Monday, February 09, 2009

:.. Happy Month B'day to you..:

It's party time again...It's Shin Ru's one month party. Who is Shin Ru? My niece la!! =___=" Hahahah!

So as usual, preparing to go Setia Alam for the party which will be held at their house. So choose my dress, set my hair, make up, apply perfume..Hahahah! Enough with the preparation, now is the waiting part. Waiting for Mr Leong to come and fetch me *abit late already*..

So not to waste the time, take this oppurtunity to camwhore..Hahahah....Seriously, camwhore with the usage of a stack of newspaper, a camera, chairs, and the plants at my house.

Camwhoring session * showing the dress and my recent hair style*

Continue with the shopping session, to get the present for little Shin Ru's. As requested, her mother (May) would like to hazve mini cooling fan, which can be placed on stroller. Due to limitation of time, we only manage to drop by nearest Jusco (Bukit Raja) to look for it. Initially, i plan to get Anakku brand but they are out of stock ..Tuuurrrrffff~~

So at last we got some other brand *which i already forgot*. Retail price at RM22.90, but fortunately, Jusco is having Member Promotion whereby to discount 15% for certain products to all Jusco Card Member. So another 15% discount on the originazl retail price. What a lucky little Shin Ru!

Shin Ru, this is your little Yi-yi holding your 1 month present..

Congratulation! One month passed with love...

Ok ok...Last but not least, the photograph session with the heroin of the day...Let me present to you, Ms Ng Shin Ru...The princess of the day!

Her mother (left) and her kam-mou (right) taking pictures with her...*so happy*

And not to forget, her little yi-yi with her...*Extra damn happy*

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