Saturday, February 28, 2009

:.. Aeroplane ..:

Itu si budak, aeroplane me! Want to know which "budak"? Hahahaha! I'll give u hints :

1) That budak is a "she".
2) She (i'm refering to that budak) is working in Spansion as well.
3) Her weight is 58kgs.
4) She's staying at Klang.
5) She's having a Kelisa as her transportation.
6) She's having 2 sisters.

HAHAHAHAHA! I guess who knows me (and knows her) will know who is she!

The story is like this, we plan to go and visit our beloved collegue who just give birth to her baby boy last 3 weeks. Our plan is she will come and fetch me at 10:00am, go buy the Brands Essence from nearest Giant, and reach our destination place around10:45am ~ 11:00am.

So i woke up at 9:00am, checking email, checking blogs, and proceed to take bath, and pan leng leng. All of a sudden, "Kringggggg, Kringgggg~~~" (no la, actually it was an MP3 Song), and said "There is a bad news! I can't go!".

Hahahaha! There goes my Saturday plan, and change it to update the blog now! Luckily i haven't put my make up, else, need to remove it. Turffff~~~~

Signing off,
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  1. that budak is Polly Kung.

  2. Yes, ur right! U so pan-lai!! Hahaha!