Tuesday, December 01, 2009

:: Badminton Leisure Day @ Botanic Resort Club ::

As all you know, I am a badminton addictor..It getting even worst since I joined Faxcore mainly because they do play every Tuesday and Friday. So, apa lagi, join la!

That's when I decided to get new badminton shoe, new badminton bag and more. LOL! If everything fixed according to the schedule, I will be playing 3 days in a week and sometime 4 days per week (not fixed).

1) Tuesday and Friday (with Faxcore colleagues) - confirmed
2) Thursday (with Leong's friends) - tentative
3) Saturday morning (with Meng Liang's friends) - tentative

Everybody is asking me "You are insane is it, play so many days per week!" And I only can give the *sweat* because I don't blame them for not knowing my itchiness in playing badminton. It can help me diet too! *Maybe that's the main reason la*

Ok ,back to badminton session with Faxcore.They decided to change the venue of Friday's night badminton from our regular place to Botanic Resort Club's morning session due to the place was occupied by some wedding.

First time visiting this club and we (non-member) required to pay RM10 for unlimited use of their facility including the badminton hall, the swimming pool, the squash court, the changing room (this is a MUST ok), the gym, the tennis court and many more (which yet to be explored). RM10 for all, cheap isn't it? But neverthless, one existing member must present that day for us to be eligible in getting such priviledge in enjoying their facility at such a cheap rate.

I woke up at 7:30am (wtf! so early for an holiday!), get prepared and go out at 830am and reach office at 850am. Yeap, I met up with Jeremy (my crazy and siao colleague) at office mainly as me being road-blinded not sure how to go Botanic Club. ^_^ Thanks Jemery, ya!

We started the badminton session once everyone started to reach around 930. Some of "them" even reach at 10am! LOL!! You know, I know why....... :p

The court not bad, but just abit stuffy being in there for sometime. Mainly maybe the ventilation fan is so tiny mini size, not enough for a good air circulation especially with those guys who sweat like hell after badminton session! Anyway, enjoy playing with them and most importantly I get to play too! Bravo!!!!! Ma-ma-mi-ya!!!

Visiting Botanic Resort Club....Lobby

While waiting for other to reach, Tommy grab his chances to SLEEP!! ish ish ish..so piggy Tommy..hehehe!

Jeremy decide to join Tommy afterward, after hearing Tommy with his snoring...

Manage to snap some photo of their pool

And another part of the pool scenery..How as it? Nice?

There we go..started our badminton session for the day..

Fuyoohhhh!!! Stylo milo !!

Me while waiting for my turn *patiently* and with my cutie mutie peace sign...

That's me catching butterfly in the air! LOL! Nice pose..

Wow! Stylo milo posing while waiting for opponent's serve..jeng Jeng jeng...!!

Raymond, Rambo for the day and Daniel our boss!

Hiyyyyyaaakkkkkk!!!!!What I was doing that time ler!!!!!!

Wah! Dennis jump so high and look so fierce..Can you see his expresssion! Like lion roaring!!!! Opsss..tiger!! Roarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Another butterfly catching pose... =____="

HAHAHHAHAHHAHA! this is funny, Daniel purposely ps the butterfly on the picture..Making him really looks like catching a butterfly! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA...Can't stop laughing....HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!

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  1. Happy *new* family!!!!
    >.< jeles jeles

  2. the place looks good.. haha..
    and butterly catching pose.. lol.. =P


  3. so who caught the most butterflies?

  4. waaaaaa ur butterfly catching pose so elegant....practice for along time liao is it? hahahaa

  5. you are happy now tht you can play more badmintons :P

  6. ages i havent got the chance to hold my racket ><

  7. badminton is a great sport

    A smile from SJ =)

  8. I sure miss playing badminton.
    And love this place. Pity we don't have it here.
    You look good in that outfit.....
    Can give me 5 points or not? Ha ha, Lee.

  9. wah ! so active in badminton :D

  10. Badmintn is a good sport eh. i play badminton almost everyday. and it's good for us to sweat hehe...

  11. hi...can i join ur badminton session???...do let me knw if u still playin ok...tqvm...