Friday, March 07, 2008

.. Blocked! ..

It is ridiculous...
They blocked the whole road..
They blocked the only way/road to my house..
They blocked the only entrance for all of the houses nearby.
They blocked by building the tents...for wedding...
There are only ONE entrance road to the houses in my residential...
They are so mean...
How am I going to park the car?
There are almost 50-60 family in my residential..
Just imagine all of them park at the entrance (before the tents)...
It's our house, what their right to blocked the way?
The government should not approve the permit to build tents, in the middle of the only way proceed to the houses..
So STXPIX~~~~ And it will closed for 2 days!!! Isn't ridiculous??
What can we do? Nothing we can do, because we are NON-MALAYSIAN!!
So it's time to do something now, VOTE FOR ROCKET!! or PAS or Keadilan

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