoyed the songs, and happy to see Jay's performance..especially when he is playing the piano..
OMG! So "lam", my heart melts immediately.......Why he doesn't know how to play piano? Else, sure he will became my second Jay Chou..Hahahah!
The concert ended around 10.45-11.oopm, but we did not wait until the concert ends,
And leave earlier, to prevent trapped in the jam..
There are so many people in the stadium, can you imagine what happen if everybody leave at the SAME TIME?!

JAY CHOU ! JAY CHOU! I LOVE YOU!!!Arghh~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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