Saturday, February 28, 2009

:.. Google Translate My Blog to Chinese! ..:

I found this POWERFUL widget on the net, where it can translate my English (with pasar malam/pahria engris) posts into Chinese wording post.

It looks nice after translation, due to the owner (me!) is BANANA, who does not know how to determine whether Goggle translated it correctly or not. But, i think most of them should be correct.

You can test them, by clicking any of the flag on my left side bar, according to language you prefered. And let me know whether it translated correctly or not.

This is how my posts/blog looks after Chinese Translation. Hahahah! Looks weird huh! I'm sure it's very entertaining for those who know how to read.

Till my next post,
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:.. Aeroplane ..:

Itu si budak, aeroplane me! Want to know which "budak"? Hahahaha! I'll give u hints :

1) That budak is a "she".
2) She (i'm refering to that budak) is working in Spansion as well.
3) Her weight is 58kgs.
4) She's staying at Klang.
5) She's having a Kelisa as her transportation.
6) She's having 2 sisters.

HAHAHAHAHA! I guess who knows me (and knows her) will know who is she!

The story is like this, we plan to go and visit our beloved collegue who just give birth to her baby boy last 3 weeks. Our plan is she will come and fetch me at 10:00am, go buy the Brands Essence from nearest Giant, and reach our destination place around10:45am ~ 11:00am.

So i woke up at 9:00am, checking email, checking blogs, and proceed to take bath, and pan leng leng. All of a sudden, "Kringggggg, Kringgggg~~~" (no la, actually it was an MP3 Song), and said "There is a bad news! I can't go!".

Hahahaha! There goes my Saturday plan, and change it to update the blog now! Luckily i haven't put my make up, else, need to remove it. Turffff~~~~

Signing off,
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Friday, February 27, 2009

: I got the J.O.B but... :

For those who don't know, i went for an interview last week (shii~~ Don't tell my manager!). It is a software house provider company which is located at PJ, opposite PJ Hilton. I arranged it to be on Wednesday ( 2 days after the working agendy called me for a phone interview), as i need time to prepare myself before confront the interviewer.

I need to pack my certificates, i need to photostate them, i need to update my resume, i need to prepare myself with Q&A for interviews, i need to pick the appropriate attire for the interview, i need to practice answering questions in front of mirro, i need to get to know the road to the company (so i won't be late or get lost), i need to do alooooooooooooot of things.....

*Fast Forward* 2 days later........

The representative from the working agency called me to update me about the interview conducted last 2 days.

Philip : "Hi, Elaine. So how was the interview?"
Elaine : "Hmmmm, good but not the best. They (the company) was not satisfy with my technical background, my long notice period and my high expectation"
Philip : "Oh, that's what they told me also. But however, they are willing to offer you this job provided.........."
Elaine : "Provided with what?"
Philip : "Hmmmm, they are offering you RM400 below your expectation upon hiring, but to increase to your expectated amount after probation period (around 6 months), and they can't wait that long to get you hired"
Elaine : "Hmmmmm, i need to consider that, as it was lower than my current salary".


The conversation ended, with the request from me to ask him to negotiate the salary and i will figure a way on my notice period. But i know, there is no other way, other than me to compensate Spansion for 1 month, which i think it's not reasonable.

I'm considering, and still considering. Considering whether to choose:

Option 1: To accept their offer, to resign from Spansion, and to compensate Spansion for leaving earlier.
Option 2: To reject the offer, continue working at Spansion till it goes bancrupt.
Option 3: To reject the offer, to resign from Spansion, and start looking for another job after resignation (this will shorten my notice period to my new company)
Option 4: To reject the offer, continue working at Spansion, continue looking for jobs, and resign once other company confirm to hire me (and willing to wait me for 2 months)

I know i'm capable to outstand during interview, but with my current technical background (half-tong-water), it's quite to convince the employer to pay higher.

I know i can easily find a work if i resign now, provided not being picky about enviroment, salary, location, allowances, etc etc.

But............too many but...and it's hard for me to decide...What do you think?? Maybe you are the angel, who can light up the light bulb on top of my head!

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She's so C.R.U.E.L~

Due to global economic issue which is getting worse, Spansion cannot standz and decided to proceed with R.I.F (Reduce In Force) program, to reduce workforce.

Our MD annouces to reduce at least 35% of workforce in Spansion KL, to reduce around 300 employees from the factory. Gladly, they offered VSS (Volunteer SS - don't know what SS stands for), for any who had FUTURE plan...This is what our manager said!

So, i had a plan to get a better job, to join a company which will not having one week factory shutdown, so i can earn full salary, instead of getting partial of it because of FORCE LEAVE, and ended up with "negative" annual leave!

