Saturday, February 28, 2009

:.. Google Translate My Blog to Chinese! ..:

I found this POWERFUL widget on the net, where it can translate my English (with pasar malam/pahria engris) posts into Chinese wording post.

It looks nice after translation, due to the owner (me!) is BANANA, who does not know how to determine whether Goggle translated it correctly or not. But, i think most of them should be correct.

You can test them, by clicking any of the flag on my left side bar, according to language you prefered. And let me know whether it translated correctly or not.

This is how my posts/blog looks after Chinese Translation. Hahahah! Looks weird huh! I'm sure it's very entertaining for those who know how to read.

Till my next post,
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  1. the translation sounds weird..

  2. Donna : Hahahahah! You know how to read chinese ya?

    Maybe they (Google) cannot translate my pahria engligh properly..Hahahahha!