Wednesday, December 23, 2009

:: It's time for 2009 X'mas Party ::

Ta...daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It's time for another X'mas celebration and this will be the 2nd Christmas for 6 of us (Vivien~ Michelle ~ Yves ~ Hui Juin ~ Elaine ~ Chin Pei~) for our yearly gifts exchange event. Click here to view how we celebrated last year's Christmas celebration.

This means we will have to crunch our head and squeeze our brain juice again to figure out what to buy for whoever who will get our gift upon number drawing.

Phewww!! It takes me few hours to survey around Jusco for the gift. Nevertheless Leong who need to sacrify his time (few hours wei!!) walking together with me at Jusco surveying. We went into clothes boutique, shoe boutique, accessories /jewels shop, sourvenier shop, and lots more. Really not easy to choose a gift especially when you not knowing who might be the recipient. But one thing for sure, all of us are pretty, young lady! So, sort of narrowing down the scope of gift to buy.

Electronic gadgets - DETTT!! OUT!!
Man Boxer - DETTTT!! OUT!!
Condom - DETTT!! OUT!! * Normally will be handled by guys and not us, unless voluntary basis! LOL!*

You will know what we get for each other upon scrolling down! Be patient ok! Sabarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Ok, let begin with the itenary for the day. We started off the day by lunch at Dave's @ One Utama, again Western Restaurant become our choice for the day. I guess we should opt for other type of cuisine for our next gathering huh? Maybe Japanese , Korean, or maybe going to Mamak for roti-canai session! ^^

As usual we order and share among each other..You know well, you eat my saliva, I eat your saliva..That's how we create the bonding among each other! HAHAHHAHA! Sorry, abit grossy hopefully that will not transmit H1N1 or AIDS! LOL~ Ok, let's the picture do the talking, as we took alot alot alot I really mean ALOT of photos on that day!

#1 The menu for the day, I always started the photo session with the menu ... :) Starts to comparing which menu looks nicer!

#2 All busy choosing and flipping the menu!

#3 How about some cabonara pasta?

#4 We can get to have our pasta at 50% discount some more! So we choose 2 pasta!

#5 Some entrees maybe?

#6 Still busy deciding what to eat.....what to eat ....what to CHICKEN RICE shop!!! :p

#7 Aiyoh...sudah finish flipping mei so hungry already...

As usual, once we placed our order, it's time for photo session before our make up melts, before we eat until fully bloated our stomach which makes us feel so sleepy and heavy to make a smile!

#8 Michelle and Lian (kembar siam mainly because they stick their heads together ..LOL!)

#9 Our turn, Can you tell that we are very hungry? Especially Michelle with licking lips pose!

#10 Lian with her stylo milo scarf on her neck!

#11 Vivi (newly wed) and Hui Juin

#12 I like this photo because it somehow creates "ghostly" effect! doesn't mean I looks like one ok! LOL!

#13 Ok, another proper photo shoot!

#14 Hui Juin enjoying her salad..Salad will be our compulsory dish..You know well, vegetables good for health!

#15 Another group, Elaine, Vivi and Hui Juin (from left)

#16 BIG FAMILY group photo! Do I look like WATCH model with my pose? HAHHAHA!

#17 As usual, we placed the camera on top of stacs plate! We are so creative!

#18 Ok, it's time to MAKAN!! Our cabonara pasta! Yummmmmy!!

#19 Vivien with her pasta!

#20 Me with the plate!

#21 We also ordered Aussie Pizza

#22 Good or not, Yves?

#23 Everyone taking chance to take photo with their piece of pizza

#24 Dessert time...Tiramisu...This small pirce of cake cost us at RM15!!! SF expensive, but it taste good!! Marvellous!

#25 Yes, very cute and sweet! Match with the sweet tiramisu!

#26 Michelle and Jaycy with the Apple crumb

#26 The tiramisu again....The cake is so soft and smooth! I lurve it!

#27 I don't like the taste of this apple crumb...Does it looks like fried chicken to you? Yes to me, at least! I just eat one bite of it

Ok, it's time for our main event for the night! GIFT EXHCHANGE! Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba!

It's time to number our gift and draw the number. We decided to draw based on age, from the youngest to oldest. Luckily I was born on JUne, so I bet I am in the middle! Yuuhhuuu!!!

#28 Our X'mas gift!!

#29 Yves with her "Blossom" Xmas gift

#30 Vivien with her Xmas Boxy

#31 Michelle with her cool style of posing her gift

#32 Jaycy with her Christmas Carol

#33 Hui Juin with her HINOBE Rm2 plastic bag! HAHAHHAHA!

#34 me with my nice RM5 box! From hinobe also!

#35 Michelle starts it by getting Yves gift, Orange Yellow bag

#36 Jaycy got Vivien's Xmas gift, a jewellery Music Box

#37 Vivien got The Face Shop Facial mask from Hui Juin

#38 Yves got trendy-black necklace from Jaycy

#49 I got classy black dinner bag from Michelle

#40 Hui Juin got cosmetics and facial products from me, also from the Face shop

After completing our lunch, completing our gifts exchange, it's time for us to walk around to look for props for our photo session! We are like crazy women keep on snapping on ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING which attracts us! HAHAHHAhAH! We are so camera-maniac! But we lurve it alot!

#41 Head camwhoring! Nice one! Everyone face fits into the photo well!

#42 Me with the Xmas decoration at Center Court

#43 Bigger view of the props

#44 Tried the Durian Ice Cream..No worry, only one single scoop, you will not smell it when i Fart! LOL!

#45 ME...M3

#46 All of us!Too many peoples, too crowded, everyone finding their spot to take photo! wtf...

#47 This one looks better!

#48 We also took with props which is located at the corridor

#49 Now you see me...

#50 Now you don't! :)

#51 Yves and Me!

#52 Hui Juin trapped in the middle of the candles and balls

#53 Michelle and Jaycy with Dave's Christmas Tree

#54 We even camwhore in the toilet itself! HAHAHAHHAhaH!


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