And i applied it at last, together with Hui Juin who also had a plan to get a long holiday...Hahahah! We submitted a day after the offer being announced, and waited with hope to get approved. So we can get compensation, and get to leave company immediately without even a day notice!

We waited and waited, we hope and hope, we pray and pray...My stomach feel sick since the moment i sbmitted the form. For your information, i will feel to "berak" if i feel kan chiong or anxious. But, actually there is no shit to poo. So poor me, for having that "pooing" feeling for at least 2 days.

At last the result is out! The result is....Jeng Jeng Jeng! Our applications were REJECTED! Rejected without any reason from our manager! Rejected "terang-terangan"! =____="

Seriously, i hope my application to be approved, as i want the compensation....i want the immediate termination, so i can plan better for my better and brighter future..

Until now, i still hope my application to get approve somehow even though the dateline has passed. Maybe my manager will re-consider my application, and approve it with the sympathy. *dreaming* *she will not approve it*

I just don't get it, why she rejected my application. I had more than a dozen of reasons why i should be approved:

1) Because i want to leave
2) Because i have other plan
3) Because i need money
4) Because i hate canteen's food
5) Because i hate doing the same thing everyday
6) Because i want to wear nice high heel shoes while working (as i can only wear the ugly white "fake crocs" shoe now)
7) Because i want learn more new things/new technology out of Spansion
8) Because i want to get higher salary
9) Because i do not want to get retrench/layoff later (if the company goes bancrupt)
10) Because i want to get my ASS out of Spansion ( i think i mentioned twice! This shows how wish i to leave Spansion) *hahahahaha*
11) Because i don't think company need me as others
12) Because company can survive without me
13) Because nobody appreciate my existence in Spansion (and some of them even categorized me as "RUDE IT Staff") - so no point staying..
14) I think more and more reasons...But now too sleepy, cant think of any....

Pendek katanya, i'm damn dissapointed+angry+moody+mad+stress+)#%)*#^)(@#*^)(@#%)(#~! To cure my sadness, i bought alot alot alot of food from McDOnald while coming back from work today (after knowing my application was rejected).

I bought LARGE set of McChicken (with LARGE french fries, LARGE coke), one LARGE Choc Sundae, 4 pcs of Nuggets! I hentam all of them in 30mins! Fuhh! My stomach almost burst, as i need to rest for 1 hour before able to move my butt to take bath!

I feel abit better after that, and now starting to feel sad again, thinking that i need to go back to Spansion again, doing the same thing again, and even sad when to accept the fact that i need to give 2 months, yes! its 2 months NOTICE if i resign now...No more compensation, no more VSS, no more immediate notice! Argghhh~~~

By looking at the length of this post, it's proven how stressed and depressed i am to face the truth that I WAS REJECTED!! You're so cruel to me! *YOU* are so cruel to me!! Why?? Why?!!!! Why?!!! And you make me gain at least 1 kg today, because ate so much of foods! I hate you! I hate you!

Monday, February 16, 2009

:.. Happy Birthday To You, Lian! ..:

Nothing much i can give as a present, but be the first one to dedicate HAPPY BIRTHDAY Song to you!

Click to hear the song! Make sure you on your speaker ya!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

:.. 2 little Baby Girls..:

It's so enjoyable to watch them growing....from a fetus (shown to me on a piece of paper), to a small baby (when they was born on their 1st day in world), to a toddler
(where they know how to walk and run)....and sooner become a teenager/adult....bla bla bla bla...
How i wish i can have my own baby like my both sisters as well. So at least i can be like them * TO SHOW OFF* with their babies picture!! hahahahaah~

Sometime, it's very hard for not comparing them.....Human...~~~ But they are so adorable, cute..........Don't you think so?

Shin Ru (on her fattest season)

Sandra (on her stunned season) *hahahah*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

..: D.I.Y Manicure ..:

At last, i manage to get my nails manicured! :p

I bought RM5.00 fake manicured nails from one Japanese Hot Market, named DAISO located in The Curve, Damansara. All of the items are on sale for RM5.00 each! Any long you can see it, the STANDARD price is RM5.

You can find anythings, really anything, I mean anything from this store at RM5 which include household appliances (broom, mat, carpet, pan, etc), souveniers (cups, wrapping papers, ceramics, flowers, boxes), garden appliances, and most importantly it has a rack which lines up many rows of of fake nail design.

