Monday, February 02, 2009

:.. Before & After ..:

It's been at least 6~7 years we've been friends. Who are we?
Elaine (Me), Mei Peng, Siew Peng, Vivien, Lian and Hui Juin.
We've been friends since Form 3 (if not mistaken), since secondary school until up to today.

Elaine Tam ~ who used to be a fat+chubby+plumpy dark girl, who always hang around with Malay girlfriend early secondary school, who used to be a fierce prefect in school ended up hate by all the classmates/schoolmates due to her fierceness BUT now, still chubby but not that plump anymore, not that fierce as compare to school time, who used to who changed her hairstyle to become VB-alike. *wink*wink*

Vivien ~ who used to be the quiet girl in the class, the most fair gal in the class, the thinnest among us, who used to have short ponytail on her back, who used to be the taller in the clas (after Lian), who used to steal all the looks/peeps from all the guys next door *wink*wink* BUT now she still the fair one among us, still the tallest (after Lian), STILL steal all the looks from the guys (Grrrr~~~). The only thing which was changed is her hairstyle.

Mei Peng ~ who used to the most fierce or boyish among us, who used to our "tai ka che" most of the time, who used to be the "smallest" in term of age (last among all of us), who used to be fierce prefect like me also...*hahahh* BUT now, she become more girlish/womenish, she become like honey to all bees(guys) no matter they are Chinese, Malay or Indian, yet still be the "big sister" to all of us, which is good to protect us! *heheheh*

Hui Juin ~ who used to be the science girl, who used to be looks like nerd (ulat buku), who used to be the one of the tallest in class also, who used to be a girlfriend of WW (oopssss), who used to be a FAT FAT girl early 2008 BUT now no longer FAT but FIT, and become more fashionable in buying dress/cloth, more addicted to Maple Story instead of Science Book, who become another leng lui in Spansion.

Lian ~ Fuhh~~ This one got alot of "used to be". She used to be the fattest among all, she used to be the tallest among all, who used to be the most quiet among all, who used to be "kuai kuai girl" who hide inside the house, who used to be "innocent girl" who will not discuss about fashion or changing hair style BUT now.....Fuyoh!!! You see by yourself below!!! Unbeliavable! Lian! We are so proud of you! WE LOVE YOU!! *hahahhaha*

Yves ~ who used to have long hair since school time, who used to be the MOST girlish among us, who used to be the most fashionable among us, who used to be the cutest among all...*hahahha* BUT now she changed her hairstyle, she still having smooth skin and fair skin, and change her working style also.

All of us in 2009

I think it is better to show changes slowly, to prove the drastic/dynamic changes in all of us. Surely you will be shocked, and said "WOW!!!" unintentionally upon seeing it. Trust me! Are you ready?

Let's begin with Vivien.....

When she having long hair...

When she having short hair...

Continue with Michelle Foong Mei Peng....

When she's so sexy..Phew Wittt~~

When's she's still that sexy..

And still to be that sexy and yummyyy~~

It's Yves turn now....

When she used to be the earliest to became MRS among us..

Showing her sexy legs, and lexy long hair

WOw, near VB-alike hair..

Are u ready to see Hui Juin's changes?

When she's wearing T-Shirt + Saggy Jeans

When she had a makeover on hair and fashion..Fuyoh!!

My turn.... :)

Me having long hair and "fatty" arm...=___="

Me shorten hair, trying to post like a sexy girl +___+"

Me, shorten but tied up hair, showing another succesful sexy post...*hahaha*

Last but not least, the WINNER for the day, Ms Lian Chin Pei!!!!

Having long hair, and double layer clothes

Who started to do facial, and short jeans skirt..Phew witttt~~

Ta-Daaaaaaa!! The RESULT of determination!! LOVELY!!!Muaksss..Love it!
Unbelievable??!! Believe it!!


  1. You miss out Yves picture!!!

  2. Opssss, soli soli.....Added hers ledi!

    Jangan Mare yer, Yves..

  3. =_____="
    eh.. eh... are you sure about this part regarding Polly
    "who become another leng lui in Spansion."
    Spansion only got 1 girl izzit??

  4. Hahahhaha! Actually Spansion got 2 leng luis'....Another one just resign last month! So left her (Polly) nia...Hahhahaha!!

    Join us (Spansion), and you will become the leng'nest leng lui in Spansion! Hahaha!

  5. TSL! very touched with this post leh... for all you hardwork on photoshop-ing, TQ!

  6. :) My pleasure! It's happy to see the improvement and changes in all of us....Don't you agree ?

  7. Yea, changed a lot leh! But for sure it's changing for BETTER. It's all good!

  8. michellelle foong16/9/09 1:44 PM

    nice one!!

  9. Michelle foong : Wah liao~ It's been ages, now only you drop by to see....cis~ Nice leh~ heheheh! All of us nice ma~