I plan to buy one and have a try *tangan gatal to waste that RM5*. So i choose one of the box which contain 20 ...yes, no typo error...20 fake nails with different sizes. Maybe to ensure it fit the buyer actual finger size. It really have different sizes, some of it very big (maybe for fat girl), and some of it very small (for small kid) =___=". But in that 20, definitely there is a size which suits our finger.

And luckily i notice it does not include the glue which is used to stick the fake nail on our real nail. So, ended up i spent RM10 (RM5 for 20pcs of fake nails, RM5 for the glue).

So, are u ready to see the transformation of my NAILS??????



After - nice or not? :p

It's quite hard to type keyboard after having those fake nails on...Not typing as fast as normal, not as flexible as usual....Need time to get used to it..

Actually, there is advantages and disadvantages of having this ;

  • Advantages
  1. Save waiting time for the real nail to grow.
  2. Save time to trim the nail
  3. Save cost, as this fake nail only cost me at RM5!!!! As compare to those manicure/pedicure services which at least need RM30~ RM40
  4. Can train me for being polite in my daily activities, like typing keyboard or "korek" hidung! Hahahah! It will prevent me from doing it as convenient as usual. Need to do it slow & steady.
  • Disadvantages
  1. The glue will leave harden glue (similar to dried UHU gum) - need time to clean it
  2. Not suitable for those who need to type keyboard 24hrs a day. =__="
  3. Not suitable for those who are having IPhone, cause very hard to use the long nail to touch the screen. * luckily im not*

Monday, February 09, 2009

:.. Happy Month B'day to you..:

It's party time again...It's Shin Ru's one month party. Who is Shin Ru? My niece la!! =___=" Hahahah!

So as usual, preparing to go Setia Alam for the party which will be held at their house. So choose my dress, set my hair, make up, apply perfume..Hahahah! Enough with the preparation, now is the waiting part. Waiting for Mr Leong to come and fetch me *abit late already*..

So not to waste the time, take this oppurtunity to camwhore..Hahahah....Seriously, camwhore with the usage of a stack of newspaper, a camera, chairs, and the plants at my house.

Camwhoring session * showing the dress and my recent hair style*

Continue with the shopping session, to get the present for little Shin Ru's. As requested, her mother (May) would like to hazve mini cooling fan, which can be placed on stroller. Due to limitation of time, we only manage to drop by nearest Jusco (Bukit Raja) to look for it. Initially, i plan to get Anakku brand but they are out of stock ..Tuuurrrrffff~~

So at last we got some other brand *which i already forgot*. Retail price at RM22.90, but fortunately, Jusco is having Member Promotion whereby to discount 15% for certain products to all Jusco Card Member. So another 15% discount on the originazl retail price. What a lucky little Shin Ru!

Shin Ru, this is your little Yi-yi holding your 1 month present..

Congratulation! One month passed with love...

Ok ok...Last but not least, the photograph session with the heroin of the day...Let me present to you, Ms Ng Shin Ru...The princess of the day!

Her mother (left) and her kam-mou (right) taking pictures with her...*so happy*

And not to forget, her little yi-yi with her...*Extra damn happy*

Friday, February 06, 2009

:.. Tag and comment my photo! CLICK it! ..:

While i read through Xia Xue's blog, i found this interesting new photo web hosting. It host photos just like Flickr, it allows photo tagging just like FaceBook photo tagging, it allows BIG-sized photo upload up to 2160 X 2160 (not like other photo web host, which limit the size, and you will need to go and resize the photo- so troublesome). Now, troublesome-freem size-limitation-free!

Click here if you want to have it a try!!

Anyway, i plan to give it a try. It's very easy, just register yourself, you will be able to add your photo in few clicks. Hmmmmm.. what i should upload and blog for this trial..Hmmmm...Something that can attract attention! wokkayyyy~~ The theme for this time is "FUNNY FACES"

I believe someone for sure will not be happy seeing their own "FUNNY" photos posted here. No worries, you can place your comment, and i will remove it *if i receive enough complains through the photo tagging from you*. So, work hard ya! *hahahha*

Just move your mouse towards, and click the "doublt quote" to drop a comment on the photos! Move the "cross" and write what ever you want! Ruin the photos with comments/tags if you want!!

Let's begin with her! Who is her??! I bet she will kill me for putting up this photo if i did not cover up/censored up her eyes!

Next, will be her. She is a very talented in making funny faces! Especially with the "tool" she had. Fuyohhhh!! Don't play play!

Next, the PLUMPIEST baby gal i've ever met!

Wah seh! Somebody is trying to show off his macho'ness by posing!

She is so dare! Showing me her middle finger...But...what's wrong with her middle finger??!

"Hmmmm, Yummy" <-- i'm surely she is saying this while taking this photo..But, why she said it with such an ()@%)!#%*@)#^*@_) face!! Beh-tahan!

Arghhhh!!!!! I ran away after seeing his photo! I thought i see GHOST!

To be fair to everyone, i should post the "FUNNY" face of myself too, to satisfy their angerness of seeing their own here. No worry, this photo surely will kill all the angry fire burning!! Are you ready?!!! Ta, Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

:.. I wish to own ALL ..:

Hui Juin found interesting website to learn on how to style our dressing. Click here to demonstrate. It consists of many trendy girls, where we can mix & match with the ready-clothes. OMG! Those clothes are damn nice (even though its in cartoon-type).

I like those trendy clothes very much. How i wish i can own them all, and wear them out whenever i want to wherever i want to be....

Nice casual cum trendy dressing

Chinese New Year Dressing - So bergaya~

I like this the most!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

:.. Before & After ..:

It's been at least 6~7 years we've been friends. Who are we?
Elaine (Me), Mei Peng, Siew Peng, Vivien, Lian and Hui Juin.
We've been friends since Form 3 (if not mistaken), since secondary school until up to today.

Elaine Tam ~ who used to be a fat+chubby+plumpy dark girl, who always hang around with Malay girlfriend early secondary school, who used to be a fierce prefect in school ended up hate by all the classmates/schoolmates due to her fierceness BUT now, still chubby but not that plump anymore, not that fierce as compare to school time, who used to who changed her hairstyle to become VB-alike. *wink*wink*

Vivien ~ who used to be the quiet girl in the class, the most fair gal in the class, the thinnest among us, who used to have short ponytail on her back, who used to be the taller in the clas (after Lian), who used to steal all the looks/peeps from all the guys next door *wink*wink* BUT now she still the fair one among us, still the tallest (after Lian), STILL steal all the looks from the guys (Grrrr~~~). The only thing which was changed is her hairstyle.

Mei Peng ~ who used to the most fierce or boyish among us, who used to our "tai ka che" most of the time, who used to be the "smallest" in term of age (last among all of us), who used to be fierce prefect like me also...*hahahh* BUT now, she become more girlish/womenish, she become like honey to all bees(guys) no matter they are Chinese, Malay or Indian, yet still be the "big sister" to all of us, which is good to protect us! *heheheh*

Hui Juin ~ who used to be the science girl, who used to be looks like nerd (ulat buku), who used to be the one of the tallest in class also, who used to be a girlfriend of WW (oopssss), who used to be a FAT FAT girl early 2008 BUT now no longer FAT but FIT, and become more fashionable in buying dress/cloth, more addicted to Maple Story instead of Science Book, who become another leng lui in Spansion.

Lian ~ Fuhh~~ This one got alot of "used to be". She used to be the fattest among all, she used to be the tallest among all, who used to be the most quiet among all, who used to be "kuai kuai girl" who hide inside the house, who used to be "innocent girl" who will not discuss about fashion or changing hair style BUT now.....Fuyoh!!! You see by yourself below!!! Unbeliavable! Lian! We are so proud of you! WE LOVE YOU!! *hahahhaha*

Yves ~ who used to have long hair since school time, who used to be the MOST girlish among us, who used to be the most fashionable among us, who used to be the cutest among all...*hahahha* BUT now she changed her hairstyle, she still having smooth skin and fair skin, and change her working style also.

All of us in 2009

I think it is better to show changes slowly, to prove the drastic/dynamic changes in all of us. Surely you will be shocked, and said "WOW!!!" unintentionally upon seeing it. Trust me! Are you ready?

Let's begin with Vivien.....

When she having long hair...

When she having short hair...

Continue with Michelle Foong Mei Peng....

When she's so sexy..Phew Wittt~~

When's she's still that sexy..

And still to be that sexy and yummyyy~~

It's Yves turn now....

When she used to be the earliest to became MRS among us..

Showing her sexy legs, and lexy long hair

WOw, near VB-alike hair..

Are u ready to see Hui Juin's changes?

When she's wearing T-Shirt + Saggy Jeans

When she had a makeover on hair and fashion..Fuyoh!!

My turn.... :)

Me having long hair and "fatty" arm...=___="

Me shorten hair, trying to post like a sexy girl +___+"

Me, shorten but tied up hair, showing another succesful sexy post...*hahaha*

Last but not least, the WINNER for the day, Ms Lian Chin Pei!!!!

Having long hair, and double layer clothes

Who started to do facial, and short jeans skirt..Phew witttt~~

Ta-Daaaaaaa!! The RESULT of determination!! LOVELY!!!Muaksss..Love it!
Unbelievable??!! Believe it!!